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Test Your Website With Our Free Google Page Experience Checker

Updated on December 22, 2021

6 Min Read
google page experience checker

As part of its constant effort to improve search functionalities for its users, Google will roll out its new Page Experience update in May 2021, focusing on the users’ overall experience with web pages. To help you with this Google update, Cloudways has launched a free Google Page Experience Checker so you can measure if your site complies with the Core Web Vitals and other existing search engine signals.

When core Google algorithm updates roll out, it can impact your website rankings and whether your organic traffic goes north or south. Hence, SEO experts and digital marketers must ensure that their websites comply with each new update to avoid any hits on their rankings and site traffic.
There are many online resources to track all of Core Web Vitals and other signals individually. However, we wanted to create a tool that lets you check all 7 factors from a single resource, making it easy to audit your website and see if it’s ready for the upcoming Google update.

Want to bring your website in line with Google’s page experience requirements?

Use our Google Page Experience Checker.

Understanding the Page Experience Update

The Page Experience update will include all current signals that Google tracks: safe browsing, mobile responsiveness, HTTPS, and compliance with intrusive interstitial guidelines as provided by the company.

The Google Core consists of the following elements:

  • Backlinks
  • Web Vitals
  • Schema
  • RankBrain
  • Relevance
  • PageRank

The update will include a mixture of Core Web Vitals and other existing metrics, as mentioned above. Before we delve into the update, it’s essential to focus on the Core Web Vitals. Google introduced them as part of their Web Vitals initiative, and they play a critical role in the overall user experience.

More importantly, the company announced that the Core Web Vitals will continue to change with the passage of time. Even John Mu, the Search Advocate at Google, says that you need an early start:

Let’s break down the 7 factors and how likely they are to affect the rankings.

core web vitals


Understanding the Core Web Vitals and how they affect performance is important. These are the Core Web Vitals you need to focus on:

understanding core web vitals


  • The Largest Contentful Paint simply measures your website’s loading performance. How long does it take for the largest image or text block to load up? Ideally, your LCP should be below the 5-second mark.
  • The First Input Delay focuses on the interactivity of your website. As you can see, it should fall below the 100-millisecond mark.
  • The Cumulative Layout Shift measures the visual stability of your website. For a good experience, your CLS should be below 0.1.
  • How mobile-friendly is your website? You need to ensure that your website is responsive and loads correctly on mobile phones to rank well.
  • Safe browsing is another factor that will affect your page experience. Websites that contain malicious software or feature deceptive content will likely take a significant hit as part of the May 2021 update.
  • Checking the HTTPS connection of your website is also important. Make sure that the website is served over HTTPS to prevent problems.
  • The last factor is intrusive interstitials. Essentially, these are ads or popups that take up more than half of the screen. The content must be readily accessible to the user and not hidden by prompts.

Why Should You Care About the Page Experience Update?

Here’s an advice: If you underestimate a core algorithm update from Google, your page is all but guaranteed to drop in rankings. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously pay attention to the upcoming update:

It Could Prove to be the Difference Between Similar Pages

A superior Page Experience can prove to be the deciding factor between visually similar pages. For instance, if your webpage is similar in content and visuals to a competitor’s, your site will have a higher chance of ranking higher if your pages comply with the 7 factors that Google uses to measure page experience.

Non-compliance Can Result in a Dip in Rakings

This update will ensure that users receive the best experience with any given website. If your site doesn’t comply with the given parameters, your rankings will suffer, resulting in reduced website visibility.

Focus on The User Experience

Google has made it abundantly clear that it prefers websites that prioritize user experience and content quality above all else. Hence, an improved user experience should be an essential part of your business’s overall SEO strategy. It’s not just about keywords anymore, after all.

The Page Experience will become a crucial factor for website rankings soon, and you should get a head start with it.

Free Google Page Experience Checker

Instead of testing each factor using a separate tool, we are launching an all-inclusive Google Page Experience Checker that tests all 7 factors and shows you your website’s performance to check if it complies with Google’s upcoming update.

What Does It Show?

google page experience checker

Our Google Page Experience Checker allows you to track all the seven factors listed by Google. It also gives you metrics that you can track and then adjust to improve your website’s performance. Here’s how the initial analysis looks like when you check your website through our tool:

That’s not all. It also offers relevant suggestions to improve your website’s performance.

App-Specific Suggestions

The Page Experience Tool offers a range of suggestions based on your app. From Webp images to text compression, the tool gives you a series of recommendations on how you can improve your website’s overall performance.

page experience tool suggestions


After evaluating your website, the tool will recommend a series of opportunities to enhance your website’s performance further and make it more compliant with the upcoming update.

page experience tool performance opportunities


Any webmaster worth their salt knows the importance of continual website optimization to improve page load times. Not sure what to do? Our tool gives you a range of optimization suggestions that will further improve page speeds. Here are some of the recommendations you might see:

page experience tool performance rating

You need a good web host to boost your page speeds and get a better performance rating.

Choose Cloudways for Blazing-Fast Speeds.

Try Cloudways for better performance, security, and 24/7 support.

What Should You Do Next?

If your website is up to the mark with all 7 factors, the Page Experience update will benefit you. If it’s not, however, you need to use the tool to identify the problem areas and start optimizing your website before the big update rolls out.

For example, if your website has speed and performance issues, considering a faster cloud host like Cloudways might do the trick, as it provides hosting from well known providers like Google Compute Engine, DO, Linode, Vultr and AWS. There are many other useful suggestions like these you’ll get from the tool, so give it a spin.

And best of all, it’s free, so it doesn’t cost a dime to make sure you are ready for the Google update in May! Also, check out the Cloudways webinar on the google page experience update.

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