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Agency Spotlight: How iSynergy Leverages its Services to Cater to Multiple Niches

Updated on December 7, 2021

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iSynergy agency

A small IT shop with a single employee: those were iSynergy’s humble beginnings back in 2008. Since then, the agency has been able to morph into a digital marketing powerhouse, defined by a “permanent beta mentality”, data-driven insights and a strong belief in karma. By 2014, iSynergy had started developing SEO and programmatic campaign strategies, along with website design, copywriting, graphic design and inbound strategies.

Today, the company is leading the digital advertising charge for hundreds of clients, all while “maintaining an ROI focus FOR THEM and enjoying what we do and who we do it for!

iSynergy’s No-Niche Stance

According to iSynergy, “The monotony of only working in a single niche always sounded terrible.

And so, the agency has never gone vertical-specific. “Our real NICHE is that we do what’s right for our clients. It’s all about karma. Do good, get good. Do bad, get worse.”

While iSynergy happily admits it’s certainly in business to make money, it believes that when the agency does what’s in the client’s best interest, it will benefit from long-lasting relationships, referrals, and (even better) a trusted reputation.

We use multiple outlets for programmatic campaigns and inbound strategies because we want what works best for each client. If a technology exists, we know about it and are leveraging it. And, we’re constantly evolving and adding in important services (like video SEO production) because we’re focused on staying ahead of the curve as the digital landscape continues to change.”

The Challenges and the Achievements

One of the biggest challenges iSynergy faced in the industry is what it sees as a general misunderstanding and a lack of trust in the process. Done right, digital marketing services can dramatically impact a client’s bottom line.

But too often, agencies that claim to offer digital solutions, (1) don’t really know what they’re doing or (2) aren’t holding themselves accountable to the client by closing the loop with data-driven insights. And that sours many clients’ experiences before they arrive at iSynergy’s doorstep, making it more difficult to connect with them.

But the company has nimbly overcome these problems. Just look at the way it resolved what it recounts as its biggest challenge to date: its development project. Scope docs were imperative, as was a time management/delivery schedule. Overall, it was a huge project for a small boutique agency like iSynergy. “We still have this client 5 years later, and we won multiple international design awards for it.

It’s a testament to what iSynergy cites as its greatest achievement – its average client lifespan. The industry average for a digital marketing agency is just over 2 years while, “at iSynergy, we average over 6 years. This is a testament to our ability to deliver results, and always bringing new/fresh ideas to the table.”

The iSynergy Recipe for Success

iSynergy’s winning trifecta is inbound, programmatic and SEO-focused video production. “Inbound casts a wide net, with services like content marketing, blog writing, SEO and social media management. Programmatic advertising offers precise targeting capabilities that help to maximize ROI, and video SEO is one of the fastest-growing aspects of a well-rounded SEO strategy.”

iSynergy Team

The team uses Wrike for project management, “which keeps us organized and ensures that deliverables are on-time. It also uses Hubspot for CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation, and they’d “be lost without Slack for internal communication (and developing culture, especially with remote employees).”

How Cloudways Synergises with iSynergy’s Needs

According to the team, “Cloudways has allowed iSynergy to spin up new environments quickly and consistently while also providing our team with peace of mind knowing that we have nightly backups and top-notch support at our fingertips.”

Tips from iSynergy for New Agency Owners

If you want to make it (and make a difference) in the world of digital marketing, you have to be dedicated to learning and evolving. This industry changes at the drop of a hat, and iSynergy has found success because “we AREN’T comfortable with the status quo. We want to be the best, and we look for partners and employees who are progressive, open to innovative ideas and driven to be leaders.

A quote from Steve Jobs resonates with iSynergy’s success story:

It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.

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