WP Compress – A Fast WordPress Image Compression Plugin (Giveaway and Benchmarks Inside!)

by Mustaasam Saleem  April 11, 2018

We got the chance to try out a brand new WordPress Image Optimization plugin, WP Compress and the results may surprise you.

WP Compress - WordPress Image Optimization Plugin

At first, we were thinking – there’s already a handful WordPress image optimization plugins out there, why should we get excited about a new one? Then we tried out WP Compress and found that not only is it extremely easy to use, they also provide awesome features such as fully autonomous image optimization, affordable memberships and great file size savings on images – which directly translates to faster load times for your visitors.

To get started speeding up your site and optimizing your images, simply download WP Compress and enter code CLOUDWAYS as a bonus code for a free month of membership.

Why Speed Matters

Do Not Worry About Slow Loading Images Again!

As a WP Compress member, they take care of everything for you. Simply link your website, select your desired settings and your images will be automatically optimized daily.

Even as a free user you’ll be able to compress individual images or bulk optimize your entire media library in just one click. It’s still that simple.

Want to win free membership? We’ve partnered up with WP Compress for a giveaway!


WPCompress Giveaway

Why Should You Use WP Compress?

WP Compress allows you to speed up your website with just 1-click by optimizing images to decrease file size so that your images load faster while still looking great on all devices.

WP Compress perfected their algorithms and made it simple for you to use. With three compression levels to choose from and free features such as image resizing, you’ll be able to squeeze out every last KB from your images.

You’ll never need to worry about your images, if you aren’t happy with the output of your current settings, they offer secure cloud backups so that you can restore at any time and compress again.

WP Compress Testimonials


We’ve found that WP Compress optimizes images far better than its competitors saving us an average of 76% in a bulk compress or over 29 MB saved. In our test, we’ve used their recommended settings in intelligent mode and resize to 2048px as the standard image is typically less than 700px wide when displayed on the web.

Power of WP Compress Image Compression Plugin

The Cloudways Difference

WP Compress was tested on multiple servers and the results point that Cloudways is the fastest way to optimize your images with WP Compress.

We ran a case study on 11 images downloaded from UNSPLASH to review and test out WP Compress on Cloudways as well as another popular WordPress host.

WP Compress Benchmarks

Not only was the Cloudways ThunderStack faster to upload and move about the admin dashboard in, it was even over 1 minute faster to optimize 35 MB worth of images and their respective thumbnails.

Getting Started with WP Compress

Simply download the plugin and enter the code ‘CLOUDWAYS’ where it says “Have a Credit Bonus Code?” and you’ll be able to optimize up to 5,000 images across an unlimited number of websites for free as well as be entered in the giveaway thanks to our partnership.

For most websites, 5,000 images are more than enough, keep in mind that it does include the naturally generated WordPress thumbnails as those also need to be optimized.

WP Compress Membership also includes innovative automation features such as Otto – The Auto-Optimization Owl which takes care of everything for you so that you won’t have to worry about slow loading images and you can focus on building your site.

If you manage multiple WordPress sites they offer some of the most affordable image optimization pricing around and offer easy management with the soon to be released agency portal.

WP Compress Otto

Want faster loading images for life?

We’ve worked out a Lifetime Special

WP Compress Image Optimization Pricing

They’ve offered LIFETIME memberships (with up to 88% savings off membership) to help get your websites loading even faster on Cloudways and never worry about slow loading images again with fully automatic image optimization thanks to WP Compress.

Lifetime Membership by WP Compress

If you do win the giveaway above, they’ll even credit your membership purchase so that you can get started today.

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