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7 Habits of Successful Affiliate Marketers

May 31, 2017

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At a glance or from a distance, it appears that the world of affiliate marketing is full of money. Some web experts feel that it is easy to promote other’s products or services and earn commission on it. However, it is the complete opposite; many have tried and failed to perform consistently in the affiliate marketing industry.

7 Habits of Successful Affiliate Marketers

In an attempt to help affiliate marketers who are struggling to make it big in their field, we have compiled a list of common habits that are found in some of the highly effective affiliate marketers.

Thinking Long-term

Most of the successful affiliate marketers suggest building a long-term model that won’t likely die out with campaigns over time. It is best advised to keep plans that are not competition dependant. One of the best way is to stick to one kind of audience and develop resources for it. Failing to plan, is planning to fail; create a set of metrics that can help you better judge your plans.

Networking Is Everything

It has been widely repeated through articles and even in hollywood movies that all the successful people in any market have one thing in common, i.e., networking. This habit is even more significant when it comes to affiliate marketing. Popular affiliate marketer and founder of, Zac Johnson, said in an interview that his business would have never been a success if it hadn’t been because of a meetup he attended during the early days of his career.

Keeping Check on Competition

In addition to active networking, another habit of effective affiliates is keeping a check on their competition. It is important to keep an eye on what your competition is up to and what innovation they have to offer. It’s a common practice that’s not just limited to affiliate marketing but it is out there everywhere; T-Mobile knows AT&T’s next move or vice versa.

Jack of All Trades

Being a jack of all trades is often looked down upon as someone who tries everything but never really gets anything in the end. But, in affiliate marketing, the best practice is to have a basic understanding of all the technicalities involved in your business. Affiliates don’t have to be experts in writing coded script, but they ought to know basic understanding of marketing products and services.

Consistency Is the Key

Most of the newbies in the affiliate business tend to go all in at their first shot; they carry out massive research and write up an excellent blog, even catch some subscribers, but then they take a break. One of the most common habits among successful affiliate marketers is that they are consistent with their work. They don’t consider it as a secondary source of income that they can look up over the weekend during spare time.

Always Keep Email List

This is an extremely important habit that new affiliates should adopt. Most marketers lack the importance of generating email list and simply forward traffic to respective vendors without keeping track of their email addresses. This way, marketers miss out on the opportunity to reach out to users who have previously visited their website.

Never Rely on One Traffic Source

In case you’re new to affiliate marketing, let’s take you back a few years when Google-dependant traffic killed many websites. It happened so, when the search giant performed Panda update in 2011 and a few other updates in later years. The updates completely changed the search engine’s ranking system and quite many affiliate websites went from hero to zero in no time. This being the reason, we always see successful affiliate marketers running their business on multiple sources of traffic, including social media, YouTube, and email list, etc.

In Words of Zac Johnson,

Zac Johnson, a man behind and one of the pioneers of affiliate marketing says:

“Have a thick skin and if you aren’t ready to put in endless hours of work for no immediate return, the world of entrepreneurship simply isn’t for you […] For every success story, there are hundreds of failures you never hear about.”

That’s all! These habits have been drafted after thorough research and they should help you get through confused state of affiliate marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie in the field or experienced professional, following these habits are likely to help you better shape your business as a successful affiliate marketer. If you liked this blog post then you might like to check out another post on: Best Affiliate Marketing Hacks To Increase Your Earnings

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Tahha Ashraf

Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways, a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He loves talking about brands and writes content related to online marketing. He is fond of creativity and writes poetry in his free time.

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