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Magento Recap 2019: Key Achievements, Success Stories & What Experts Say 

January 21, 2020

12 Min Read
Magento Recap 2019
Reading Time: 12 minutes

During the last year, Magento managed to make great strides in terms of product innovation, business growth, and exploring new avenues for revenue generation. The popular ecommerce platform also managed to integrate new user-friendly features, thereby attracting thousands of satisfied customers

The platform had also created opportunities for developers with some of the amazing tools that lead them to learn something new and stay competitive in the market.

Without further delay, let’s check out the Magento overview of the year 2019:

Magento PWA Studio

Magento started the year with a bang! The launch of Progressive Web Application (PWA) Studio by Magento was one of the biggest news for the dedicated users, developers and community at large. The PWA is essentially a web application with front-end architecture that intends to work just like the native mobile application and mobile site that leverages open web APIs to build an “application-like experience directly in the browser to boost online conversions.

Moreover, with PWA, there is no need to download or install it on mobile phones, unlike the applications available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Magento Empowers Merchants for Global Growth

At MagentoLive Australia, the organization unveiled improvements for the Magento Commerce platform that was aimed to simplify the processes, improve scalability and performance for global Magento merchants.

The sole purpose of these enhancements was to introduce innovation and offer a better end-to-end online shopping experience for today’s consumers.

The key takeaways from MagentoLive Australia 2019 were:

  • Introduction of new modular features that will enable brands to upgrade and scale faster, including PWA Studio, Multi-Source Inventory (MSI), and Page Builder -independent of core product upgrades.
  • Enhancement in the page builder that allows developers to create and edit content 10X faster than before.
  • Expanded global shipping option – availability across 37 countries with support from DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other trusted carrier services.
  • Optimized order processing time within the admin panel, thus allowing to upload high-resolution images without compression.

Introduction of Amazon Sales Channel in Magento

With the availability of Amazon Sales Channel, the Magento store owners can have multiple accounts and treat their Magento Admin Panel as a central hub for all their vital Amazon marketplace activities, thereby, it helps in reducing data silos, removing operational friction, and eliminating additional integration costs.

Some of the salient features of Amazon Sales Channel include:

  • Smart Pricing Rules
  • Listing Management
  • Inventory Management
  • B2B Pricing and Quantity Discount
  • Fulfillment and Order Management

Amazon Sales Channel is a free downloadable extension in the Magento Marketplace for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.2.4 customers.

Integration of Google Shopping Ads Channel in Magento

At the Imagine 2019 event, the organization announced the integration of  Google Shopping ads Channel in Magento. It’s a fully integrated, end-to-end Google advertising solution that helps Magento customers to efficiently engage, convert and acquire customers across the Google network.

The Google Shopping ads Channel is available for Magento Commerce and  Magento Open Source 2.2.4 clients. The best advantage of Google Shopping Ads Channel is that the customers can avail Google Shopping ads via a free extension in the Magento Marketplace.

Migration to Magento 2 Drives Revenue Growth

We all know that the support for Magento 1 will not be available after June 2020. Benefits of migrating to Magento Commerce 2 include the ability to drive revenue growth, increase average order value, improve website conversion rates, and increase site traffic.

Acquisition of New B2B Technology

To boost the B2B roadmap, Adobe agreed to acquire Accorin’s order approval technology. As per the announcement, this technology will be available for Magento Commerce in 2020.

It will help B2B companies to integrate themselves into the mainstream of the Magento Commerce business while the Accorin’s technology will offer a  rich set of B2B features. Moreover, sellers will offer end-consumers the convenience of online purchasing along with the spending policy controls.

Magento Innovation Lab in Partnership with AWS

The partnership with AWS provided an opportunity for enthusiastic developers who are keen to discover new possibilities with Magento. It gives the developers the much-needed exposure to the culture of innovation and a chance to build their new skill set.

Developers will have a chance to work on visual search with AWS recognition, Amazon Forecast, voice command with Alexa and many more.

Magento Events

In the year 2019, Magento developers, merchants, and enthusiasts had the opportunity to attend some of the most exciting events and share their learnings, experiences, and opinions regarding the impact Magento is creating for business growth, product innovation, and customer facilitation.

For the first time, Cloudways managed to make its presence felt by sponsoring various Magento community events, conferences, meetups in Asia and Europe. Check out the list of Cloudways-sponsored events.

Top Magento Contributors of the Year 2019

As Magento is an open-source CMS, any developer, merchant, agencies, or community member who is eager to contribute towards helping Magento improve and grow further, is considered a valuable contributor. This contribution can include, but not limited to: source code patches, bug fixes, identifying a  new feature or functionality that goes a long way in establishing Magento as the premium choice CMS for potential clients. .

Check out the top contributors (organizations) for Magento in 2019.

Solution Partner Contributors 2019

magento solution partner contributors 1

magento solution partner contributors 2

Image source

Individual Contributors 2019

magento individual partner contributors 1

magento individual partner contributors 2

Image source

Community Insiders Contributors 2019

Community Insiders Contributors 1

Image source

Community Maintainers Contributors 2019

Community Insiders Contributors 2

Image source

I must say, it’s not easy to cover all the Magento achievements in a single blog.  I’ve tried to cover all the important highlights of the year 2019.

Let’s check out what experts and influencers have to share as to how Magento has progressed during the last year.

Experts Review About the Magento [2019]

Thien-Lan Weber
Chief Marketing Officer

For us at OneStepCheckout, 2019 was very much about migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. With over 20,000 customers, we have a finger on the pulse and although we can still see new builds on Magento 1, most of our new installations are on Magento 2  with existing customers migrating from Magento 1.

As such we have gathered tips from experts within our partner agencies to help merchants migrate to Magento 2 with minimal hassle. The following tips about Magento 2  migration offer valuable insights as to how one should go ahead with it:

  •  Reassess the functionalities you need
  •  Rationalize your product catalog
  •  Renegotiate or find a payment provider with better terms for you

Read more about our 13 experts’ tips for a smart migration to Magento 2.

We also made a strategic decision to continue and support and even update our extension for Magento 1. With tens of thousands of customers who have no plans to migrate yet, we need to make sure their checkout is still safe and converts well.

In the meantime, we will keep improving our OneStepCheckout for Magento 2 extension with an average of two updates a week to cater to the fast-evolving Magento 2 ecosystem and are reaching close to 1000 installations. Here’s our 2019 selection of 25 Magento 2 stores that care about offering a state-of-the-art checkout experience to reduce cart abandonment and improve conversions.

As an example of clients we share with Cloudways, here is Russel Hobbs selling an iconic kitchen appliance brand on Magento 2 in South Africa.

Rafael Corrêa Gomes profile

Rafael Corrêa Gomes
Software Engineer

Every year, Magento’s ecosystem brings to the table a lot of innovations, and inspiration for us. This last year it was no different  There were events like Magento Imagine, Magento Live, Meet Magento events and Magento Meetups across the globe. The featured words during 2019 were B2B, SMB, Community, Innovation, Customer Experience, PWA, and Page Builder, keep an eye on these trends, we will have some of them within the Magento Imagine 2020.

Rafael Corrêa Gomes views 1

As soon as the year began, we have news which got me very excited. Magento announced the availability of PWA Studio. It was an amazing opportunity to start a develop a demo store beneficiated by the app-like experience.

The Magento Association was announced in 2018, but during February 2019, the officially established team was announced. There were many questions floating in the community regardings the creation of this association, and the questions were all answered through the Magento Association’s website and the events.

Rafael Corrêa Gomes views 2

During the same month, we had the recognition of the top 50 contributors to the Magento ecosystem in 2018. There were over 6,500 pull requests to Magento 2, over 850 talks on Magento or at Magento-centric events, over 250 podcast episodes centered around Magento, conferences, and meetups in over 30 different countries, books about Magento. All this contributed to official product documentation, countless blog posts to raise awareness and education and answered thousands of questions on both StackExchange and the Magento Forums.

In March 2019, the Adobe Summit was convened.  It was during the summit that Adobe announced the launch of Adobe Commerce Cloud (built on Magento Commerce), a core part of Adobe Experience Cloud. It’s integrated with Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Advertising Cloud.

One month later, the farewell letter from Mark Lavelle was read by the Magento community, in which he shared his pride, expectations, and good wishes. Magento also launched many updates in the Magento Order Management and Magento Business Intelligence, if you didn’t see what these new products offered, I recommend to check.

Rafael Corrêa Gomes views 4

The community received amazing news in March, created by Sherrie Rohde, during the session at the Magento Community Speaker Workshop announced the launch of a speaker directory focused on building a more inclusive community. Moreover,  the Magento Innovations Lab is expanding the existing relationship with AWS, offering support to those who want to use the innovation lab project using Amazon technologies.

Talking about the Innovation Lab, there is a particular announcement which made me more excited, some innovations lab winners were selected to be part of the Magento Core projects, and my innovative idea called Payment Request API was one of them.

We had new Magento versions released, with Magento Commerce now available on Microsoft Azure, the open-source Adobe Stock Integration with Magento making great progress and integration with Adobe Sensei. We also had a PWA Studio success case shared by Magento called Eleganza.

Magento Imagine

It was announced that we had the last Magento Imagine at Wynn as we know, Adobe promised a Magento Imagine bigger and better than ever, generating strong vibes. The Magento Imagine at Adobe Summit will have a new location, the Caesars Forum, with the following  eight theme-based sessions:

  • B2B Commerce
  • Commerce Best Practices
  • Commerce Product Previews
  • Commerce Solutions & Beyond
  • Customer Experiences in Commerce
  • Magento Commerce for Developers
  • Omnichannel Innovation
  • Small Business Growth

Some of the best moments for the Magento community were captured at the BigDamRun, DevExchange, ContributionDay and the Magento Masters.  Check the images of these moments below.

Rafael Corrêa Gomes views 5


This recap won’t be complete without mentioning the top 10 Solution Partners and the top 10 individual contributors.

Top 10 Individual Contributors

Top 10 Magento Partners to Contribute

Rafael Corrêa Gomes views 7

It was an amazing year! And because of all that we have passed through, I’m very confident with this year’s promises. I’m sure you are too. Thank you for this recap and I hope to see you in the Magento Community events in 2020.

Vikrant Shukla profile

Vikrant Shukla
Business Solution Architect Magento (APAC)

2019 had been a great year for me with Magento. After my company got acquired in 2018, I worked with Netsmartz as VP Ecommerce. In 2019, I joined Adobe to initiate the setup of Magento Commerce Team in India. 2019 for Magento as a platform has been very exciting. The integration with Adobe Products like AEM, Target, and Analytics shaped up a lot. The Graphql library got more mature and now handles the complete ecommerce journey.

The CIF connector ensures smooth integration with AEM thus empowering better Customer Experience-Driven Commerce for merchants. The Marketplace integration with Amazon and Google Shopping Feed was another great feature that Magento got in 2019. Starting 2.3.3, the announcement of delivering a discrete package that consists of only the security updates for a package was another great announcement.

On the personal front, I spent more time with Magento Community helping them organize Magento Meetups in tier-two cities like Chandigarh and Surat. We were able to revive the Meetup Group in Bangalore with a pledge to help grow Magento Meetup in all the major cities of India. We have started 2020 with the very first Magento Meetup of the year on 4th January in Nagpur. We have many more meetups already planned.

I am sure 2020 is going to be a great year for Magento with more native integration with Adobe products like Sensei which will revolutionize the way merchandising and product prediction works in Magento. 2020 Is the year to “Accelerate”.

vijay golani profile

Vijay Golani
VP of Development

During 2019,  we have seen a more stable version of Magento 2 released in terms of functionalities and security patches.

Also, Pagebuilder and PWA were two of the standout achievements that have caught the attention for merchants as well as solution providers.

In terms of contributions, record-breaking PRs were generated in 2019 as well as few new projects were also introduced for community collaboration.

How 2019 went for me?

The year started with fantastic news as I was selected as the Magento Master 2019.

I have attended multiple events like Magento Imagine, Magento Live Europe. As a speaker, I conducted presentations at Meet Magento NewYork, Meet Magento Singapore and MageX.

We have organized some local meetups as well as The Distributed Contribution Day in 12+ cities in India.

Apart from that, we have launched some big projects, and have conducted Magento U training in different countries.

Magento Master Spotlight Video

Vadym Dozorets profile

Vadym Dozorets
Head of PMO

2019 was a great and productive year for the GoMage team. It brought new achievements and results:

  • 50+ new clients
  • 48 Magento 2 migrations
  • 23 developed modules for Magento 2
  • 25 Magento store optimizations
  • 5 more Magento certified team members
  • participation in ecommerce and Magento-related events (Webwinkel, Paris Retail Week, Web Summit, Magento Live, MageConf, and more);
  • partnerships with Digital Ocean, Trustpilot, Algolia, Nexcess, Klaviyo, and with other market-trusted solutions.

Having so much work done, and leading dozens of conversations with other professionals, we can draw two main conclusions from the last year: migrate to Magento 2 and implement Progressive Web Apps. This summer, we will all face the Magento 1 End of Life Saga,  and website security is the first thing to get damaged. To avoid that, the Magento 1 store owner should start migrating to Magento 2 asap. It’ll also help run their businesses 20% faster with a streamlined checkout process and a more mobile-friendly interface.

With reference to PWA, it was one of the main topics at each conference and is exactly what online shoppers need. It engages your customers and encourages them to buy more. Therefore, we have started to implement a custom PWA solution, and have already seen great results. Some other trends that our customers will be chasing in 2020 are visualization through Augmented Reality, chatbots, and personalization. Focus on them if you want to outperform your competitors and win new customers. We believe every store owner is capable of doing that!

Chirag Pamnani profile

Chirag Pamnani
Magento 2 Developer

The great thing about Magento is that it periodically launches the security updates and updated versions with new functionalities. Like last year 2.3.X was launched with new features including GraphQL, MSI and Page Builder.

How 2019 went for me?

I have been working with Magento for the last eight years. For me, the last year was too good. It was full of new opportunities. I have started working on Magento Cloud projects and GraphQL. I have worked with third-party ERP integration using Magento APIs while creating custom Magento APIs for mobile applications.

I also got my first M2 certification (Associate Developer) last year and the second one (Professional Developer) just a few days back. Last year, I also managed to work on-site which was something new for me.

I also managed to attend Meet Magento India and Meet Magento Singapore.

See you Magento Community in Feb 2020

This year, we (Wagento) are again hosting Meet Magento India 2020 on February 02,  at The Leela Mumbai for the third consecutive year.

In a Nutshell

Wow! Amazing achievements right?

If you think you’ve had a great experience working with Magento during the last year,  do let us know in the comment section below.

Best of luck to Magento for the year 2020.


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