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Re-purposing Content Is the Marketing Holy Grail for Startups

Updated on  28th June

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Intelligent content in many ways constitutes (or should constitute) the centerpiece of a capable marketing campaign for a startup.

The sole driver of a startup’s initial success drills down to the reach of the content that determines the number of audience that have been exposed to the content. The reach is the total number of audience across all platforms. But for a business just taking off the runway, resource and time constraints are often a major hurdle in achieving the content reach targets.

content repurposing for startups

Given the resource and time bound nature of generating the content itself, how does one go about reconciling the continuous need for intelligent content for a startup that could perform well within the constraints?

“Content repurposing” might just be the answer to this dilemma!

Content repurposing involves finding newer ways to repackaging and presenting existing content with a fresh approach. Repurposing content hinges on creativity and can lead to a range of interesting outcomes like expanding the number of platforms the content is published on, tweaks in the content layout, structure, and formatting, and even modification to the content itself.

Here is why repurposing content is perhaps the best bet for startups in the pursuit of effective content:

Stay Consistent With Delivery Points

The ideal way to keep the marketing content floating under the spotlight is to make sure that its central idea remains the same before and after repurposing. A startup may repurpose its content multiple times to catch traffic over any specific period through different channels, while keeping the delivery point consistent throughout every attempt.

Save Time and Resources

As much as a startup needs creative content ideas and output, there can only be so much generated within tight time constraints that are normally associated with a startup. Repurposing content can allow for an effective middle ground that relies on fewer resources and time yet keep your message and ideas fresh for existing and new audiences.

Reach Newer Audience

This is perhaps the most important of all benefits of repurposing content. When the idea is all about trying to reach maximum eye balls, repurposing content can deliver just that!

Content previously produced in plain text can be repurposed as infographics to attract the group of viewers more disposed toward interesting images. Content only published in blog posts and social media in the past, can be reworked into an ebook and could be pushed to a whole different platform.

Repetition is Key

The importance of repeatedly targeting your market with your message can’t be overstated, and for startups this could well be the difference between success and failure! Content repurposing allows you to achieve this goal without actually going through the repetition process that could bore your visitors.

Refreshing the content allows for the same message to be delivered in a different way. Not only does that reach newer audiences (as previously stated), it also allows for a different—perhaps a stronger—reception of the message by your existing audience.

Increased Organic Visibility and SEO

It has been proven that website and blog traffic is almost always driven by organic search traffic. While content presented in limited styles can decrease the chances of your website / blog springing up in search results, varied presentation and style of content as well as regular content updates achieve the exact opposite! You get a decisive SEO advantage and have a higher chance of driving organic search traffic to your website. For a startup in the critical stage of building the brand, this bump in organic traffic could be extremely important.

If your content is being pushed out on other websites and platforms, you can also sometimes benefit from the backlinks connecting back to your main website that could bring in some extra traffic.

Increased Content Shelf Life

While marketing content is one of the most effective ways of building brand recognition and presenting your ideas to the target market, there is, however, a demerit associated with its limited shelf life.

For example, new blog posts often experience an initial spike in traffic that fades over time (leaving out the exceptional instances where the content goes viral) and often need to be replaced with newer content to regain the same level of engagement. Alternatively, repurposing content is a sure-shot way of keeping the audience hooked, without having to delve into the laborious process of re-inventing the wheel with new content from scratch.

Content repurposing is a great tool for startups and established businesses. However, while established businesses can afford a bit more marketing pull with frequent new content generation, I believe the content repurposing is especially useful and suitable for aggressive marketing efforts by startups.

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Tahha Ashraf

Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways, a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He loves talking about brands and writes content related to online marketing. He is fond of creativity and writes poetry in his free time.

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