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10 Reasons Why Content Repurposing Is the Key to Startup Success

August 24, 2018

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Content Repurposing
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[UPDATED] Intelligent content is the centerpiece of profitable content marketing campaigns in many ways. The success of startups depends on their content’s exposure to relevant audiences. Yet, on numerous occasions where valuable content gathers dust.

Startups should never be timid about repurposing content. You’re using something that is still valuable. And you’re offering it to someone who appreciates that value. Thence, don’t consider repurposing content as a faux pas.

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Repurposing Content For Startups

How can startups reconcile continuous production of intelligent content that outperforms within constraints?

Repurposing Content is the answer to this dilemma!

It involves coming up with better practices. For instance, repackaging and presenting the existing content with a fresh approach. Repurposing content hinges on creativity. It can lead to a range of interesting profitable outcomes. A common practice is expanding the number of publishing platforms. You can also edit the content to deliver any desired message. Furthermore, tweaking the layout, structure, and formatting are also effective. Following are some of the benefits of repurposing content.

These are the reasons why it is the best bet for startups in their pursuit of success:

1. Reach New Audiences

Repurposing content allows startups to reach new relevant audiences. It helps in accomplishing the goal of reaching the most number of eyeballs. Brand awareness is the ladder to any startup’s success. Until and unless your content is visible to a larger audience, your startup can never grow as a brand.

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Therefore, you can repurpose already produced content as infographics to attract new audiences. You can also repurpose your earlier blog posts into ebooks. It will allow you to push them through different media and reach new audiences.

2. Increased Organic Visibility and SEO

Website and blog traffic is always driven significantly by organic search. Presenting content in limited styles decreases your chances to boom in search results. But a variety of different styles of content achieves the exact opposite!

If you are pushing content on different platforms, you can take advantage from backlinks as well. They connect the reader back to your main website, meanwhile you get to enjoy extra traffic.

3. Reinforcing Your Message

Reinforcing your your message is an ideal method to ensure your content remains in the spotlight. You must ensure that the central idea of your content remains the same after repurposing it. You can repurpose content many times. It helps startups to capture larger traffic. Do remember to keep your message consistent and concise throughout the repurposing process.

4. Save Time and Resources

Startups demand creative content. You cannot neglect the time constraints associated with any startup. Repurposing content allows startups to enjoy fewer time constraints. It also keeps your message and ideas fresh for new as well as existing audiences.

5. Repetition Is Key

You cannot overstate the importance of targeting a relevant audience with your message. For startups, repetition could well be the difference between success and failure. Repurposing content allows startups to achieve their goals without boring their audience.

Refreshing content allows startups to deliver the same message in a different way. Not only will it reach a new audience, but there will also be a stronger reception of the message by your audience.

6. Increased Content Shelf Life

Content marketing helps in building brand recognition. With an functional content marketing strategy in place, you can present new ideas to your audience. But, a demerit associated with it is its limited shelf life.

New blog posts often experience an initial spike in traffic, but it fades away with the passage of time. Nonetheless, leave out the exceptional instances where the content goes viral.

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Source: Pexel

Content marketing demands fresh content to regain the same level of engagement. Repurposing content is a sure-shot way of keeping your audience hooked. You won’t have to delve into the laborious process of re-inventing the wheel, i.e. writing the new content from scratch.

Repurposing content is great for startups as well as established businesses. Established businesses can afford the marketing pull by generating new content. But, repurposing content is ideal for aggressive marketing efforts by startups.

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How To Repurpose Content For Startups

You can repurpose existing content in many ways. Creating content from scratch every time is time consuming. Hence, startups should repurpose existing content to reach new audiences. Following are a few measures that startups can take to repurpose existing content.

1. Create Presentation Slides

Let’s say you have interesting stats, actionable advices and meaningful quotes. Use them to make presentations. These presentation slides can become a summary of your original content. Upload these presentations on websites like SlideShare as it provides more engagement opportunities.

2. Create Infographics

This is a step beyond creating presentation slides. Infographics are the complete summary of your original content in a visual outline. For instance, if your startup has a lot of data in the content, creating infographics are a great way to repurpose them. You can break up a blog post into the major points and present it in an attractive manner.

3. Create Pinterest Instructographics

A sibling of the infographic, instructographics keep a similar look and feel, but its primary focus is on the how-to aspect. The word itself is a blend of instructions and graphics. Thence, it should offer an educational aspect to its design. Pinterest is the perfect platform for such content as it is the hub of visual and actionable content. Your how-to posts are perfect material for instructographics.

4. Reposting and Re-promoting Content on Social Media

One of the best things about evergreen content is that it offers the same value today as it did before. To some, it might seem counter-intuitive to share the same content, but it is effective when you wish to reach people in different time zones. It also allows you to gain new followers and test different variations of content titles. According to this research, 75% of engagement comes from reposting previous content. So overlooking it would be a silly mistake.

Person Writing on White Book

Source: Pexel

5. Reposting on Quora

Promoting content on social media is a common practice. Have you ever thought about repurposing your content on Quora? It is a question and answer website that makes repurposing content fairly easy, either in replies to the questions or as posts to user blogs.

It also works in reverse. The answers on Quora can become your next blog post for your website. For instance, a Quora session about SEO can turn into a valuable blog post.

6. Crafting Email Series

You can repurpose a single detailed blog or even an entire series of blogs. Repurposing content into bite-sized chunks is ideal for daily email series.

For instance, take this post that you’re currently reading. All these repurposing tips and tricks can become an email of its own. Just add a few more instructions, examples, or photos and you’re good to go. The foundation is already in place. Use them to extend the life of the original content through a series of emails. Once you have your email series all set up you can use it as an opportunity to collect new leads and subscribers. With this new set of emails, you can also discover a new relevant audience.

7. Create an Ebook

It’s amazing to see how many quality blog posts have turned into ebooks. Expanding any existing content into an ebook is a great idea. When turning blog posts into an ebook, make sure you provide additional information. Remember to make your ebook worthy to your audience.

You can design the ebook yourself or can even outsource it for a professional look. The length of the ebook may vary depending on what and how you are covering the original content.

Once you have your ebook ready, you can use it to grow a list of subscribers or for additional revenue streams. The ebooks are considered quality content that provide great value. Feel free to use your ebook however it benefits you best with giveaways, rewards, or offers.

Woman Sitting on Chair Using Black Ipad

Source: Pexel

8. Create Podcasts or Videos

There are strong chances that many from your audience prefer content which they do not have to read. In this sense, developing podcasts and videos are some of the best repurposing techniques. It opens up a whole new world to connect with your audience.

If you want to develop a podcast about your ebook, or a blog,, that’s a good starting point. But keep in mind that podcasts use original content as a jump off point for a larger discussion.

Your podcast topics must relate to your previously published content. The benefit here is that each podcast is a new post to your website. Hence you get to enjoy an increased number of posts. You can always add in a transcript to attract those who have the time to listen or read.

Your audience will enjoy watching a two-minute video instead of reading a two page long text. For those, who prefer to consume video content, blog posts are great resource material. In its essence, the text of the blog is the foundation of your script. You can also present the topic in a lecture format with some additional graphics.

9. Host Webinars

The following step in an audio-video content is a webinar. You can convert your existing content easily into a webinar. It allows you to present both at the same time. You will enjoy engaging your audience in conversations.

10. Write Guest Posts

Quality content can provide you with new ideas, stories, and articles. Such content can easily be the spark you need for your outreach efforts. In this regard, you can use your writing for guest blogging. You can use Hub and Spoke Method to get yourself started.

The Hub and Spoke technique is viewing the original piece of content as the hub and your guest post as the spoke, just as on a wheel, both of these parts connect with each other. It means that your content on other websites will ultimately drive readers back to you.

Furthermore, it helps you to create more content swiftly. You already know all the important aspects you need to cover. You enjoy targeted referral traffic that converts better than many online marketing channels. It improves your SEO with relevant, high quality links that reaches back to your website.

The guest posts do not have to be as in-depth as your original content. Hence you can outsource writers. Also, you can have someone in-house to write quick summaries. It will give your content a fresh spin.

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Wrapping Up!

Repurposing content is a huge time saver for content marketers. It helps startups with their aggressive marketing efforts.This super hack benefits SEO for startups, organic reach, and so much more. You will find value by thinking out of the box to implement your repurposing strategies.

Hence, you have to think in advance, before you even create new content. Your single effort can lead to dozens of pieces of content. As long as you focus on adding value, your repurposing efforts will prove to be fruitful for your startup.

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