An Everlasting List of Women in WordPress

by Salman Mehdi
March 8, 2014

Well, well, well, it’s time to celebrate! We received an over-whelming response for our blog post: A Tribute To Women In WordPress. The primary purpose of this blog was to pay tribute to these inspiring ladies, who have, through their dedication and professional expertise, earned the respect they deserve.

These women are the real force behind Word Press’ continued success. They have done a commendable job and are still engaged in making WordPress a universal favorite. These women have rightly followed the footsteps of Lady Ada Lovelace, the first female computer programmer.

But, it seems the ladies wanted their friends to get recognized too.

It’s really amazing to see this kind of response on our blog. We thought it would be a great if we created an open-ended list of these wonderful women. So, here you go ladies! Our little token of appreciation on the International Women’s Day. (PS: While you are at it, how about you give a try to our Click&Go platform! We think you’ll like it.)

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