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Cloud Hosting for Web Agencies

Create Amazing Websites While Cloudways Does The Rest!

Easy-to-Use Platform

No need to choose a different managed hosting provider for different applications. Install different applications like—WordPress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.—on the same server with similar controls performance and features.

That’s not all the underlying ThunderStack is a work of marvel. It is a powerful concoction of Apache and Nginx webservers with potent layers of Memcached, Varnish, and optional Redis cache systems. Looks too good to believe? Test us now!


Made for Collaborations

Agencies work in teams. Some sit in the same room while others are connect through the Internet with distance of million miles between each team member. Cloudways is made for the modern web agencies.

You can collaborative features to assign credentials, create Git workflows, and make staging environments. Oh yeah! Test this too!


Features Crafted For Web Agencies

Unlimited Websites

You can host as many websites on your Cloudways server as you need to. This means you can work on multiple projects on the same server!

Email Addons

Your business needs require premium email solutions. Subscribe to our SMTP add-ons to ensure your communication with clients is of the standard your clients expect from you.

Dedicated Servers & IPs

Given the dynamic nature of your industry, we understand that nothing less than a dedicated server can guarantee exceptional performance of your website. All agencies servers on Cloudways are dedicated servers!

Security Patching

Cloudways engineers are monitoring the status of your server around the clock. At appropriate times, OS are applied to maintain a state of constant security for your server.

One Account Rules All

Why go through the hassle of separate bills for your hosting, email, and security solutions? Leave it all up to us, and pay for everything from your Cloudways account!

Managed Migrations

Changing your host is like moving into a new house. You want the whole process to be hassle-free. We want to make things easy. No matter how big is the website, we will move it.

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Our expert cloud support team is always there for you, even on Holidays through live chat and ticketing system.

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