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Zeen Theme Review: A Next-Generation WordPress Theme

Updated on December 8, 2021

5 Min Read
zeen theme

Zeen is a next-generation WordPress theme developed by Codetipi.

In the first 12 hours of its launch, Codetipt sold an impressive 100 copies, making it the fastest-selling theme on ThemeForest ever.

So how did the Zeen theme sell out so fast?

At first glance, the theme looks attractive and polished and comes with 30+ highly unique demos to get you started. Let’s dive in and discover the amazing features of this theme.

Theme Installation

Once you have installed and activated Zeen, you will be redirected to the stylish Zeen setup wizard, which guides you through a 3-step process.

The first step allows you to install a child theme – a super handy and time-saving feature. Next, you can install the theme’s bundled plugins, and then finish up by importing the demo content.

zeen theme installation

Unlike other themes where you import the whole demo, you can select which parts you’d like to import in Zeen, which is a nice touch. You can import content (demo articles/menus/etc.), the options (theme options settings), and/or the widgets you like.

As a result of this flexibility, if you change your mind after importing the theme options from one demo, you can quickly re-launch Zeen’s setup wizard and import the theme options from a different demo, which saves you plenty of time and energy.

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Predesigned Demos

The Zeen WordPress theme has a large collection of demos covering many niches, including food, technology, and travel. Every single Zeen demo is different and unique and showcases an array of possibilities. Whether you want to use an existing demo for a quick start or tailor Zeen to fit your vision, there is a demo to inspire you.

zeen theme demos

Tipi Builder

Perhaps the most truly unique aspect of Zeen is the exclusive use of the new Tipi Builder – a ground-breaking frontend page builder that gives users total control over site layouts.

With Tipi Builder, not only can you see a live preview of all customizations (making the building process simple and highly efficient), you also get to play around and explore all the possibilities until you get the desired layout.

You can build a layout from scratch, or if you prefer, you can import any layout from the demo sites as a starting point.

tipi builder

You can add an enticing call to action blocks with shape dividers, email subscription blocks, quote blocks, galleries, and even video blocks.

zeen call to action

Here’s the official video by Codetipi about the Tipi Builder. It’s important to know, though, that this is from v1.0, and the builder has come a long way since then and now has a lot more features, blocks, and overall options.

Theme Options

Zeen WordPress theme options panel allows you to see instant previews of every action before publishing the changes.

This functionality ensures complete freedom to experiment and only publish when you’re satisfied.

The fact that Zeen offers a frontend theme options panel is something all users will highly appreciate. Many themes usually have a backend theme options panel that forces the users to save and publish changes before actually being able to see what the changes look like.

Zeen Features

Zeen has several interesting features. However, since it would be difficult to cover all of them in this review, I have only delved into a few below:

Advanced Dark Mode

One of the hottest features at the moment in practically all designs has a “dark mode”. Zeen was one of the first themes (might even be the first) to introduce a dark mode option.

You can enable the dark mode button to appear in any menu with a simple on/off switch.

zeen theme dark mode feature

Once enabled, you get a beautiful animate-on-click icon and transform the entire site into dark mode. The reason it has been coined “advanced” dark mode is that the icon can be placed anywhere (including mobile header) and a cookie is dropped to remember the visitor preference which makes for a great user experience.

Voice Search

With the rise of smart speakers, it’s no surprise that voice search is becoming increasingly popular. This means that sites need to embrace voice schema and add dedicated content to be eligible for voice search results. Zeen has all of this functionality built-in and thus you won’t need any plugins or additional add-ons. Currently, Google has limited this functionality to approved Google news publishers from the United States only, but eventually, it will be available to the rest of the world, so it’s nice to know Zeen is already ready for that.

Built-in Emojis

The Zeen theme also comes with a reaction emoji block, perfect for a viral site. All you would need to do is simply activate it, choose from the current two emoji designs, and then select the exact emoticons you want to display on your site.

zeen emojis

This feature was added during one of the recent Zeen updates. Currently, there is a limited selection of emoticons (just over 10). Still, the developers claim that now the emoji system is available, they’ll be able to add lots more via free theme updates.

Review Plugin

Zeen WordPress theme comes with the popular premium called Let’s Review. This is a fantastic addition for anyone wishing to add review boxes to their articles. You can even add affiliate buttons to the reviews, which is a nice touch and is already a very popular feature with many Zeen users. It’s great that it comes as a separate plugin and you can set up review boxes as an on-demand functionality for your website.


One of the most impressive aspects of Zeen is its performance. The theme’s code is extremely clean, and it follows the WordPress best coding standards. The theme doesn’t rely on any bloated third-party dependencies; all of this results in a visibly powerful performance.

With Zeen and Cloudway’s Breeze cache plugin combination alone, you can achieve site speed scores in the high 90s/100.

Final Thoughts!

The Zeen creators have pioneered a lot of what you consider standard in a magazine WordPress theme these days, which means you can expect further innovations via their free theme updates.

By joining thousands of Zeen users worldwide, you will not only benefit from beautiful design, but you’ll also get to experience a truly unique and speedy installation process.

If you are looking for a theme for your next site or you want to give your existing one a revamp, the Zeen WordPress theme is a great choice for both!

Note: This article was published in collaboration with Codetipi.

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