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7 Ways Webinar Marketing Can Help You Grow your Ecommerce Store

Updated on December 8, 2021

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Webinar Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is not limited to just running ads to drive traffic to your online store. It’s equally important to leverage content to educate customers and thus help them see your brand as the friendliest and most accessible brand in your niche.

In this context, webinars are an emerging trend that should be an essential component of your content marketing strategy.

Webinars can take the form of seminars, presentations, lectures, or workshops that are conducted by one or more instructors. Owing to the cost-effectiveness and convenient formats, they have gained massive popularity in recent times, particularly in these times of social distancing.

What’s more, a study reveals that on average, between 2% and 5% of webinar attendees are likely to buy from you. However, this is not the place for hard-sell tactics.

Instead, use this platform to share knowledge, inspire and interact with your audience, giving them a reason to consider your product or service. As you can see, the most effective webinars are built around driving value.

Let’s take a look at seven ways webinar marketing can help grow your ecommerce stores.

1. Create Awareness

With so many ecommerce stores in a crowded marketplace, the first step toward increasing sales is to build brand awareness. Your target audience needs to know that your brand exists and get familiar with your products or services.

Hosting a webinar can help you educate your audience about your brand, offer valuable resources and tell them what differentiates you from your competitors. The idea is to offer targeted solutions that will resonate with your audience (while pitching your products and services very discreetly).

Establishing strong brand awareness helps you get your brand out there, increases brand equity and shapes perceptions, ultimately, helping you grow your ecommerce store, and generate sales.

2. Demonstrate Products and Services

One of the biggest benefits of webinar marketing is live product demonstrations to a captive audience that has already shown interest in your brand.

It’s interesting to note that 69% of consumers believe a product demo best assists them when making a purchase decision. As such, demos are a must-have in any ecommerce marketing plan.

Live demos are a great way to showcase your product and highlight the value it has to offer and show off the features. All this helps prospects make informed purchase decisions.

When planning product demos, start with identifying a problem your audience is facing and position your product as a solution to the problem. During the process, showcase product features and highlight how they will benefit users.

You can deliver demos by playing video tutorials, sharing your screen, or doing the actual demonstration on camera.

3. Use Upselling and Cross-Selling Techniques (Discreetly)

Upselling is when you pitch an advanced or upgraded version of the product you’re trying to sell. Cross-selling, on the other hand, refers to offering the user a product to complement the one they have already decided to buy.

Making a sale is great but being able to upsell or cross-sell is even better. Not only do these tactics boost sales and drive revenue, they also fetch you a better return on investment.

The good news is that webinars give you an opportunity to (subtly) implement upselling and cross-selling techniques without repelling the customer.

For instance, while conducting the session or answering questions, you can suggest premium versions of the product you’re trying to sell or mention complimentary products as an additional component of the solution. However, don’t overdo it because that’s going to clearly come across as a hard-sell.

You can also offer bundle pricing to your webinar attendees, encouraging them to increase their order value and thus drive more sales.

4. Offer a Discount to Attendees

Speaking of incentives, an effective way to attract webinar attendees is by offering event-specific discount codes, store coupons or a free trial. Alternatively, you can also host a giveaway during the webinar to pique interest and keep attendees engaged.

Creating enticing offers for your webinar encourages people to try out your product. If people find your product a good fit for their issues, they will make a repeat purchase or refer your brand to their network. As a result, you will see a serious increase in conversions.

However, make sure you run a limited-time offer during the webinar and stress the urgency to get the best results. Needless to say, give away discount coupons at the end to ensure people sit through the entire session.

5. Interact and Answer Questions

Successful webinars are a two-way conversation. You need to use this tactic to engage and interact with your audience rather than delivering a monologue. The last thing you want is for your audience to lose interest and get distracted.

So, keep your webinar lively and interactive. Encourage your audience to ask questions and answer them as you proceed. This is also a good opportunity to understand more about your audience’s pain points, address misconceptions, and position your product appropriately. Here’s a chance to answer questions related to your industry, brand, and product in real-time.

Another way to retain your audience’s attention is by designing engaging presentation slides. The key is to keep minimal text and use visuals in the form of infographics, charts, graphs, GIFs and videos.

6. Co-host With Industry Experts and Influencers

Want to give your webinar an additional boost? Leverage the power of influencer marketing.

Hosting a webinar with an influencer or industry expert lets you tap into their audience and greatly increase your reach. That’s not all, it’s also a way of offering added value to the attendees and keeping the session more interesting and interactive.

The key to success is choosing the influencer or expert wisely — someone who speaks to a similar target audience and can offer real value.

If you’re co-hosting it, make sure you split the responsibilities and are on the same page to ensure that the session flows smoothly.

7. Build Trust

Trust is a valuable currency in today’s times. The more your customers trust you, the more they will buy from you.

From reaching new audiences to tapping into your existing customers, webinar marketing is an effective way to strengthen relationships and drive sales to grow your ecommerce store.

By delivering valuable content through webinars and interacting with the audience, you will be able to go beyond one-off transactions and form a deeper connection with your customers. This goes a long way in building trust and boosting customer loyalty.

Webinar Marketing for Ecommerce: The Takeaway

Webinars pose ample benefits to grow your ecommerce store and drive sales. When done well, they are sure to boost your website marketing efforts.

What’s important is putting together a strong webinar content plan that offers valuable insights and meaningful takeaways. Make sure you’re well-prepared and do a couple of dry runs before the day of the webinar.

Don’t overlook the importance of webinar marketing — leverage it to drive sales and grow your ecommerce store.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Simki Dutta, content marketer at Venngage, a free infographic maker and design platform. When she’s not working, she can be found refreshing her Twitter feed and binge-watching Netflix shows.

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