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How digital challenge_ Changed Its Business Model (With Some Help From Cloudways)

Updated on November 9, 2020

3 Min Read

digital challenge_ is focused on the manufacture of beautiful and user-friendly products. They pay special attention to the small details that make customers’ websites stand out from the competition. 

In this customer Q&A, digital challenge_ shares the insights of working in a competitive industry. Let’s read on!

Cloudways: What does your company do? What was the biggest challenge you were facing prior to moving to Clouwdays?

Dimitrios: In the past five years, I have been a web developer.  At the same time, I also freelanced and played with the idea of starting my own company to create awesome websites and e-shops. As a web developer, I don’t know how to properly manage a server and I cannot afford a server management specialist. So I needed a good hosting solution without spending too much time on management. So we found Cloudways!

Cloudways: How did you come across Cloudways and what was your first impression?

Dimitrios: The first time I came across Cloudways was after a colleague of mine suggested the brand in a conversation about server panels. After that, I decided to give it a try and test it to see if it was as promising as I was told.

I had a bad experience with custom server panels. My impression actually changed when I used Cloudways for my websites. I was really impressed with speed and flexibility.

Cloudways: What reservations did you have about Cloudways?

My lack of experience with server panels (except for Plesk) and unfortunately my bad previous experience with custom server panels made me concerned and worried about my choice.

Cloudways: Why did you specifically select Cloudways for some of your project(s)?

Our decision was basically based on three factors.

First of all, the load time of our websites played a great role in our choice. Secondly, The WordPress Migrator and security-enhanced our hopes and finally, the most important was the ease of daily tasks. Almost forget, the awesome support!

Cloudways: What other possible solutions were you considering?

We were considering many solutions but the most practical one was basically to choose a dedicated server from one of the Greece based providers. We also tried out Digital Ocean.

Cloudways: Why did you choose our product or service? Describe your selection process and what criteria you were looking for. What made our solution stand out over others that you researched?

Our selection process was about testing a real website and seeing if it matched our needs & expectations. I created a plan to transfer a website to one of Cloudways servers. I noticed the improvement in the speed of the website, so I decided to search more thoroughly. Then I realized that Cloudways can efficiently solve our main daily problems: launching servers and applications, backup and restore, SSL certificates, security, and optimization.

Cloudways: What exactly did Cloudways do to contribute to the outcome you wanted? Did “Faster website, more conversions” work with Cloudways?

From our experience, Cloudways’ biggest asset is the fact that the core hosting service is really quick and efficient. Therefore, we have a competitive advantage that leads to an increase in new projects and satisfied customers.

Cloudways: What feature of our product was the most appealing to you?

Dimitrios: One of our main concerns when searching for a good hosting provider was the accessibility & how we could easily manage our daily tasks without being bogged down by technical difficulties. We are happy to say that the ease of management is, if not the most, one of the most appealing factors of Cloudways.

Cloudways: What would have happened if you had not made the purchase?

Dimitrios: Probably, we would have spent a considerable amount of time dealing with server issues and ways of keeping our servers healthy. This is, of course, time-consuming and it could have cost us a great loss of productivity.

Cloudways: What overall promising results have you seen since implementing our product/solution? What business processes does this solution enhance, and how much does it reduce the cost and time to complete these particular processes?

Dimitrios: We have experienced a big difference in the load time of our websites and this really gave us a big advantage. The biggest advantage of choosing Cloudways is that many operations take place automatically, without the need for us to do any hard work to optimize a website or server! This saves us at least 80% of our time.

Cloudways: What would you tell others who might be considering our product? Why would you recommend Cloudways to WooCommerce store owners (3 reasons)? 

Dimitrios: Not consider! Buy that! The main reasons are the load time of the websites and the perfect infrastructure. Add in the ease of doing backups and restores, and of course, the ease of scaling.

Cloudways: “It would be great if you can share some pictures (Stats, performance, team, etc)”

Dicha GR Team

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Saud Razzak

Saud is the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed WooCommerce Hosting Platform. Saud is responsible for creating buzz, spread knowledge, and educate the people about WordPress in the Community around the globe. In his free time, he likes to play cricket and learn new things on the Internet. You can email him at [email protected]


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