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Protect Your Multiple Domains by Installing a Single SAN SSL Certificate

Updated on  2nd May

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Cloudways is always introducing security focused features to make sure that customers remain protected in this age of cyber criminals and information theft.

The latest of these features is the ability to install a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL certificate. These SSL certificates are ideal for protecting multiple domains. As a result, customers save both money and time by buying a single certificate for all their domains.

Single SAN SSL Certificate

To be credible in the eyes of the potential customers, your online store must have secure HTTPS access; you know the green padlock icon in the address bar.

The icon indicates that the website is secured by an SSL certificate that protects all communication between the customer and the website. In all cases, a SAN SSL certificate is one of the best investments you could make for your business. It is essentially for ecommerce websites.

Why You Need SAN SSL Certificates?

SAN SSL certificate is the most cost-effective and developer-friendly option for a website since it cuts hassle and overhead while improving SSL management. So, let’s learn the significant advantages of SAN SSL to Cloudways customers:

Secure Multiple Domains With a Single Certificate

You can secure multiple domains with a single SAN SSL certificate. This is an ideal solution for instances where your domain is subdivided into subdomains. Here, you only have to install SAN SSL and it will cover all the subdomains.

Single SAN SSL Certificate for Growing Subdomains

In practical terms, a single SAN SSL certificate could secure a large number of subdomains. This is why customers who opt for SAN SSL certificates could add subdomain(s) without any worry.

Cut Costs

Instead of paying for separate SSL certificates for every domain, Cloudways customers could now save money by paying for a single certificate that is valid for all the subdomains. As you add subdomains, you are actually saving money on the price of SSL certificates!

Hassle Free Renewal

As your business grows and you start diversifying your brand into subdomains, you will benefit from the comprehensive coverage of SAN SSL certificates. Instead of wasting time by renewing individual certificates for subdomains, you only have to update a single SAN SSL certificate and all your subdomains are protected.

In all cases a Single SAN SSL certificate is one of the best choice you could make for your business. To simply configure SAN SSL certificate on your server, read our knowledge base article.

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Owais Khan

Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

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