Why Do You Need an Online Product Designer for Magento Stores

by Fayyaz Khattak  June 19, 2017

Trends from across the world prove that the age of ecommerce is upon us. More and more people now prefer to buy online. This has been buoyed up by the fact that internet connectivity has penetrated to the remote corners of the world. Some experts have commented that today there are more mobile phones than bank accounts! This is especially true in the context of developing countries. The whole experience of picking up the phone and making a purchase is quicker, hassle-free and convenient.

Magento Product Designer

This scenario has paved way for a lot of ecommerce companies, each vying with the others for a sizeable chunk of the ecommerce market. Thus, online designing tools offer a great solution to the need for personalization. The more choices you offer to customers, based on their interests and priorities, the more they would buy.

A wide variety of products like t-shirts, mugs, watches, pens, stationery, phone covers, laptop bags etc. can be personalized to suit the customer’s style and personality. While there are many tools out there to aid in the manufacturing of personalized products, Online Product Designer software is a true specialist with factors that stand out. It easily integrates with your existing ecommerce website design platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, and WordPress. The tools are expected to allow personalization of products to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest of the customers.

Benefits of Online Product Design Tool

The benefits of using Online Product Design Tool are numerous. I would like to mention a few of those here. This list should help you understand why it is important to integrate an online product design tool on your ecommerce website.

  • Makes it easy for the customer: If you use our online tools, you are making it easy for your customers. They can visit your website, choose a product and customize it as per their preferences. They can make the payment and also indicate the shipping choices, all in one place. You are also giving them a chance to unleash their creative streak! Overall, it makes for a totally smooth shopping experience.
  • Reducing costs: Research has shown that using a design tool can reduce product design costs by as much as 50%.
  • Repeat business and customer loyalty: A happy customer is worth a lot of money that you may otherwise spend on marketing your products and services. By utilizing online design tool, you are assured of repeat business and customer loyalty. When they find value with you, they will become loyal customers!
  • Establishing a strong online presence: Online design tools give you an edge over those who don’t use them. In a highly competitive market, any factors that can help you stay ahead are worth their weight in gold. These tools can help you position a strong presence online.
  • Improved conversion rates: There is enough research that favors personalization in helping improve conversion rates.
  • Price benefit: By offering variety to customers, you stand to make some extra money. It has been observed that people do not mind paying a bit more for their coveted personalized items.

Online Product Designer by Magebay

With a few options available in the market, it is best to list out why Magebay would be your best choice. This software is compatible and easy to integrate with the most popular ecommerce platforms. Check out the following tool:

Online Product Design Tool for Magento

Future versions to be released over the next few months will cover popular ecommerce platforms including Prestashop, Opencart, and Shopify. The plans also include extending the tool to custom CMS and API backed platforms.

Some Standout Features Include

  • Various categories, multiple products, umpteen design templates as well as pricing sample for the most popular printing methods.
  • Easy and free installation.
  • Ability to manage all print products with ready to print high-quality output in PDF, PNG, SVG formats.
  • Self-hosting with full integration into your shopping cart without affecting the database.
  • Options to manage unlimited resources using which you can choose to expand on the same system if required.
  • Real-time backend access.
  • Price calculation for multi-printing techniques including support for currency conversion.
  • Maximum customization and saving options for customers of their customized design.
  • Functional mobile application compatible with at least 480px simplified screen resolution.
  • Responsive dashboards and option of separate templates for the mobile application if required.
  • A high degree of flexibility, customization, and detailed documentation.
  • An incredible 15356 color changeable clip art in SVG format!

That’s Not All!

The above list highlights just a few main features of the Magebay’s Online Product Designer for Magento.

The software even promises continued enhancement of user experience via a vast number of features set to be part of the future releases. Magebay understands the importance of an online product design tool for an ecommerce website like none other. This is the reason their product functions radiates a well thought out and efficiently designed platform.

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