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How to Host WooCommerce on Linode

Updated on December 9, 2021

5 Min Read
WooCommerce on linode

Linode is a fast, robust and reliable cloud server infrastructure provider with a track record of success for ecommerce stores. However, one downside of this powerful hosting option is the rather technically involved server setup and maintenance process.

So let’s learn how to install WooCommerce on Linode. Let’s get going!

Why Choose Linode Cloud Servers on Cloudways?

This is where Cloudways comes in! The Platform offers a simple and very intuitive interface that takes care of all server management issues. Cloudways powered Linode hosting ensures that the WooCommerce powered store owners need not worry about the underlying server issues.

Cloudways users who host their WooCommerce stores on Linode save a lot on system administration costs for their stores. For small and mid-sized stores, this saving could be a serious addition to the store funds.

With Cloudways, you could launch your WooCommerce store in minutes and get access to a wide range of services and features including:

Ultimate Speed

Cloudways offers ThunderStack, a custom stack optimized for speed and performance. The result is blazing fast speed for WooCommerce stores that translate into better Google SERP positions. ThunderStack comprises of Apache, NGINX, Memcached, Varnish, DBMS (MySQL and MariaDB) and optional components.


Cloudways offers Platform-integrated CDN that allows for fast loading stores, regardless of the location of the visitors. Given the simple setup and hassle-free subscription model, WooCommerce stores hosted on Linode at Cloudways perform at optimal speed thanks to the CloudwaysCDN.

Breeze — Free WordPress Cache Plugin

Cloudways provides a powerful WordPress cache plugin aptly named Breeze. This plugin simplifies the cache related issues so that the WooCommerce stores continue to perform at their best regardless of the load and performance demands.

Managed Security & Backups

Cloudways handles all security related issues so that WooCommerce stores owners don’t have to worry about the security of their Linode servers. The cloud experts at Cloudways ensures that the servers remained patched with the latest security patches as soon as they are released.

Furthermore, Cloudways WooCommerce web hosting comes with an automated backup option that maintains a copy of your data. Users could also take manual backups of their servers at any time.

Without further ado, let’s install WooCommerce on Linode cloud servers!

Host your WooCommerce Store on Linode in Minutes.

Migrate your store to Linode via Cloudways & see the performance uptake now.

Step 1: Sign up on Cloudways

First, sign up with Cloudways Platform by completing the simple form and click the START FREE button. (you will need to verify your email address to complete the process). If you have already signed up, log in to your account.

linode wordpress signup

The next step in installing WooCommerce on Linode is to verify your email address in order to complete the signup process on Cloudways. Next, click the Launch button to initiate the simple server launch process.

linode wordpress launch

Step 2: Server & Application

Choose the latest version of WooCommerce from the list of available applications. Name your application, server, and select your project.

Note: I have named my managed server, the app and the project as My WooCommerce. However, you are free to choose any other names, without affecting the flow of this Linode tutorial.

server details

Step 3: Select Server

Pick Linode from the list of cloud infrastructures as a service.

select linode

Step 4: Select Server Size

Next, Select your server size from the available sizes.

linode server size

Step 5: Select Location

Linode comes with a lot of location choices. The best practice is to host your WooCommerce store nearest to the target audience since it reduces load times.

select location Linode

Step 6: Launch Your Server

After entering the server and application details, click the LAUNCH NOW button.

pay as you go

Now, wait till your server is ready!

adding server

Step 7: Access WooCommerce

Once the server is ready, go to the Platform and click Applications in the top-left menu. Then tap the WooCommerce app.

Server & Application WooCommerce on Linode

Next, go to Application → Application Management → Access Details → Admin Panel to get your WordPress dashboard login credentials.

woocommerce on linode application management

That’s all!

Congratulations, you have successfully installed WooCommerce on Linode cloud server.

Final Thoughts

WooCommerce is definitely a great ecommerce solution that is very simple yet powerful. To extract the maximum output, just launch your WooCommerce store on Linode cloud server or migrate your WooCommerce store at Cloudways Platform and start your business within minutes. After setting up the store, don’t forget to add a FREE SSL certificate to your store.

I hope that this Linode tutorial has helped you out in setting up a hassle-free WooCommerce store. If you need help, do leave a comment below.

Here is a video that demonstrates the entire process of hosting WooCommerce on Linode:

Launch WooCommerce on Linode for High-Performing Stores

8 Data Centers, 150+ Features, Advanced Security, 24/7 Expert Support.

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