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Importance Of Ecommerce Customer Reviews & How To Get Them

June 15, 2017

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How often do you buy a product online without looking up its reviews to see what customers have to say about it? The answer is more than easy to guess, i.e., “extremely rare.” In the present age, customers find it difficult to rely on online stores in the first attempt; hence, comes in customer reviews.

Importance Of Ecommerce Customer Reviews

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that customer reviews and testimonials are driving factors when it comes to the closure of a deal or sale in case of ecommerce business. A survey suggests that 88% of buyers consider online reviews before making a purchase and customer testimonials hold the same importance as a personal recommendation.

Let us take a look at how important customer reviews are for an ecommerce business and what are some of the best ways to receive them.

How Customer Reviews Impact Sales?

According to an online review website, Reevo, 50 or more reviews on any product can increase its sale by 4.6%. The site further suggests that store visitors become potential customers and are likely to make a purchase from sites having products reviews. Another survey carried out by online video review website, EXPO, also suggest that customers trust each other’s reviews as much as 12 times compared to the product description.

What Impact Do Customer Reviews Have On Traffic?

In addition to sales, Customer reviews come as added advantage to traffic on the website if optimized properly. It happens in the form of unique and fresh content for Google as it stands out against generic content published across the Internet. Now, having already iterated the impact of reviews on sales, how often do you buy “ABC product” online without searching for ABC reviews? Once again, the answer is “extremely rare.” As online store owner ought to use these keywords to include product name along with review to attract potential customers.

Genuine Reviews Gain Customers’ Trust

The idea behind a review is not much different from a Disney fairy tale that begins with doubts and struggles but ends up in a happy-ever-after mode. People find it skeptical to believe a review that’s full of glitters and stars. A genuine review is more likely, to begin with, a problem or doubt that was later taken care of, leaving the customer satisfied. Nowadays, most businesses prefer staging reviews from credible sources, such as a celebrity or a prominent figure in the respective field.

Get Customers To Write The Perfect Review

Hire an SEO, advertising reviews and make it look real, right? Wrong! This is where review gets tricky. Getting the perfect review is not a piece of cake, you have no idea if a long-lost unsatisfied customer might come up and damage your reputation. This is why it is always best to only ask customers who have rated your business fairly well. Having said this, negative reviews are also important to some extent as they help you know your weaknesses and make your review page look more believable.

We’ve compiled a list of pointers to help you better ask for reviews. Take a look:

  1. Ask The Right Questions to have reviews structured the way you want them. You can have customers discuss what problems did the product solve for them or what doubts they had before making the purchase.
  2. Email Customers immediately after sales to get a review. It has now become common practice to get user feedback right after sales, but if you feel that you have done justice to your consumer, try asking for a review.
  3. Keep The Process Simple and easy for anyone to be able to write you a review. Businesses must understand that their customers are taking out time to write for them and they are less likely to enjoy any hassle while doing so.
  4. Find Neutral Grounds for your review segment. People find it easier to trust a review/rating website compared to the business’ review tab itself; for obvious reasons that the latter can be messed around with.
  5. Make Use Of Social Media without showing off your product or without overdoing it. Encourage satisfied customers to post a review of your product and let your customers or employees share them around.
  6. Offer Incentives and receive a review, but there is a reason why this action is last on our list. It’s a gray area that needs to be dealt with care unless you want to be known as an online store that forces positive feedback.

That’s all about customer satisfaction. You should expect to start receiving testimonials on all your sales channels if you’re following this guide. If that is the case, now is the time you ought to start showing off these product reviews, even at places where you don’t sell. You can make use of social media or other review websites and don’t forget to keep in touch with customers who are talking about your products. It must always be remembered that this world has become a global village and the ecommerce industry is getting competitive by the day; in this race, online stores must utilize satisfied customers to fetch more sales.

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Tahha Ashraf

Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways, a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He loves talking about brands and writes content related to online marketing. He is fond of creativity and writes poetry in his free time.

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