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Agency Spotlight: How a Business Owner’s Love for Charity Led Him to Create a Digital Agency

Updated on January 25, 2023

4 Min Read

Re-sign is a digital marketing agency located in Goeree-Overflakkee, Netherlands, and has an interesting story behind its conception.

The agency owner ran another business named “Salted” and wanted services from a specific type of agency. He wanted an agency that specialized in branding but also aimed to make this world a better place by working for charities. When he couldn’t find one, he decided to set up his own marketing agency – Re-sign.

The company started as a sole proprietorship, but it’s growing rapidly with an 8-member team that helps other businesses grow. Let’s look at their journey and how they use Cloudways to streamline their business operations.

Re-Sign’s Niche

Re-sign takes up projects in two prominent niches – non-profits and the hospitality industry. The agency works in collaboration with a partner, and that’s how they manage projects from 2 different niches.

Its owner loves taking on projects affiliated with non-profit organizations as he holds this area close to his heart. But to keep things fun, they’ve expanded their work into the hospitality niche.

They work for numerous catering businesses and optimize the user experience for many people.

The Agency’s Proud Achievements

People at Re-Sign are proud of the growth they achieved in just a year.

“We are extremely proud of the enormous growth we have achieved in just one year. At a time when the economy is not strong, and good staff is difficult to find, we have managed to grow from a sole proprietorship to a dedicated team of 8 specialists.”

Some Challenges That Re-Sign Faced and Overcame

Re-sign’s journey wasn’t easy sailing at all. The main challenge they faced was their client’s budget issues.

“The challenge that we mainly encountered was that many companies did not want to make much budget available for marketing. This was due to the aftermath of Covid-19, and many companies (especially the catering industry) first wanted to build up a buffer before they started spending. The underlying reason for this behavior was insecurity regarding the macro environments and finances.” 

Re-sign’s plan to overcome this challenge was to gain the client’s confidence. So, they adapted smart sales strategies and curated long-term offers for their clients to gain their trust.

And their efforts were fruitful as their clients became confident in their services and increased their marketing budgets.

Some Success Recipes That Deliver the Best Results for Re-Sign

Re-sign believes that three things give them the best results:

“Our main strategy is the principle “to receive, you must give”. A Biblical principle in which the first giver is the most vulnerable but earns trust. The client will reward this trust.”

“The second strategy focuses on generating cash flow. The disadvantage of long marketing processes is that there is a long period between a partial invoice and your work delivered. So you have to play bank temporarily. Asking for an advance payment is something our customers do not find pleasant, but it is the best thing for us. What we do with a quote is ask for a 50% prepayment in exchange for a discount of approximately 200 euros, depending on the order. It is a small amount for both the customer and us, but it is still convincing enough to make that 50% prepayment.”

“The third strategy is to start with a personal conversation. Chatting and emailing online is fun and fast, but investing in a personal relationship is better in the long run. Customers have a bond with you and know what to do with you. This instills confidence and a greater number of orders from the same customer.”

The Most Challenging Project for Re-Sign 

The biggest challenge for Re-sign was organizing a large charity event. The event attracted national media attention in the Netherlands and royal visits from several royal houses.

Re-sign was responsible for all web-related matters, including the ticket systems and the correct follow-up of lead channels.

Since the event was for an international organization, Re-sign collaborated with a global team which brought with it some serious challenges. Operating in different time zones was one of them.

3 Tools That Re-Sign Uses to Deliver Top Results to Their Clients

Re-sign has listed 3 tools that they use to deliver top-quality results to their clients.

  1. First is Cloudways. As the agency said:
    “We make a significant number of websites on an annual basis, so we also need a good party for hosting. In Cloudways, we have found a partner that helps us deliver the highest customer experience.”
  2. The agency’s second go-to tool is the Adobe suite.
    “We use many Adobe tools such as XD, Illustrator, and Photoshop. As a marketing agency, it is important to have the right tools to also achieve visually tasteful results.”
  3. The third tool that the agency uses is SERanking. It’s a Dutch software (also in English) that helps the agency conduct detailed competitor research, keyword research, and website audits.

Role of Cloudways in Re-Sign’s Growth

Cloudways has proven to be pivotal in the growth of Re-sign. In the agency rep’s own words:

“We think it is important that our customer is taken care of. It sounds very simple, but a hosting party where the service is constantly out of order settles our image, even if the problem is not with us. In order to maintain our image, we must, therefore, also have a party that we can rely on to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We have this confidence in Cloudways, and if it is up to us, we will certainly not switch in the coming years.”

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Some Tips by Re-Sign for Those Who Wish to Start a New Agency

According to Re-sign, the most important tip is to gain trust by being vulnerable but strong.

“You demonstrate that you dare to take a risk, which also ensures that your customer dares to take a risk. They see you as a pioneer and example.”

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