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A Comprehensive List of Affiliate Marketing Conferences in 2020

January 6, 2020

8 Min Read
Affiliate Marketing Conferences
Reading Time: 8 minutes

Affiliate marketing conferences in 2020 offer a huge opportunity to affiliate marketers. More than that, whether you are a novice or an old hand at affiliate marketing, these events offer opportunities to learn the latest tactics, understand the trends that are shaping the competition and above all, network with the right partners and seek out the best program for your next affiliate marketing project. 

With over 12,000 digital marketers attending and 1000 exhibitors setting up stalls, this is what makes the world of affiliate marketing huge. In these conferences, there are over 200 speakers talking about what’s new in the industry as they share their expert insights on affiliate marketing strategies that have brought them into the limelight.

Going to an affiliate summit opens up your horizons and network, familiarizing you with the latest trends and shifts in the world of affiliate marketing. Influencers and mentors give their insights on strategies along with the direction you, as an affiliate, should be working towards for 2020.

Without further ado, let’s check out the list of summits and affiliate marketing conferences commencing in the year 2020. 

Conference and Events in 2020

You’re now ready to go into the world and converse with people who share the same affiliate marketing interests as you. This would be a good time to expand your network by connecting with other people that are also going to these conferences. You can do this by joining groups and events as most of these events are on social media platforms.

Let’s start you off with a list of forums and communities to join. If you are new to the world of affiliate marketing, you’ll need to know about popular groups and forums to join. Upon joining these communities, you’ll get the opportunity to introduce yourself and meet with popular industry influencers. As a result, you will gain exposure to the trending tools and strategies that professional marketers recommend (and use in their promotions).

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Affiliate Summit 2020

The affiliate summit is a premiere affiliate marketing conference that caters to affiliates, affiliate management, OPM/agency, solution providers, and affiliate networks. There are four main summits happening next year, starting January and ending all the way to October. Here are more details about the conference.

Affiliate Summit – West 2020

Date: January 27 to January 28 2020

Venue: Paris Las Vegas Hotel

What’s Happening in this Event?

This two-day conference is happening on January 27 and 28 in Las Vegas. The conference will feature business owners, consultants, directors, marketers, influencers, writers, strategists, and affiliate managers. The conference kicks off with an exhibition which is a great way to network with other marketers and advertisers. While you are there, you can also listen to industry experts who will cover trending topics and discuss successful strategies. 

Speakers include:

  • Shawn Collins Co-CEO, Affiliate Summit
  • Mike Allen Founder, Businesswright Consulting Llc
  • Jonti Bolles President/Owner, White Hats Ops
  • Alex Brown The Beard Club
  • Dan Cohen Group Commercial Director, Savings United
  • Jeannine Crooks Partner Acquisition & Development Manager, Awin Us
  • Aaron Fulk Chief Executive Officer/Founder, Lillian James Creative
  • Rishi Hingoraney Vp Client Partnerships, Ibotta
  • Casey Markee Founder, Media Wyse
  • Geno Prussakov Ceo, Am Navigator / Chair, Am Days
  • Jason Steele Journalist    

And more!

The European Summit -Affiliate Conference 2020

Date: February 28th 2020 to March 2nd 2020

Venue: R. de Oitavos, 2750-374 Lisbon Cascais, Portugal

What’s Happening in this Event?

The TES four-day conference will be held in Lisbon from February 28th to March 2nd, 2020. The conference packs informative workshops and presentations on digital marketing and affiliate management.

Speakers Include:

  • Judy Shalom CEO of NOORD Marketing
  • Miguel Brandão CEO of SEOlabs
  • Raja Roy-Choudhury CoFounder of Chargeback labs
  • Yuval Kijel Director of Streamate
  • Jitendra Vaswani Digital Marketer and Affiliate Manager at
  • Manny Hanif Marketing Consultant at Hawkeye ROI
  • Mugur Frunzetti CEO at Studio 20
  • Jason Hunt CMO at Merged Media
  • Stefan Muehlbauer Director of Marketing & Sales at Brokerbabe
  • Micheal Reul CEO at TrafficPartner
  • Grégoire Lacan CEO at UniK SEO
  • Andy Wullmer at CEO at Mobile TrafficPartner

And many more!

The 9th International Affiliate Conference

Date: March 12th 2020


What’s Happening in this Event?

This one-day conference will be held on March 12th 2020 in Kiev, Ukraine. This is one of the oldest and the biggest conferences that offers exhibitions, and networking opportunities on digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

Speakers Include:

  • Kravchenko Artem Adcombo Pr Director
  • Lyaskovets Miroslav
  • Duzhnikov Alexander Founder Of Marcketcall
  • Terekhov Alexei Director And Pr Of Admitad Affiliate Network.
  • Sakharov Vladmir Ukraine Cpa Network Salesdoubler
  • Stetsenko Vitali Head Of Arbita Internet Agency

MAC’20 – Moscow Affiliate Conference

Date: 21st April to 22nd April

Venue: To Be Decided

What’s Happening in this Event?

This two-day conference will happen from April 21st and 22nd in Moscow. The conference events include an exhibition, networking opportunities with experts in marketing, affiliate management, startups.

Speakers Include:

  • Iliya Tkachenko From Shakes.Pro
  • Vadim Korepov Mac Showman
  • Egor Bruskin Founder Of Leadbit And Dats.Team
  • Valeriy Lyubushkin From Leadbit

DMIEXPO Affiliate Conference May 2020

Date: May 24th to May 25th 2020

Venue: Tel-Aviv, Israel

What’s Happening in this Event?

This conference will take place on 24th and 25th of May in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem. The speakers of this conference have decades worth of background in marketing, performance sales, business operations, and SEO.

Speaker Include:

  • Itay Paz DMIEXPO CEO & Founder 
  • Matt Bacak founder of the EPC Institute and a Award-Winning Email Marketer
  • Mike Peters Owner and founder of Yomali Group
  • Haran Rosenzweig Sr. Manager – Performance sales & New Business @ Outbrain
  • Anna Gita CEO of MaxWeb
  • Zach Benson Founder of
  • Barry Plaskow CEO of Really Successful
  • Igal Pines Online Marketer & Investor
  • Nati Elimelech CEO @ SEO Israel

And many more!

Affiliados Brasil

Date: May 28th 2020 to May 30th 2020

Venue: Frei Caneca Convention Center, SÃO PAULO

What’s Happening in this Event?

This is a Brasil based affiliate marketing event that caters to bloggers, webmasters, companies, agencies, advertisers etc. This three-day event is sloted to take place in Sao Paulo from May 28th till May 30th. This will kickoff affiliate marketing conferences in Brazil and thus there are only three main speakers in this event.

Speakers Include:

  • Paulo Faustino Agência Get Digital
  • Regina Santana Agência Get Digital
  • Flávio Raimundo Afiliados Brasil

Affiliate Summit – Europe 2020

Date: June 3 to June 4, 2020

Venue: Amsterdam RAI Amsterdam

What’s Happening in this Event?

This two-day conference will be on June 3 and June 4 in Amsterdam this year. You’ll be meeting with leading advertisers, brand managers, and performance marketers.

Speaker Include:

  • Adam Ross COO, Awin
  • Alan Walsh Head Of Network & Partnerships, Bud
  • Ami Spencer Group Head Of Network Development, Webgains
  • Alexander Hollstein Senior Affiliate Manager, Onlyoneway.De & Adseed Gmbh
  • Anthony Capano Managing Director Marketing Emwa, Rakuten Marketing
  • Carla Arrindell CEO, Optimise Media
  • Claudia Batschi-rota Country Manager Germany And Austria, Tradedoubler
  • Justin Rondeau Director Of Marketing, Digital marketer
  • Keith Posehn Head Of Performance Partnerships, Uber
  • Nabeel Tanveer Seo Specialist, Web, Ecommerce & Digital, Ikea Retail Services Ab

And many more!

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Tactixx 2020

Date: July 7th 2020

Venue: Arena Cinemas Sihlcity Kalanderplatz 8 CH-8045 Zurich

What’s Happening in this Event?

This is a one-day conference happening on July 7th in Munich. You can listen the thoughts of familiar influencers in brand building, SEO, social media marketing, content strategy, affiliate management, and startup management.

Speakers Include:

  • Kurt Schwendener Owner and Managing Director ADRESULT AG.
  • Nadine Baeriswyl Deputy Managing Director, Association of the Swiss Mail Order Business
  • Alexandra Scherrer Digital Business Consultant at Carpathia
  • Kurt Schwendener Owner and Managing Director ADRESULT AG.
  • Claudia Batschi Country Manager Germany & Austria Tradedoubler
  • Moritz Schmid CMO PerfectHair
  • Michael Ammann Master of Science ETH is CEO and Co-Founder of Boxalino AG
  • Julian Zrotz Managing Director Patoc GmbH
  • Remo Girard Founder Moebelscout
  • Philipp Rössel Regional Lead Switzerland, SPARWELT GmbH

Affiliate World Conference – Europe

Date:  July 8 to July 9, 2020.

Venue: Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc, Barcelona 

What’s Happening in this Event?

The conference offers an exhibition where more than 190 advertisers set up their stalls. You’ll also get about 20 hours of speaker sessions by some of the most well-known content specialists. The event packs networking opportunities and a popular workshop; Niche Labs where attendees can learn more about native ads, Facebook ads, lead generation, ecommerce marketing, and mobile affiliate practices.

Speaker Include:

  • Jason Akatiff Founder & CEO, A4D Performance Network
  • Cat Howell Founder & CEO, Eight Loop Social
  • Tim Burd Co-Founder, Agency Y
  • Angus Kong Co-founder, Noble Storm Limited
  • Nick Shackelford Co-founder, Pocket Your Dollars
  • Neil Patel Co-founder Neil Patel Digital Marketing
  • Ezra Firestone Co-founder & Ceo, Smart Marketer Inc.
  • James Van Elswyck Founder, Purple Lea
  • Molly Pittman Facebook Ads Expert, Team Traffic

Affiliate Summit – East 2020

Date: July 26 to 28, 2020

Venue: New York, Marriott Marquis

What’s Happening in this Event?

This three-day conference is happening on July 26th to July 28th in New York. The most exciting event would be the highly-anticipated Pinnacle Awards. As with all top of the line conferences, there will be presentations by some of the most renowned advertisers.

Speakers include:

  • Waleed Al Atraqchi President, Cj Affiliate
  • Carlos Avello Director Of Paid Marketing Analytics, Ebay
  • Claudia Batschi-rota Country Manager Germany And Austria, Tradedoubler
  • Tim Burd Co-founder, Adleaks
  • Ryan Deiss CEO, Digitalmarketer.Com
  • Kelli Farley Influencer Marketing Manager, Jane
  • Laura Irwin Aggregator Manager / Digital Acquisition, HSBC
  • Billy Mann Influencer – @Mannbilly, Tiktok
  • Neil Patel Co-founder Neil Patel Digital Marketing

And many more!

Affiliate Conference 2020

Date: November 9th 2020

Venue: Munich Airport.

What’s Happening in this Event?

This conference will be held this year in Munich on the 9th of November. This is an ideal opportunity for everyone interested in affiliate marketing, networking, technological breakthroughs, advertisers, affiliate managers, ecommerce, and online marketing managers.

Speakers comprise of:

  • Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert Professor Of User Experience Design, University Of Wuppertal
  • Markus Kellermann Managing Director, Xpose360
  • Stephan Cordes Director, Tarifcheck.De
  • Sebastian Atanassov Head Of Business Development, Shoop Germany GMBH
  • Ingo Kamps Managing Director, Cayada GMBH
  • Michael Neuber Legal Advisor, BVDW EV
  • Hakan Özal Managing Director, Financeads
  • Nicolaus Von Schorlemer Head Of Digital Business And Transformation, BVDW EV

DMIEXPO Affiliate Conference Nov 2020

Date: November 15th 2020 to November 16th 2020

Venue: Tel-Aviv, Israel

What’s Happening in this Event?

This the second DMI EXPO  conference that will be held from November 15th to16th in Tel-Aviv this year. The speakers of this conference are experts in marketing, business operations, affiliate marketing, SEO, and content writing.

Speakers Include:

  • Itay Paz DMIEXPO CEO & Founder
  • Ryan Deiss Co-Founder & CEO DigitalMarketer
  • Roland Frasier Principal & Managing Director, DigitalMarketer
  • Haran Rosenzweig Sr. Manager – Performance sales & New Business @ Outbrain
  • Dennis Yu Chief Executive Officer of BlitzMetrics
  • Marcus Murphy Head of Business Development & Partnerships, DigitalMarketer
  • Steve Brown Founder and CEO of Matchstick Ignite
  • Tal Navarro Founder & CEO of Social Lady Marketing Agency
  • Dot Lung The Mother of Social Media Dragons
  • Dim Niko Founder of EPOCH Agency

And many more!

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Affiliate World Conference – Asia

Date: December 4 to December 5, 2020 

Venue: Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center

What’s Happening in this Event?

Speakers will be talking about Facebook advertising, lead generation, Social Media integrations, Snapchat advertisements, mobile apps, performance marketing, ecommerce, etc. The conference includes an exhibition and 15 hours of informative talk by popular industry experts from all over. There will be a networking event and a workshop Niche Labs on Facebook ads, ecommerce, and lead generation.

Speakers Include:

  • Nick Shackelford Top Facebook Ads Specialist
  • Anthony Sarandrea Top Ranked Lead Generator In The U.S.
  • Dimitri Nikolakakis 8-figure Growth Marketer & Agency Owner
  • Savannah Sanchez Facebook & Snapchat Ad Authority
  • Georgina Green Mobile App Kpi Specialist
  • Angus Kong 9-figure Performance Marketing Specialist
  • Steve Tan 9-figure Ecommerce Entrepreneur
  • Matt Diggity Expert Affiliate Property Flipper
  • Joe Burton Pioneer Of Native Marketing

Affiliate Summit – Asia 2020

Date: Yet to be Confirmed

Venue:Singapore Sands Expo Center

What’s Happening in this Event?

This two-day conference will be held in Singapore (date yet to be confirmed) next year. The conference is meant for people who are interested in learning about influencer marketing, fraud prevention, improving attribution models, mobile apps and technology, and publisher discovery.

Speakers Include:

  • Uriel Augustin Regional Head | South East Asia, Cuponation
  • Rakhee Jogia VP Of Publisher Partnerships, International, Rakuten Marketing
  • Valeria Bondar Senior Affiliates & Partnerships Executive, Farfetch
  • David Chmelar CEO, Iprice
  • Melissa Francisco Head Of Sales & Business Development Sea, Optimise
  • Giles Hunt CTO, Optimise Media
  • Bryan Loh Affiliate Manager, Foreo
  • Sophie Metcalfe Business Development Director, Awin
  • Francois Picard Head Of Operations, Shopback
  • Kyle Morgan Partner Manager, EBay
  • Alix Simpson VP Customer Success Apac Partnerizer

And more!

In a Nutshell

Now that you know about affiliate marketing conferences and affiliate marketing events happening around the world, you can start planning your visits. To give an early start to your networking efforts, try to get to know the people attending the conference before actually going there. Almost every conference has a Facebook page where the organizers post announcements and additional event information.  

Stay updated with the latest affiliate marketing happenings with Cloudways. You can also navigate to the respective websites and get the latest happenings. 

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Abdullah Asim

Abdullah is a Digital Marketing Executive at Cloudways. He is passionate about digital marketing and managing affiliate partnerships in the digital space. Marketeer at heart, he loves to discuss Video Games, movies and shows. His favorite TV show: ‘Friends’.

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