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Affiliate Marketing Forums and Communities to Join

Updated on February 13, 2020

8 Min Read
8 Affiliate Marketing Communities

Affiliate marketing forums are discussion avenues where marketers have conversations about promoting products using effective tools of digital marketing. These conversations help affiliate marketers by-pass roadblocks in their journey.

It’s forums and discussion areas like these that help advertisers understand what they could be doing to improve their promotional campaigns. Furthermore, affiliate marketing managers use this as a platform to reach out to more influencers and people of interest through these online forums. Hence, it’s a great way to connect with the target audience and potential promoters.

How Forums Add Value for Affiliate Marketing

Addressing the elephant in the room; people will only join a forum if they feel they’re benefiting from it. As said by Darren Rowse, Seth Godin the key to successful affiliate marketing is to put in the time and patience to build on your connections.

At an affiliate marketing discussion forum, various affiliate marketers gain first hand knowledge about successful marketing campaigns from renowned and established influencers. These influencers lead and moderate discussions on these forums about campaigns and break it down for newer affiliate marketers.

If it’s not the insights one obtains from these discussions, some forums also give out digital marketing tool-kits that can help in productivity. These productivity apps; for instance the premium version of Cava helps in creating visuals for content creation. These visual can be used to promote social media posts.

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It’s one thing to be able to run a successful marketing campaign, but it’s another to know why it worked.This is where one connects with marketing experts and media buyers to discuss analytics pertaining to their campaign. Not only do they help understand what pushed a campaign to it’s number but there’s a high likelihood of reusing that strategy to do it again in the future.

So it’s safe to say that we can find most of ‘the internet’ there. Some of the forums have even touched membership of 1 million users. Leaving the topic of how forums work for another time, let’s nose drive straight in seven forums we’ve shortlisted for Affiliate Marketers.

Earn at your own pace.

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List of 8 Effective Affiliate Marketing Forums

We’ve given you a starting ground with a list of some of the best affiliate marketing forums that rank well. Here, the discussions are highly trending and the community members are often breaking down currently trending campaigns.

1. AffPlaybook


Popular Categories: Affiliate Success Stories, Content , Online Marketing Skills, Webinars, Courses, Lessons

Cost to Join: $77/Month, $797/Year

Estimated Monthly Traffic: 64,300/ Month

Domain Authority: 37


Affplaybook is a great place to learn all the skills an online marketer requires to become successful. They teach the tricks of the trade that have stood the test of time. This discussion group is ideal for newbies who don’t have much exposure to the affiliate marketing tactics.


It has recently transformed itself from a forum to a course based platform  in order to better educate everyone interested in affiliate marketing. The offered courses are a goldmine of valuable & up-to-date information that introduce students to newest tricks of the affliate markeing. Furthermore, members get access to new courses each month that they can complete to earn certificates. There’s even a dashboard feature that allows students to track their learning progress.

2. Stack-That-Money-Forums

Popular Categories: Social Media Ads, Leads Conversion, SEO, Tracking Campaigns
Cost to Join: $99
Domain Authority: 40

Stack-That-Money-Forums started off in 2011 with the intent to provide case studies, high-quality information on an array of topics. Eventually, the forum picked up on affiliate marketing and became a platform for higher education, host conferences, and local networking event. So most affiliate marketers connect with the community here to be a part of conferences around the world.

3. Affiliate Fix

Popular Categories: Business Management, Copywriting, Design and Creatives, Domain and Hosting, eCommerce Solutions, Programming and Scripting, Research and Intelligence, Testing, Optimization and Scaling, Tracking
Cost to Join: Free to join
Estimated Monthly Traffic: 9800/Monthly
Domain Authority: 39

Comprising of about 93,000 members, Affiliate Fix is a globally ranked forum known for connecting affiliate marketers worldwide. The discussion forum highlights the next event happening on the topic of affiliate marketing, along with similar activities happening around the world of business. This discussion group also does weekly polls to pick out activities affiliate marketers enjoy doing in their daily tasks. For instance, according to a popular poll on this forum, about 38% of affiliate community members love ‘cashing in their cheques’ while 27% find ‘checking stats enjoyable’.

The forum also comprises of topics pertaining to traffic sources, business sense, and popular advertising spaces. The community also has a compiled list of top pre-screened resources that will boost your website traffic.

4. Affilorama

Popular Categories: SEO, Web Traffic, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing
Cost to Join: $67/month
Estimated Monthly Traffic: 13100
Domain Authority: 51

When it comes to resources, Affilorama is the resource library of success for affiliate marketing. Here, affiliate marketers can find guides, roadmaps, and video lessons on affiliate marketing strategies. These training guides are conducted by Mark Ling – an entrepreneur that made his first million online.

The New Zealand based entrepreneur rolls out videos and articles

on marketing tools and their effective use. After Affilorama, Mark Ling is known for Traffic Travis; an SEO software that helps in driving traffic to the website. He’s created an array of tools that promise a sure shot shortcut to make it to the big-time.

5. Warrior Forum

Popular Categories: Internet Marketing, PPC/SEM, Copywriting, Email Marketing, ECommerce Sites, Growth Hacking

Cost to Join: Free

Estimated Monthly Traffic: 99800/ Monthly

Domain Authority: 64


Affiliate marketers looking to explore strategies and tactics of digital marketing need to look no further than Warrior forum. Here the discussion forums go in detail with email marketing, ad placements, special offers, and currently trending ads.

The forum intends on making affiliate marketers create new special offer groups to classify products and services being sold by affiliates. The intent here is to promote and compare offerings of affiliates in the forum. This helps in starting a conversation within the community members about the offering and better suited marketing strategies that can be executed..

6. The Fast Lane Forum

Popular Categories:Entrepreneurship Book Review,

Cost to Join: $10/ Month

Estimated Monthly Traffic: 18500/ Month

Domain Authority: 45

The Fast Lane Forum is a discussion forum for entrepreneurs where they not only interact with other entrepreneurs worldwide but also schedule talks and meetups. Here business owners, discuss topics like side hustles, how to start a business, startups, making money, investing, personal finance, and mindset hacks for entrepreneurial motivation and small business success.

The forum also promotes books by renowned authors and speakers on the topic of entrepreneurship. Currently, the forum promotes The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted by MJ Demarco.

7. Wicked Fire

Popular Categories of Wicked Fire: Affiliate Marketing, Conversion Metrics, Email Marketing, Traffic and Content, Hosting and Domain, Startup, Product Development and Strategy

Cost to Join: Free

Estimated Monthly Traffic: 1200

Domain Authority: 50

Wicked Fire is an affiliate marketing webmastering forum. A platform to learn SEO, web design, development, and internet marketing. Members of this forum actively discuss popular and current affiliate marketing strategies.

Some of the more popular topics of discussion on these forums entail comparison costs of freelancers, SEO specialists, and even books to read on implementing successful marketing strategies. A number topics fit under the fun and miscellaneous section, where community members can relax back and enjoy a few laughs to break the monotony of daily work.

8. AfflLift

Popular Categories: Affiliate Marketing Guides, Case Studies, Interviews, Follow Alongs, Content Samples for Marketing, Campaign Optimization Tools

Cost to Join: $20/Per Month ,$100/ 6 Months, $350/ Life-time Membership,

Estimated Monthly Traffic: 2300/Month

Domain Authority: 23

Know what it takes to become a success story from this affiliate marketing forum. Afflift discussion platform comprises of guides, case studies, campaign examples, and just about anything that you’ll need to make an impactful pitch.

The community provides insights to some of the best deals, affiliate marketing guides, case studies and follow along about the latest happenings in their industry. They sell this as an entire package for successful affiliate marketers.

[Once you’ve oriented yourself with some of the top forums and discussion groups online. You can use the information available in these forums to execute some of the sure-shot best marketing campaigns. Now, you’re one step closer to rocket your earnings through affiliate marketing programs.. For instance, when an affiliate signs up to the Cloudways Affiliate Marketing Program they can make sustainable earnings of up to $125 per sale.]

Best Practices in Effectively Using these Forums

Being a part of discussion forums is one thing, but using them effectively is another. A lot of marketers miss out on signals in discussion forums that could be used to optimize a campaign for preset objectives.

Keeping communication simple to understand will help keep your message clear and impactful. First impressions make an impact, so it’s crucial to get your message out there in minimal time. A combination of infographics, videos, and graphics can be a great recipe to effectively deliver the message to your audience.

It’s important to build a rapport with your connections before going all out on making those sales. Numbers won’t matter if these groups start placing the affiliate in the spam section. So it’s a good omen to invest in building the connection with people in different groups.

The market you’re planning to advertise in will not have any shortage. So take some time out and pick products that you personally believe in. This way when you talk about the product it appears to be more authentic.

Furthermore, one of the best ways of advertising a product is purchasing it and using it in one’s day to day life. Not only will the brand appreciate an honest review of the product, but potential customers will also get a hands-on experience of the product.

Don’t post everything under the sun. It’s important to take some time and research on the topic you wish to contribute on before diving right into it. As a member of the affiliate community, it’s important to make your reputation the primary focus and build on one’s authenticity. It’s often easy to follow and add to a trending topic, however it’s important to know that some topics may not even resonate with you and may appear to be inauthentic, ultimately damaging your reputation in the community.

Speaking of discussion forums, it takes a while to scope out which ones are effective for you. One needs to audit these forums based on the discussions, affiliation of members of the community and the general trend of questions being asked.

Being a part of discussion forums is likely going to land you at a higher success rate in creating and establishing your place in the community. As an affiliate marketer, one can find plenty of affiliate forums and marketing forums.

Become an Affiliate Superstar

If you’re looking to improve your affiliate marketing game and earn high rewarding pay-offs, look no further. The Cloudways affiliate marketing program even offers flexible plans that suit your routine. Whether you bring in 5 customers or 50, Cloudways affiliate marketing program has way for you to earn.

During your journey as a Cloudways affiliate, you’ll be oriented with our team of dedicated affiliates. You’ll also be provided with learning resources and tools that will help you in performance reporting and that too with real-time tracking features.

So join Cloudways, start promoting and watch your earnings increase!

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Abdullah Asim

Abdullah is a Digital Marketing Executive at Cloudways. He is passionate about digital marketing and managing affiliate partnerships in the digital space. Marketeer at heart, he loves to discuss Video Games, movies and shows. His favorite TV show: ‘Friends’.


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