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Top Trends That Will Dominate Digital Marketing in 2017

Reading Time: 4 minutes

New Year brings new resolutions and trends in digital marketing. It is one of the most evolving fields of the past decade. Digital marketing has emerged as the new face of marketing, and with so much focus on ROI and growth of brands, this industry is predicted to be bigger, and better, in 2017.

Tech giants, like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc., are all going gaga over this medium of marketing. Observing all this progress, I have listed down some digital marketing trends that will surely make it big in the year 2017.

Top Digital Marketing Trends 2017

Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Grow

Artificial intelligence (AI) was the most talked about technology in 2016, and with eMarketer predicting digital ad market to grow up to $77.37 billion, digital marketing will surely see a huge raise in its strategical scope and performance with AI. Be it deep learning, content or product recommendation, SEO-optimized clickbait headlines, ad retargeting, market automation strategies, bots, or dynamic pricing, artificial intelligence is a technological innovation that you cannot overlook in 2017 with digital marketing already on the boom.

Live Video Streaming Will Trend

Cisco has predicted that video would take up to 82% of internet traffic by 2020. While social media experimented with live video streaming in 2016, this year will be the year of live interaction with your audience or consumers. In the past 12 months, live digital marketing campaigns were run on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, which were able to gather much traction from the target audience.

Live video engages the audience in real time and feels more authentic because it appears unscripted and extempore. It contains the feeling of “being there” that captivates the audience. By including live video streaming in the marketing mix, digital marketers can pin their hopes on extracting audience engagement through this medium of business interaction.

Augmented Reality Will Change Digital

The majority of internet geeks know how Pokémon Go stormed the tech world in 2016 and racked up more than $600 million till the end of December.

Ever wondered what the reason behind its immense success was?

Augmented Reality.

As far as digital marketing is concerned, augmented reality is already playing its part in marketing campaigns of several industry giants, like IKEA. When augmented reality is used in a digital marketing campaign, it is observed that consumers are able to make a decision in less amount of time. This is one of the major reasons why digital marketers need to keep a very close eye on this game-changing technology in 2017.

Content Is the King Again

“Content was the king,” Bill Gates said this in 1996—and it seems valid for 2017 as well.

Marketing is all about content, and digital marketing follows this rule too.

Be it email, video, or visual marketing, all of these mediums count as content, which is seen reigning again as an impact creation tool on users. Brand awareness, brand activation, and creating brand’s reputation, all of these campaigns depend on how engaging and relevant is the content.

According to research, content marketing costs 62% less than outbound or traditional marketing and comparatively generates more than three times the leads. This fact alone describes why content is—and will continue—to be the king for digital marketers in 2017.

Social Media Marketing Is Here to Stay

Digital marketers used social media marketing for scoring leads for their services and products. This trend will continue to grow as marketers would look to do wonders using the different channels of social media marketing.

In research, it was reported that 71% of consumers who have experienced an excellent customer service online, refer that brand to other people. Almost every blue chip brand is on social media these days, and various digital marketing agencies handle their pages. Brand presence is now estimated by calculating how much people are talking about a brand online and this sums up the importance of social media marketing for digital marketers.

Mobile Marketing Will Gain More Importance

80% of internet users own a smartphone. This is how big the medium of mobile marketing for digital marketers is now. Digital marketers can experiment with mobile search, mobile payment methods, mobile apps and mobile-only social applications to create their brand’s value. Moreover, digital marketing agencies target Ads on mobile specific platforms and applications which boosts their brand recognition audience. eMarketer predicted a budget of $100 billion for mobile ads, which was 51% of the digital market. Mobile marketing mixed with social media marketing is clearly seen to do wonders in digital marketing.

Data Visualization Makes it Big

Every digital marketer is found focusing on Infographics, thanks to the hot trend of data visualization. Data visualization is all about simplifying your user’s experience, and the goal is to convey immediate, appropriate, and factual information to your target audience in seconds, via a chart, graph, or animation. While digital marketers are always looking for more data, engagement, shares, and visits, good data visualization grabs all these goals for them. While successful and famous ventures like Netflix and Spotify, used data visualization techniques in 2016, bagging great responses from their audiences. Digital marketers are already predicting the future of this exciting way of interacting with an audience to be a significant movement in 2017.

Big Data is Big Bucks

Hal Varian, chief economist of Google, said:

“The sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians, and I am not kidding.”

Big Data emphasizes on all cultures of digital marketing such as segment marketing, native marketing, personalized marketing, etc. Digital marketers are more into using data analyzation and data management tools to understand their big data. Big Data will help them make their digital marketing strategies more personalized. Big data inevitably means big bucks in 2017, and with IDC predicting Big data industry as big as $102 billion by 2019, digital marketers must keep an eye on this enticing data trend.

Native Advertising Progresses

Native advertising not only helps digital marketers to relate to the target audience, but it also fetches a good number of social engagement and leads. Be it a content recommendation, sponsored content or in feed social ads, native advertising was seen everywhere on the internet in 2016 and will be seen more in 2017, as according to a study by Adyoulike, native advertising industry will have a value of $52 billion in 2018.

Digital Marketing Will Take Leaps in 2017

Digital marketing has so much to offer in the year 2017. With Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Data Visualization, and Mobile Optimization in its bucket, online marketing has a lot to offer in the coming years. It will be interesting to see how 2017 is going to fare in the world of Digital Marketing. Do you know digital marketing trends that you think is going to shape the digital industry in 2017? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Tahha Ashraf

Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways, a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He loves talking about brands and writes content related to online marketing. He is fond of creativity and writes poetry in his free time.

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