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Cloudways Sponsored the WPMRR Virtual Summit: Read the Event’s Highlights

Updated on November 30, 2021

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The second WPMRR Virtual Summit closed out this year’s summer event season. The brainchild of WPBUFF’s Joe Howard, the WordPress Monthly Recurring Revenue Virtual Summit is an annual event that brings together agency owners and digital marketers passionate and knowledgeable about current MMR tactics. But it’s not just a yearly event; the WPMRR also hosts an online social networking community. Weeks before the event, there were pre-event introductions, AMA talks, and open channel discussions within the community for added networking opportunities.

WPMRR Summit 2021 Day One Highlights:

As the first day kicked off, it quickly became apparent that attendees would get tried and true advice as Lee Jackson and Jennifer Bourn explained how to scale and grow monthly revenue. The daily theme was Sales, Marketing, and Content, and it continued with Carrie Dils explaining the world of affiliate content revenue through several real-world methods and examples. As a Legacy sponsor of the event, Cloudways was excited to share our affiliate program with the attendees.

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Melanie Phung wrapped up the morning with a session on sustainable traffic and organic search. After a short afternoon break, the conference continued with Alec Wines on sales structures and Chandler Jamison speaking about website optimization. The evening ended with an MRR panel discussion with three incredible women from the hosting industry: Sandy Edwards (GoDaddy), Lindsey Hass (FlyWheel), and Semiha Kocer (SiteGround), See Siteground Alternative.

The first day made clear that less than 30-minute sessions and quick breaks had successfully kept the audience engaged. The conference had been focused and on point. All the sessions were on a single page with no new links or navigation needed between sessions.  

WPMRR Summit 2021 Day Two Highlights:

Day 2 focused on Operations and Systems. The morning revolved around running an agency or business around MRR and WordPress. Dean Burton concentrated on customer retention, while Erin Flynn spoke about client screening and the onboarding process. Christine Chirinos spoke about hiring a WordPress Developer, and Jeff Miziere concluded with a masterclass on selling your company. 

After the morning break, the summit continued with Kyle Maurer on career progression framework, and Kim Coleman speaking about experiments in subscription businessesCloudways’ own Robert Jacobi closed out day two with a roundtable discussion featuring Akshat Choudhary (BlogVault), Marco Berrocal (Green Geeks), and Augustin Prot (Weglot)The panelist ended the session with three key MRR lessons: Patience, Resilience, and Flexibility.

Day 2 was another day full of lessons and great tips about increasing your MRR. You can view all of the sessions on-demand from the WPBUFFS YouTube Channel.

On the summit’s final day, Cloudways announced its new Agency Partner Program, which offers agencies dedicated support management, discounted hosting, co-marketing, and even more ways to increase MRR!

Cloudways Agency Program

WPMRR Summit 2021 Day Three Highlights:

The final theme of the summit was Website Management. Daniele Besana kicked off by exploring a path to success through working with freelancers and growing your employee base. Next up, Sura Soja told the audience how his jet-setting web developer lifestyle was unsustainable and how he has evolved into an MRR master. Closing the morning were Stephanie Hudson and Kristina Romero. Stephaine’s session dealt with alternatives to payment plans to achieve your MRR, while Kristina focused on care plans as a primary source of MRR. The afternoon closed out with a fireside chat with WPBUFF’s new CEO, Nick Adams, and a roundtable discussion with Kimberly Lipari, Ryan Sullivan & Brad Williams.

To conclude, Cloudways was delighted to sponsor and attend this year’s WPMRR Virtual Summit. Cloudways would like to thank Joe Howard and his team for an exciting and informative event, and we look forward to the next WPMRR Summit! As the virtual event world continues to expand, it will be interesting to see how events born in the virtual will evolve.

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