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How to Integrate Google Docs in WordPress via Plugin

Updated on December 8, 2021

5 Min Read
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We know WordPress is easy to use, but sometimes it is very frustrating while integrating with other platforms. Nowadays, many WordPress bloggers hire writers to deal with content production on a daily basis. Although WordPress doesn’t allow real-time collaboration in the same way — but some of the tools do, namely Google Docs. It is very easy for people to share drafts and collaborate in real-time without any hassle.

Do you want to export content directly from Google Docs to WordPress Sites? So in this article, I am going to tell you how you can connect Google Docs to your WordPress website.

Is Google Docs Good to Use?

In many workflows, content producers write blogs in Google Docs because of the ease of collaboration. However, these blogs are published at WordPress-powered blogs and websites. Before publication, content producers finalize the content pieces by adding images and links and generally formatting the piece as per the requirements of WordPress.

Given the volume of publication at common WordPress websites, manually going through this workflow could be very time-consuming. However, there is a solution that automates this process and ensures that all participants work effectively in the workflow.

Benefits of Using Google Docs with WordPress

  • You can limit sharing to only your company or only specific people.
  • It allows you to draft and edit your posts in real-time.
  • Easy to collaborate with other users
  • Directly drafting from Google Docs to and Jetpack powered websites
  • You don’t have to give admin dashboard your team in order for them to contribute to your content

Integrating Google Docs to WordPress

So in this section, I am going to tell you how you can integrate Google Docs into the WordPress site.

Google Docs for Jetpack Connected WordPress website

Every time you copy content from Google Docs and paste it into WordPress editor, all the images and custom formatting are lost. Redoing all formatting and inserting images again wastes time and effort that could be utilized better elsewhere. for Google Docs is a great add-on that simplifies the process of drafting directly from Google Docs to and Jetpack-powered websites. Even Matt Mullenweg (The original WordPress guy! is very excited about this collaborative editing option).

Once the add-on has been installed, you could simply open for Google Docs add-on directly from the Google Docs and connect the two websites.

Step 1: Installation of the Add-on

In the menu bar of Google Docs, go to Add-ons → Get add-ons.


Next, search for Google Docs and then click the Install button.



When you click on the install button, a permission window will appear. Click on the Continue button. It will redirect you to the next step, i.e., Choose an account. Select your account, allow the required option by clicking on an Allow button.




Step 2: Add and Authorize the WordPress

After the installation finishes, go to your document and navigate Add-ons → for Google Docs, choose Open, and then add your WordPress website from the Right menu. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will choose my Jetpack-connected WordPress website.


At the right corner of your document, a WordPress section will appear. Click on the Add WordPress Site button and you will jump to the login page.


Log in to your account and select the website, click the ‘Approve’ button to authorize the website.

wordpress site

After clicking on the ‘Approve’ button refresh your Google Doc page and you will see the popup open on the right side where you see the post details.

Now you are ready to draft your Google Docs to WordPress websites. For this, you have to click the ‘Save’ button.

post udpate

Now your post has been drafted successfully, click on the link to see the post.


You can see the result by seeing the following image.



The draft appears in the WordPress post list. Make sure you can only save the draft and update draft your post. If you want to publish your post, go to the Admin Panel → Post and publish the post. You can also add something here if you want.


Now, you can publish your post whenever you want to publish it.

502 Bad Gateway Error Solution

If you encounter a 502 Bad Gateway error, go to WordPress Admin Panel → Jetpack → Settings and switch off the Single Sign On button. For more information on this issue, please see Jetpack Security Features.

jetpack setting

Final Words!

Now you know how easy it is to publish Google Docs drafts directly to WordPress through for Google Docs. This is a great way to save your time and investment and risk.

If you have any queries regarding this article, then feel free to ask me via the comment section below. Or if you have already experienced this then do let me know how was your experience while integrating Google Docs to the WordPress website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do if I got TypeError: Cannot read property “1” from null?

A: To resolve this error you need to remove the List items ( Bullet Points ) In your document and write them again. This should fix the issue.

Q: Can I draft separately to WordPress?

A: No, Google Docs to WordPress is a great add-on that simplifies the process of drafting directly from Google Docs to WordPress website powered by Jetpack.

Q: Is it allowed to add images separately?

A: No, it will draft your all content to your WordPress website including images, content, etc.

Q: Is it allow for real-time collaboration?

A: Of course, it is very easy for users to share drafts and collaborate in real-time for free.

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