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Gutenberg Editor: The Controversy That Could Change the Way You Draft and Publish on WordPress

July 26, 2017

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Have you tested the beta Gutenberg WordPress editor plugin yet?

If you haven’t heard of Gutenberg yet, let me tell you what is it?

It is the new WordPress editor plugin that will (probably) replace the existing TinyMCE editor in WordPress 4.9. Having read all the initial reviews of Gutenberg by WPMUDev, Torque Mag and other websites, I found that Gutenberg editor has become one of the most controversial WordPress plugins.

Gutenberg WordPress editor

Matt Mullenweg himself launched the WordPress 4.8 and announced Gutenberg editor, however, he did not mention the final release of the version. After watching his interview with Torque at WordCamp Europe, I decided to try the Gutenberg editor myself.

Note that the WordPress plugin is in its early development stage and the upcoming releases will offer improved functionalities and stability. I tested the beta version of Gutenberg WordPress editor plugin and experienced the Gutenberg experience first-hand.

But before moving onto describing my own personal experience of the plugin, let’s first see what the WordPress community and experts have to say about the plugin.

The Gutenberg UI

The Gutenberg UI

“Good for Writers” (Torque Mag)

Torque Mag believes that Gutenberg “is an essential step in improving the editor experience in WordPress.” Torque Mag further points out one of the main technical issue faced by most of the writers and bloggers is importing content from Google Docs into Gutenberg. Although it is easy to paste the content into the existing WordPress editor, the problem occurs when the “pattern that led to having lots of metaboxes everywhere”, something that we do not expect from a content editor in 2017.

“Are We Competing with Medium or Squarespace? Have We Decided?” (Chris Lema)

Chris Lema encourages the efforts of WordPress Core Team and believes that they have done a great job. Describing his testing experience of Gutenberg editor, Lema felt that the editor appears to be in competition with Medium.

“Gutenberg Will Confuse the Crap out of Almost Everyone” (Donna Fontenot Cavalier)

Donna Fontenot Cavalier also believes that the Gutenberg editor resembles Medium’s editor a lot. She insists that Matt Mullenweg himself talked about updating and improving the existing WordPress editor, which he didn’t (unfortunately). In fact, she is encouraging other WordPressers to tweet, “Kick Gutenberg to the curb or watch WordPress implode.”

“Please Don’t Include This in WordPress Core” (WPMUDev)

WPMUDev also took a side in the ongoing Gutenberg controversy. WPMUDev even reminds WordPress Core Team of their promise of simplifying the process of creating rich content in current WordPress editor. In addition, WPMUDev finds drastic flaws in the Gutenberg editor including lost formatting after pasting into the editor, no option for aligning, resizing and hyperlinking of images. And, the editor doesn’t really support 35 different video embedding options.

“Where Gutenberg Lost Me” (Gschoppe)

Gschoppe has written an open letter to the WordPress Core Team and pointed out 7 technical flaws which need fixing before Gutenberg has a realistic chance of being accepted by the WordPress community. The letter covers UI issues and text formatting problems.

Now, My Experience

Since I’m a content producer, I believe that Gutenberg is the next generation editor that still needs a lot of improvements. I generally use Google Docs or MS Word for content creation. Once the process has been concluded and I am ready to take the content piece live, I import it into WordPress.

When testing out Gutenberg editor, what really disturbed me was the rain of blocks falling upon me. I had to format each and every paragraph separately, adding a lot of stress to the previously very simple drafting process.

As a content producer, I pointed out what pains me while drafting my posts. If you are a WordPress designer or developer or a content producer, feel free to add your opinion about Gutenberg in the comment section below.

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