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How Affiliate Marketers Can Leverage Facebook Group Marketing for Success

Updated on December 8, 2021

6 Min Read

Facebook group marketing requires incredible social media acumen and ingenuity. Let’s take a look at some ways affiliate marketers can win at it.

Whether it is a young woman searching for some shopping advice or a startup owner looking for networking opportunities with people in his hometown, there are a wide variety of reasons why people join Facebook groups.

A Facebook group allows people with similar interests to talk around a particular topic. Businesses use Facebook groups to interact with their customers, inform about their products, promote affiliate products, events or post relevant industry updates.

Why You As An Affiliate Should Employ Facebook Group Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, it makes great sense for you to have a Facebook group. It can prove to be a great marketing strategy. Not only will it help you promote your product or service, it will also help you build a community around it.

Facebook groups help you create a brand name – offering something valuable to your members. You can answer any questions they might have and portray your expertise. By being there for your audience on the Facebook group, you will have many opportunities for networking and forging personal connections. You surely do not just want to sell once. You want to have loyal customers who keep coming back to you. This is what Facebook group marketing is all about!

Facebook Group Features to Keep In Focus

Recently, Facebook has rolled out some new features to help make it easier for moderators to monitor and manage groups. Here is a brief summary of the relevant ones:

Membership Request Filtering

The membership request filtering feature allows you to weed out bots or people completely irrelevant to the group. You can require members to answer certain questions, such as ‘Why do you want to join the group?’, ‘How long have you been in the field?’, or ‘What is your email address?’.

As an affiliate marketer, answers to these questions will help you create a focused targeting strategy.

Facebook Group Insights

With the new Facebook Group Insights feature, you can get incredible insights on membership, growth and engagement data. It will help you make data-driven decisions.

Here’s a video to give you a better idea about the possibilities you have with Facebook Group Insights:

Scheduled Post

You should not look to automate the happenings in your groups, as a personal touch is critically important for forming a community. However, scheduling your posts will make life a whole lot easier. It will keep your group busy, but make sure you use it wisely and sparingly.

Member Cleanup

Facebook has made removing members simpler. It does not take multiple steps to eliminate groups members and their content – it’s a one-step process now. This helps you keep your group clean and free from irrelevant stuff.

Tips to Better Engage Facebook Group Audience

Facebook group marketing is not just about promoting your products and services. If you have just created a group and started promoting, it would not have any impact. There are other ways to do that (Facebook pages and ads).

When it comes to Facebook groups, you need to add value for the community so that more and more people join in. For this, you need to get members to engage in your group. They need to look at it as a useful resource, rather than just an online space that sells stuff.

Here are some ways you can better engage your audience:

Using Diverse Media

You might be able to create some great content, but consider this: it will have to compete with heaps of posts that are constantly vying for users’ attention. This is where images and videos can come in really handy.

They will differentiate your posts and give them a better chance of being visible. People like interactive media. Use your creativity and add graphic and visual elements to your posts.

Here’s one example:

Hosting Q&As

No matter what niche you are in, there are always questions that people have regarding the subject. This is where you can provide help and get into their good books.

Q&As have become a common activity of engagement used by social media marketers. As the number of members in your group increases, you can offer a Q&A session once a week. This will be a great way to create value for the group members.

Using Polls

People love to express their opinions, especially on social media. Creating polls will be your chance to show them that you care about their opinions. What’s more? Polls provide them with a feeling of exclusivity: only the people in the group can weigh in on an important topic.

Ask questions that you think your audience will be interested in. Add relevant options as answers. You can also choose whether you want to allow people to choose multiple answers or write answers on their own. Whether it is a new review you are looking to create or any controversy in your industry, you can create polls for almost anything.

Enticing Discussions

In your Facebook group, your goal is to encourage members to post and keep the group alive. To initiate discussions and entice your group members to participate, you can ask your group members open-ended questions.

These questions go beyond the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers and encourage members to express their opinions. Once this exercise continues, other members can chime in and accept or refute any opinions shared within the comments.

Here’s an example:

Being Responsive

At times, you might see that the group is doing well on its own with members regularly contributing and get carried away. Not being responsive is like they are visiting your home and you are not being courteous.

It is very important that you remain responsive in the group. It shows other members that you are excited about it and this enthusiasm echoes with others as well.

Organizing Daily Themed Prompts

You can organize themed events to encourage your audiences to post around a certain topic. Typically, you decide themes for particular days. For instance, you might decide that every Thursday, everybody will be posting photos of their workstations. Or every Sunday, members will share their ‘Achievement of the Week’.

This will not only keep the group engaging, but will also set clear expectations. Sharing about their lives will give members a feeling of being heard and understood. It will be great for community building.

Here’s a recent Black Friday themed post:

Creating Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to portray your expertise in the field. You can schedule a short video tutorial each week and share relevant insights to your audience.

Make sure you research well for your tutorials. If your members are spending time watching your video, they need to understand the message of the video and the value that it intends to deliver. Do not sell anything here. Just educate!

Using Your Facebook Group to Promote Paid Products or Services

Now that you understand the value of making your Facebook group more engaging for users, let’s now see how you can promote products and services through your group.

Any promotion on your group has to be non-aggressive and subtle. Your users should not feel compelled to click any links. You need to smartly market your product or service with relevant, useful content.

When you see that your users are engaging with you consistently, you can run posts that have special discounts. The offers should blend in with the content. However, make sure you do not overdo it.

Here’s an example of promotion on Facebook groups:

Final Words

When it comes to Facebook group marketing, you need to take a ‘Build First, Sell Second’ approach. The Facebook group pages have a lot of potential for affiliate marketers, especially with the introduction of the new features.

Your goal is to build a community of people who trust you. Come up with engaging activities in the group to capture your current audience’s attention and increase followers.

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Your Facebook group will help you garner personal interactions. You will come off as a human entity, while promoting your products and services in a very organic manner.

We at Cloudways help affiliate marketers in every step of the way. From Facebook group marketing to designing banners, our team of expert digital marketing professionals offer a wealth of learning resources. Join the Cloudways web hosting affiliate program and embark with us on a journey of success. You can also check out our webinar featuring industry experts educating on how to make money as affiliate marketers.

Will you be using Facebook groups for marketing? Let us know what you think in the comments’ section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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Ahsan Raza

Ahsan Raza is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways. He is passionate about digital marketing and the latest happenings in the tech world. Storyteller at heart, he loves to discuss books, movies and shows. His favorite TV show: ‘The Office’.


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