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Enhance Website Performance With Improved Varnish Cache Controls on Cloudways

Updated on May 10, 2017

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Cloudways has always been a strong proponent of change and innovation. Not just this, Cloudways values the needs of its customers. We are always eager for your valuable feedback and suggestions, and your trust has given us the recognition we strive for.

varnish setting

Cloudways Feedback is a medium for our users to catch up with us and suggest innovative ways to amplify Cloudways performance. Through this medium and your votes, we choose the next big update. Our engineers are always looking for ways to further optimize your website, so, while going through all the suggestions and requests through the channel, we decided to integrate an upgrade: Varnish UI Improvement.

Yes, you can now include or exclude Cookies through Varnish. Not just this, you can exclude the URLss that you don’t want Varnish to cache with just a click. Let us elaborate a little, adding Varnish to the Cloudways mix is an imperative way to speeding up a website.

Varnish caches the dynamic content of a website. It helps in reducing the load time and performance of the website. However, the main predicament is that Varnish caches everything on your server; this might cause hassle for the users, ultimately hampering the user’s experience.

Some websites, such as ecommerce stores, require secure cart pages or sessions to avoid caching at some point in order to improve their website’s credibility. This feature allows just that. You can now exclude or include specific cookies as per your requirements.

Additionally, you can also exclude specific URLs that you do not want Varnish to cache. For instance, an ecommerce store’s checkout page or login page should be cache-free. Unfortunately, Varnish needs commands to perform this exclusion. Therefore, Cloudways has found an easier way; a click of your mouse, and Voila! You are done.

One of the major benefits that you get is the improvement in website performance and the added security. Here is a look at how this feature will help different users.

Use Cases

Developers & Development Agencies:

Developers and development agencies can now have a safe and secure pathway for their users to have a pleasant user experience. Not just the user experience, though, as admins can specify Varnish to cache specific cookies and exclude some in particular cases. The same can be said for caching URLs, but URLs in general are being cached overall. Developers can go to the server settings and set up a bypass for particular URLs.

Ecommerce Stores

For Ecommerce stores this new feature can be a handful. It was always tricky to exclude specific URLs or include/exclude specific cookies. With Cloudways, you can have this feature in a few clicks. This addition helps admins free up some of the disk space and improve the overall security of your website. It also enhances page load time and makes websites faster and safer, thus helping you increase your conversion rate.


Cloudways Varnish Cloud Hosting just got more powerful with additional Varnish settings. Users now have the power to exclude or include cookies and exclude URL’s as per their requirement. This was one of the most asked-for feature by Cloudways Users. So keep giving us your valuable feedback and help us in improving your stay with Cloudways.

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Danial Khan

Danial is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He primarily looks after the Brand related Content of Cloudways. He likes listening to music, is a foodie and loves to play cricket.


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