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Fastest Drupal Hosting With Vultr Servers In Australia

Updated on December 18, 2017

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Drupal is a robust Content Management System and is considered to be the best when it comes to powering a highly responsive website. And in order to do justice to the functionalities of the application, it is important that it gets an optimum hosting. Without a properly optimized hosting, a Drupal-powered website is prone to severe downtime and sluggish performance.

drupal hosting vultr servers australia sydney

Although hosting is a key element, there are many other factors that go into the management and the running of a Drupal website. Many make the mistake of solely blaming the hosting platform for slow page load times. In reality, the location of a data center is an equally important factor.

Why Do You Need a Local Data Center?

The location of your data center and the target audience plays an integral role in the performance of your website. The main reason why this is the most overlooked factor is that many hosting providers refrain from disclosing the location of their data center that hosts the website. At the same time, Drupal website owners don’t fully understand the importance of location.

Put simply, if you wish to target a specific audience in a specific market, say Australia, your Drupal website will be the fastest if it is hosted on a data center in Sydney. The closer the data center, the better your site’s performance. Alternatively, if your data center is located far away, it will result in high latency and impact the user-experience of your Drupal website. In this case, you’ll encounter issues with the transferring of large files such as videos and images.

Launch Vultr in Australia With Cloudways & Get The Best Hosting

The most apparent and feasible solution is to keep the distance between your data center and your audience as shortest as possible. Once, you’ve decided on the data center (Sydney, Australia in this case), all you need is an efficient and reliable Drupal hosting provider that meets all your needs.

With Cloudways, you can not only select the location of your data center, you can even manage your server and application related options with just a few clicks. Cloudways offers a user-friendly platform where you can easily scale your server, stage unlimited URLs and assign tasks to your team members.

Here’s how you can use Vultr hosting and its server in Sydney, Australia to launch your Drupal website on the Cloudways Platform.

First of all, head over to Cloudways sign up page where you’ll need to enter a valid email address or use LinkedIn, Google or Github account to sign up.

sign up page

After signing up on the platform, select Drupal as your application (version 7 or version 8) from the menu. You will also have to name the application, the server and the project where you want to classify this application.

launch drupal

Select Vultr from the list of infrastructure providers available on the Cloudways Platform.

Launch Vultr

Select the server size.

select server size

Next, you will need to select the location of your data center. Remember this has to be closest to your target audience, so Sydney, Australia in this case.

select server location

Once you’ve entered all the server and application details, hit the LAUNCH NOW button.

launch now button

Once the server is ready, click Applications in the top-left menu of the platform and click on the Drupal application.

drupal application

To find out about the details of your application, go to the ACCESS DETAILS.

application access details

Now that your server is ready, let’s find the performance of your Drupal website hosted on Vultr.

Fast Drupal Performance – Performance Evaluation:

To test how the Drupal website hosted on Vultr performs, I have conducted a few tests that validate the importance of a local data center. Here I have tested an actual Drupal website hosted in a data center located in Sydney.





Pingdom Tools

pingdom tools

Here’s What Makes Drupal Websites Faster On Cloudways

Unlike other hosting providers, Cloudways takes a modern approach to its managed cloud hosting for Drupal websites. The Cloudways stack combined with Vultr gives you the best speed and site performance. And the best part of using Vultr as your cloud infrastructure provider is that it has a phenomenal Time to First Byte and performance factors.

With Cloudways, Drupal website owners get to enjoy the perks of an optimized stack called ThunderStack, which includes Nginx, Apache, PHP-FPM and MySQL/MariaDB along with Redis and Memcached. Additionally, Cloudways offers CloudwaysCDN, an in-house CDN that further improves your Drupal website, regardless of the location of the site visitor.

Final Words

There is no denying to the fact that in order to ensure the best performance of your Drupal store, it is important to keep your data center close to your target audience. Simultaneously, it is important that you have the most efficient cache plugins and all the tools that help improve the performance.

Interestingly, you don’t need to worry about all these technicalities and can rely on Cloudways to take care of it. With Cloudways’ optimized stack and CDN and Vultr as your cloud provider, you can be sure of optimum performance.

You can try out the Cloudways platform by signing up for a free trial and launching your Drupal website. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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Hamza Zia

Hamza is a Drupal Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Drupal Hosting Platform. He loves to write about Drupal and related topics. During his free time, he can be seen obsessing over Football, Cars, Android and Gaming.

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