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WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace: Let’s Start Making Millions from Zero

October 25, 2018

7 Min Read
woocommerce multi vendor
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You may have shopped online many times, chose from hundreds of products and paid using your credit card. If you are familiar enough, you have reasons behind opinions like preferring Amazon to eBay. But have you ever imagined, from where all these products, different pricing, different colors, and sizes are coming from? More importantly, how are all these things are being managed? In this article, I’ll write about WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace, let’s get into it.

People usually create online stores, especially the WooCommerce multi vendor marketplace to do businesses like that, and then they grow. This industry has boomed because of the low cost of launching and ease of maintenance. It is so easy that even you could start your own version of Amazon or eBay right away.

What is the Marketplace?

An online marketplace is essentially an eCommerce platform often created by an individual or an organization, where multiple third parties come together to publish products and services for selling. Online shopping has grown exponentially over the last decade due to the convenience, simplicity, and ease it provides.

As evidenced, a marketplace accommodates large volumes of information and traffic. It is the essence of their existence that is to benefit from scale effects for all sellers. As the saying goes, unity is a strength.

To finish the introductory statement, we would say that:

To develop a marketplace is to meet the same technical and legal difficulties as for an ecommerce store but at the power of 10!

Among the preparatory questions for the development of a marketplace, remember:

  • What types of products and/or services?
  • Which coverage areas?
  • What currencies for transactions?
  • What legal regulations?
  • What about internationalization?

Pro Tip: To create a marketplace is first and foremost to identify the legal and technical difficulties that it will be up to you to solve. You will have to build a team with different profiles to work together.

Create WooCommerce Marketplace

It is a booming industry; hence, there is an easy chance of earning in multiple ways. In addition, you can even launch it for free!

If you think deeper, imagine how many brands you will be able to host and how multi vendor WooCommerce store will be in the business relationship with you. You will grow in the network and move up in recognition besides the profit. It is also much more cost-effective than running a physical store.

You might think it would be painstaking to build an online marketplace all by yourself. But we are going to introduce you to a free solution, which you could use to build your dream marketplace. Meet, Dokan Multivendor Marketplace!

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WooCommerce and Dokan Multivendor

Dokan one of the best WooCommerce multi vendor plugins out there. With Dokan, you have the best WooCommerce marketplace that does not require you much effort or cost at all!

All you need to build your online marketplace with Dokan is:

  1. WordPress cloud hosting and a domain name
  2. WordPress (free)
  3. WooCommerce Plugin (free)
  4. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace Plugin (free or pro)

The installation and configuration of the WooCommerce multi vendor marketplace take only about 10 minutes. Our experience was easy with the plugin because it had a guided setup that removed any confusion we could have.

Compatible Extensions of Dokan

Dokan comes with a range of extensions that enhances its core capabilities for different types of industries. You can pick any of them depending on your needs and give a new dimension to your WooCommerce marketplace.

Dokan extensions

For example, seller verification is an extension that lets you check the authenticity of your sellers by obtaining their social profiles, phones, and photo verification. Dokan Simple Auctions allows vendors to create stores of auction-able products so they can create their own versions of eBay. Dokan Subscriptions charges your vendors with product limits. Check all the extensions for Dokan.

Benefits of Using Dokan Multivendor

  1. The most powerful front-end interface ensures your store integrity
  2. Fully customizable and compatible with many themes
  3. Professional and customizable storefront for each vendor
  4. Low maintenance for the admin & vendors manage everything from the dashboard
  5. The guided setup makes launching and configuration easy
  6. Over 100 payment gateways make global payments easy
  7. Supports WPML and 17+ language translations for customers around the world
  8. Meaningful sales statistics and marketplace insights

Dokan: An Entrepreneur-Friendly Ecommerce Solution

Dokan solves all sorts of eCommerce-related issues that owners tend to face. WeDevs developed Dokan keeping in mind these commonly faced problems so that the end-user gets the best experience.

How Dokan works

Easy to Start

Whenever you have a business idea, Dokan does not hold any barrier between you and your dream. Creating and managing a WooCommerce multivendor store has become so easy that most of the market owners in our knowledge are not IT experts and they operate alone without any help.

Dokan is free and full of rich features. Anyone can use Dokan to create their own eBay like WooCommerce multivendor store for free and earn through commissions without holding back on style and features.

Ensure Store Security

Allowing backend access to admins and only front end for vendors ensures your store security. The backend of any store is not always easy to use for regular people and it also gives access to other settings related to your store. Someone could just simply destroy your store and steal your money. To tighten the security of your store, follow 13 security tips for WooCommerce stores.

Save Your Time

We want you to have as much free time you want because most entrepreneurs are too busy just to manage their business. This is why Dokan’s front end is designed in such a way that the vendors can easily manage everything. The only time you need to intervene is when issuing refunds and permitting certain products. This is so that your marketplace retains its quality, reliability, and avoids spams.

Never Stop Earning

Since there is no limit of vendors, you get to earn commissions from each sale or selected types. Thus you are never at loss with your marketplace. You can also earn more from hot selling products, favorite vendor or launch discount campaigns on special occasions to boost sales.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Since vendors self-manage, your maintenance costs are lower. Dokan owners usually do not require separate store owners to take care of their business. Since it is open-source, you can hire coding people to customize the plugin at a comparatively lower cost. Also, Dokan comes with a free theme that beats many paid themes. The extensions for Dokan are fairly priced considering the feats they perform.

Features of Dokan Multivendor

So how does Dokan solve WooCommerce problems? Let’s get down to some specifics:

  • Want to give your vendors enough options and opportunities, so they can give their full selling potentials? Dokan allows multiple product types allowing your vendors’ endless opportunities to sell simple, variable, downloadable, virtual products, subscriptions, and bookable products.
  • Imagine if your store interface and design were not user-friendly, attractive or even intuitive, will customers stay in your store? Not possible! The developers incorporated Dokan with a user-friendly and rich front-end dashboard, allowing customers and vendors a seamless experience and easy ways to manage inventory, sales, orders, discounts, and coupons. The plugin comes with stylish storefronts, so your vendors can make professional looks out of their business from the various design templates available.
  • A vendor faces a lot of competition both from other stores within the marketplace and from other online shopping platforms. To stay up to the par in the business, nothing is more important than gaining customer trust and having it publicized to potential customers. Dokan allows product and vendor reviews and ratings by customers. This increases brand value and user base as new customers trust word of mouth from old customers more than anything else.
  • Want to empower your vendors so they can manage their stores on the go? Since Dokan is mobile-friendly, vendors can manage orders, see if an order is processing or pending, and even ship products to the billing address.
  • Imagine the hassle a vendor who is growing an international base of customers would face if he didn’t have a seamless way that allows the calculation of global shipping rates. With Dokan, vendors can set global shipping for each store and also override shipping rates from products directly from their front-end dashboard.
  • What could be the better way to promote one’s store than having it visible in search engines? Dokan lets vendors manage SEO for their store page. They can write custom SEO meta, store permalink, and description right from their front-end dashboard.
  • Think about the number of audiences and potential customers your vendors could reach if they had the right tools to promote their business. Dokan gives vendors the option to add their social profiles from Twitter, Facebook, etc. and also link their Facebook stores into their store profile helping them make cross-sales.
  • But even after you have established your store for your regular customers, you definitely need to make your new customers happy too. For that, you have coupons management function integrated with Dokan that will allow your vendors to create discount coupons for special sales. This necessary feature promotes businesses and stores to old customers as well as attract new ones.

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