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How to Beat the Competition on the Envato Marketplace: An Insider Perspective

May 19, 2017

5 Min Read
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Henry Rise, the CEO of ThemeRex, Power Elite Author on Themeforest is sharing his experience providing you with 5 must-do rules to make progress on Envato marketplace.

CEO of ThemeRex

We started ThemeREX five years ago.

When we were entering the market we didn’t have a name. Nobody knew us and the only thing we could rely on was the quality of our themes.

Now we are Power Elite Author and have over 140 WordPress themes in our portfolio.

Over these years, we’ve gained some valuable experience and now we want to share it with you. This is not a magic recipe how to get to the top with no efforts. However, these simple rules will bring you closer to the Envato’s wall of fame.

Become an Exclusive Author

Envato charges a certain fee from its authors. Signing up for an exclusive sales agreement benefits your business. Why?

Well, exclusive authors earn more than the non-exclusive ones as Envato has a more rewarding payment structure who are only using their marketplace to sell their digital goods.

There is a great difference between 12.5% and 50%; isn’t it?

While selling your items exclusively on Envato, you are not permitted to sell them anywhere else, including your own website. However, you are free to sell other items that are not on stock. We strongly recommend you to become an exclusive author.

First of all, it significantly decreases the fee. Secondly, we have tried selling our products on several other marketplaces, and eventually came back to selling exclusively on Envato. I won’t dull you with the long formula we have derived, but in simple words, Envato brings more profit than all the other growth streams combined.

One more thing to pay attention here. Be aware about the piracy and check the web for your themes sometimes. If your theme gets stolen and is sold somewhere else, it is you who Envato is going to hold to account.

Choose WordPress

Choose WordPress

This is quite a subjective opinion. However, we know what we are talking about. Of course, you can choose any other CMS and make pretty good money on it. Still, WordPress is the fastest developing platform that has taken almost one-third of the web already. Just imaging, over 30% of all websites run on WordPress! And it continues growing at a swift rate.

We focus on developing WordPress. We still have some HTML templates in our portfolio, but WordPress stays our top pick. And as the market doesn’t seem to change in the next few years we are not going to drop this strategy.

Define Your Strategy

Envato is quite flexible about the pricing policy and it allows the authors setting the prices they want.

There is a certain minimum of $12. Some authors prefer setting the minimum possible price. The others set stratospheric prices.

Actually, both these strategies are quite common and widely used. However, every day there are new experiments. And this is what the market needs right now. There are already key players and if you want to get noticed you need to resign to such a leap of faith.

You need to analyze the market and estimate your potential. You can concentrate on niche templates (like we do) or go in for multipurpose themes. Both these ways are actually working. However, you need to understand that to develop a really good multipurpose theme takes lots of efforts and finances. Plus after BeTheme, Avada and Divi you need to come up with something really outstanding to surpass them.

Do Some Marketing

Do Some Marketing

Envato provides you with the exposure that you can hardly get on your own. It might be enough for the first little while. It gives you a possibility to concentrate on producing well-designed professionally coded themes without worrying about the marketing issues.

However, if you want to play big, do not entirely rely on Envato. Things were different when we started our business some years now. At the very start Envato provided authors with strong support. With the passage of time, that has changed.

Now it feels more like butter scraped over too much bread. The marketplace is growing so fast that to stand out you need some additional marketing to be done. Setting up your own website and social accounts goes without saying.

One important thing that should not be overlooked. You need to use your traffic, not just have it. It was a big mistake for us not to use the traffic on to convert some sales and offer some themes of our own.

You should work on brand awareness. Run Google Adwords campaigns, try different marketing strategies, and create a presence on your social accounts. Like it or not, but marketing is an engine for any business nowadays–and selling on Envato is not any different.

Be A Part of the Community

Envato unites developers and customers all over the globe. You have an opportunity to interact with likeminded people, exchange the ideas and, probably, pick up some interesting solutions for yourself.

Envato’s forum used to be a more crowded place. Still, it is a good place to start from. Although it is not highly intuitive, you can get a general image of how the things are going with other vendors, what methods they use, what problems they encounter, among many other things.

Don’t make on Envato forum your only resource.

Even though it is the most obvious place to start, you can go further. There are lots of relevant forums and groups in social networks. Join them and start talking. If you face some problems, or don’t know which tactics to use, there is always someone who has already gone through it and is willing to share his experience.

The only thing to remember is that community is all about exchanging. So don’t forget to give something back.

Summing Up

Generally speaking, to get listed on the Envato marketplace is not that difficult.

To make yourself noticeable among the established key players is the real game.

First of all, you create a strategy. Examine the current situation in the market, estimate your potential and choose which way to go.

At the very start, the exposure that Envato provides is, perhaps, quite enough. You can concentrate on the the product itself and decent support. However, if you want to make it to Envato Elite you should do some marketing of your own and participate in the community life.

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