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Chad Tennant, a Successful Affiliate Marketing Publisher and Expert Talks About Best Industry Practices

September 30, 2019

5 Min Read
Chad Tennant (Online Marketer/Publisher)
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Chad is an online marketer, consultant, and publisher. Because of his business and project management (PMP) background, he is the perfect guy to help businesses and individuals achieve growth and financial success. At Partnercade, he works with brands and businesses to install and grow affiliate programs. At Digital Fodder, he writes about affiliate marketing, online marketing, working online, e-commerce, YouTube, and more.

He’s visited 20+ countries and lived in seven, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Panama.

Let’s talk to Chad and find out his views on affiliate marketing and other topics.

Cloudways: Hi, Chad, let’s start with a common question. When did you start your professional career? Had you already decided to enter the ever-demanding field of digital marketing or was it by chance?

Chad Tennant: I began my professional career in the mid-2000s. In 2010, I became self-employed. However, it was only a few years ago that I transitioned to working online full-time. Becoming a marketer wasn’t by chance since online marketing has always fascinated me. It goes well with running a lean business from my home using a laptop.

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Cloudways: What significant challenges in digital marketing have you faced?

Chad Tennant: The biggest challenge has been to find what works for me. The virtual landscape offers endless opportunities. So, it’s easy to get lost or quickly hop from one venture to the next without having anything to show for my efforts. Frequent self-reviews help me to stay focused and prioritize the most lucrative activities.

Cloudways: The affiliate marketing industry continues to change rapidly. What developments are on your radar?

Chad Tennant: I keep tabs on developments regarding user data management and privacy. For example, major tech companies are always in the news about those issues. Concerning performance marketing, affiliate companies have had to improve and tweak their tracking methods to offset privacy initiatives, including Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Protocol (ITP). It’s critical to be mindful of industry developments because they will impact my earnings for better or worse.

Cloudways: How would you compare the affiliate marketing practices of today to five years ago?

Chad Tennant: Transparency and disclosures are more necessary today, compared to the situation five years ago. Additionally, getting consent from users and providing opt-in/out options is mission-critical. Those activities enhance the marketplace and build trust among merchants, marketers, and consumers.

How does Digital Fodder influence affiliate marketing trends?

Chad Tennant: At Digital Fodder, I write about online marketing, ecommerce, YouTube, working online, personal finance, and other related topics. My posts about affiliate marketing, including my affiliate program reviews, provide insights that can help advertisers and publishers earn more money. For instance, I routinely highlight how a program’s landing page can be optimized to attract the top publishers.

Cloudways: What advice would you give to new affiliate marketers? 

Chad Tennant: Success in affiliate marketing boils down to getting enough traffic and clicks. It’s that simple. Therefore, affiliates should commit to creating new content each week. Also, they should predetermine the purpose of their content, for example, to entertain, educate, and so forth. It’s easier to create excellent content when it’s tied to an objective.

If I were starting over, my primary goal would be to create unique content. I see too many publishers creating “me too” content, which seeks to copy what others are doing without providing new ideas. One way to guarantee failure in affiliate marketing is to offer nothing new to readers and viewers.

Cloudways: Selecting a niche has always been challenging for beginners. What are your thoughts?

Chad Tennant: Affiliates should research and consider various niches, including the trends that make a niche more promising compared to others. Then, they should explore the affiliate programs available for that niche. One method is to review affiliate program listicles, for example, the best financial or CBD affiliate programs. Another approach is to evaluate offers on the top affiliate networks.

Ultimately, a marketer must come up with a few good reasons for choosing a market segment. Also, the marketer should select programs and goods by understanding factors like commission rates, cookie lengths, and payout thresholds.

Cloudways: Have conferences and networking become an integral part of promoting your affiliate marketing strategy? What events would you recommend to affiliate marketers? Do you have any must-attend events on your list?  

Chad Tennant: No, they haven’t become a part of my marketing strategy. I used to attend events but never got much value from them. Nowadays, I attend events to socialize and meet locals. It’s an excellent way to disconnect and learn about what other people are doing.

Cloudways: Hosting is an essential part of running a website and an affiliate marketing business. In your opinion, how crucial is the role of managed cloud hosting providers for the online marketing industry?

Chad Tennant: Hosting is critical to running a successful online business. However, it’s a factor that’s usually overlooked. Many people focus on pricing without carefully researching performance, security, and customer reviews. Managed cloud hosting is especially important for scalability, stability, and speed.

Cloudways: Let’s step away from work. How do you relax and unwind? Do you play any sports?

Chad Tennant: Since I travel to different countries often, I like to walk around and explore my surroundings. I also enjoy entertaining people at my home and having dinner parties.

I exercise three times a week and like to play ping pong, but getting access to a table isn’t always easy or convenient.

Cloudways: While doing research, we discovered that you had visited many countries. How has traveling impacted your life and career?

Chad Tennant: Yes, I have visited 20+ countries and lived in seven, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Panama. At first, I was looking for a “home,” but now I’m seeking a “home base.” A home base is a place where I’ll spend most of my time living while still traveling for a few months each year.

In the beginning, moving from one country to the next was annoying. However, I’ve gotten used to it, and it’s no longer a hassle. Moreover, it comes with the territory of being a digital nomad in search of something greater.

My career is going in the right direction, but moving around does have its drawbacks. Having to figure out each new place takes time away from developing my business.

Cloudways: What’s next for you? Any plans you want to share with us?

Chad Tennant: I want to do more on YouTube, but only if I can benefit my audience and myself. I’m exploring a few ideas, such as travel videos. I also want to do consulting in the areas of online and performance marketing strategy.

Cloudways: Can you please send us an image of your workspace?

Cloudways: How can we learn more about you? What social media platforms do you use?

Chad Tennant: You can visit for a brief bio, and I love connecting with people and posting content on LinkedIn.

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Umair Qureshi

Umair Qureshi works as Assistant Digital Marketing Manager for Cloudways- A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He loves combining creativity with skills and marketing with technology.

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