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Threads in Affiliate Marketing: Best Practices & Success Stories

Updated on January 31, 2024

9 Min Read
Threads In Affiliate Marketing

Disclaimer: This is a guest blog submitted by Dan Annetts

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate a steady passive income. For those new to the concept, affiliate marketing refers to generating revenue by promoting other companies’ products. You earn commissions when someone purchases through your links.

However, it’s easier said than done.

You must choose the right platform, follow the right strategies, and stay consistent to make money.

Enter Threads, a rapidly growing app by Meta, has become an ideal platform for affiliate marketing. Threads registered one million users within one hour of its launch and crossed the 100 million mark in four days. Although its usage has dropped 79% from its peak, it still has 10.3 million daily active users.

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or want to increase your revenue, this blog is for you. In this post, I’ll showcase the power of using threads for affiliate marketing, explore best practices and pitfalls, and provide real examples of successful affiliate marketers.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Instagram Threads?

Meta introduced Threads on July 5, 2023, positioning it as a text-centric companion to Instagram, catering to the platform’s extensive user base of 2.35 billion monthly users. Accessing Threads is straightforward – simply use your existing Instagram account, and Threads creates a linked account based on your Instagram profile.

Threads has garnered attention for its user-friendly design and seamless integration with Instagram, making it a popular choice for those seeking a streamlined Instagram marketing experience.

In the affiliate marketing arena, Threads shines by facilitating connections, curating content, and simplifying sharing processes.

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The Power of Threads in Affiliate Marketing

With its viral growth and highly engaged user base, Threads presents a lucrative platform to promote top affiliate products. It also offers higher reach and better engagement and builds trust as you’re importing your Instagram followers who already know you.

Let’s understand this in detail.

1- Better Engagement

According to Neil Patel, Threads is generating 8.3x more engagement than Twitter. This means that with the right strategies, you can generate more revenue via affiliate marketing on Threads than Twitter.

However, it is worth noting that Threads is still in its infancy. As I’m writing this article, Threads has only been here for less than six months. But again, this gives content creators a first-mover advantage to establish themselves on the platform.

2- Higher Reach

With over 10.3 million daily active users, Threads provides affiliate marketers with an extensive audience pool to tap into. This means that with the right strategies, you can connect with a larger audience, expanding your reach and potential customer base. You can even embed Thread posts into your Instagram stories and profile bios to reach people who are not yet on the platform.

3- Builds Trust

Building trust is crucial in affiliate marketing, and Threads provides a unique advantage by importing your existing Instagram followers – as long as they have an account. This enables you to bring along a community that already knows and trusts you, providing a solid foundation for promoting affiliate products.

How to Set Up Your Threads Account?

Setting up a Threads account is a straightforward process. Follow this guide to get started on this Instagram-centric platform.

1. Download and Install the App:

  • Head to the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android) to download the Threads app.
  • Once downloaded, install the app on your mobile device.

2. Connect Your Instagram Account:

  • Launch the Threads app and sign in using your existing Instagram account credentials.
  • Enjoy seamless integration, thanks to Threads being developed by Instagram.
  • If you have multiple Instagram accounts, create separate Threads accounts for each.

3. Customize Your Account:

  • After signing in, personalize your Threads account.
  • Add a profile picture, update your bio, and choose a username aligned with your brand or personal identity.
  • Optionally link other social media accounts for cross-platform engagement.

4. Begin Sharing and Engaging:

  • Your Threads account is now ready; start sharing compelling content and engaging with your followers.
  • Create threads or actively participate in conversations to strengthen connections and drive meaningful interactions.

How to Use Threads in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing on Threads requires a thoughtful approach to effectively engage your audience. Here’s a guide to help you make the most of this platform.

1- Understand Your Audience

Before diving into affiliate marketing on Threads, take the time to understand the preferences and interests of your audience. Knowing their preferences helps tailor content for maximum engagement. Here are some ways to understand your audience in Threads.

  • Conduct surveys or polls to gather insights directly from your Threads audience.
  • Study the comments section of popular Threads to gauge user sentiments and preferences.
  • Use Threads Analytics to track the performance of your posts and understand audience engagement.
  • Interact with your audience through comments and direct messages to build a more personal connection.

2- Craft a Narrative

Threads is a platform where storytelling can captivate users and create a more personal connection, enhancing the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing efforts. Here are some tips to follow.

  • Use the threaded conversation format to unfold your narrative gradually.
  • Incorporate visual elements to engage users.
  • Utilize storytelling techniques to keep users hooked.
  • Create a consistent brand voice that aligns with the narrative you’re weaving in your affiliate posts.
  • Experiment with different storytelling formats, such as series or themed content, to maintain user interest.

3- Break Down Information

Make it easy for your audience to understand the affiliate products by breaking down information into clear and straightforward messages. Keep it simple, visual, and impactful. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Use bullet points or numbered lists to present key product benefits.
  • Highlight features and unique selling points concisely.
  • Create infographics or visual guides to simplify complex information about the affiliate products.
  • Use short sentences and easy-to-understand language so your audience can understand better.
  • Test different content lengths to identify the optimal balance between brevity and detail.

4- Encourage Action

Encourage action with questions, polls, opinions, and CTAs. The more interactive your posts, the higher the chances of users actively participating and, ultimately, converting. Here are some tips to boost engagement.

  • End your posts with a call-to-action, encouraging users to share their thoughts or experiences.
  • Respond promptly to comments and foster a sense of community.
  • Host live Q&A sessions or discussions related to the promoted products.
  • Acknowledge user contributions by featuring user-generated content in your affiliate posts.
  • Leverage contests and challenges to engage potential customers.

5- Insert Affiliate Links Effectively

  • Unlike Instagram, Threads allows clickable affiliate links directly in captions, eliminating the need for bio links.
  • For Vantage affiliates, obtain your link from the Partner dashboard for seamless integration.

6- Share Instagram Content

  • Capitalize on Threads’ popularity to share your Instagram content effortlessly.
  • Repurpose Instagram links on Threads to showcase original images, saving time and expanding your reach.

7- Leverage Instagram Audience

  • Benefit from Threads’ seamless transition of followers from Instagram.
  • Maintain your established audience base, eliminating the need to rebuild on a new platform.

Here’s how Sharan Hegde, a finance content creator, encourages users to click on the link. While this is not exactly an example of affiliate marketing, he uses Threads to drive traffic to his YouTube channel.

The headline drives intense curiosity and engagement by tapping into multiple psychological triggers like intrigue, dramatic contrast, relatability, and promised payoff through the story and ends the post with a CTA.

finance with sharan example of using threads


Best Practices for Using Threads in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing on Threads can be highly effective when you follow best practices that align with the platform’s dynamics. Here are four strategies to enhance your affiliate marketing efforts on Threads.

1- Post Consistently

Consistency is crucial in Threads. Regular posting ensures that your content stays visible in users’ feeds, increasing the chances of engagement and conversions.

  • Create a posting schedule and stick to it to maintain a steady presence on Threads.
  • Experiment with different posting times to identify when your audience is most active.
  • Vary your content types while maintaining a consistent posting rhythm.
  • Engage with your audience through comments and direct messages to build a loyal following.
  • Monitor Threads Analytics to understand the performance of your posts and optimize your strategy accordingly.

2- Focus On Quality Over Quantity

While consistency is essential, you must also prioritize quality. Avoid overloading your Threads with links and prioritize delivering valuable content that resonates with your audience. Here are some tips to follow.

  • Share affiliate links strategically, ensuring they complement your content rather than overshadow it.
  • Craft engaging captions that prompt discussions and interactions without relying solely on external links.
  • Conduct regular content audits to ensure the relevance and quality of your Threads posts.
  • Solicit feedback from your audience to understand their preferences and tailor your content accordingly.

3- Leverage Graphics

Visual content has a strong impact on social platforms and is extremely important on Threads. Since it is mostly text-based, using compelling graphics increases your chances of getting noticed on the platform. It is also worth noting that the majority of Threads users are imported from Instagram, and hence are used to visual experience.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your efforts.

  • Create eye-catching graphics that highlight key features of the products you’re promoting.
  • Experiment with different graphic styles to identify what resonates best with your audience.
  • Showcase how you’re using the product and what problem it is solving.

Here’s how Courtney Budzyn leverages her dog’s popularity on Threads to effectively promote products. The accompanying image depicts the dog posing with plush toys, encouraging users to purchase them.

how Courtney Budzyn leverages her dog's popularity on Threads to effectively promote products


4- Cross Promote Your Posts

Cross-promotion empowers you to diversify your audience and tap into different user demographics. By sharing your affiliate content across various platforms, you not only increase visibility but also enhance the chances of reaching potential customers who might not be active on Threads.

Here are some tips to maximize impact via cross-promotion.

  • Identify and participate in relevant online forums, groups, or communities related to your affiliate marketing niche.
  • Share valuable insights, answer questions, and subtly promote your content on various social platforms.
  • Craft compelling newsletters that highlight the value proposition of your affiliate products.

Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them?

Now that you know the best practices of affiliate marketing on Threads, let’s look at some common pitfalls and how you can avoid them to boost your revenue.

1- Overloading Information

While it’s essential to provide valuable content, bombarding your audience with excessive details can lead to information fatigue and a decrease in engagement. Focus on delivering concise and relevant information. Identify the key points that your audience needs to know and present them in a clear and easily digestible manner. Avoid unnecessary jargon and aim for simplicity to enhance user understanding.

2- Neglecting Engagement

Neglecting engagement is another pitfall that can hinder the success of your affiliate marketing efforts on Threads. Building a connection with your audience is crucial for establishing trust and encouraging them to act on your recommendations. Instead, actively participate in conversations by responding to comments and messages.

Case Studies: Successful Use of Threads in Affiliate Marketing

We’ve discussed why to use Threads for affiliate marketing, how you can do that, the best practices, and common pitfalls. Now, let’s look at some of the leading content creators who have implemented these tips to generate a steady passive income.

1- WhichUK

The Which Threads account shares practical daily tips across varied topics to attract a wide audience while strategically incorporating affiliate links to best deals, exemplifying an effective approach to monetization through valuable content creation. This diversified value-adding strategy allows Which to organically monetize its large reach.

WhichUK case study of using threads in affiliate marketing

2- Tanya Khajinow 

Tanya is a travel content creator who shares her experience visiting different places along with practical tips on how to save money while traveling. As you can see in the image below, she builds curiosity with her affiliate marketing posts to drive more engagement.

tanya khajinow case study of using threads in affiliate marketing


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Threads presents affiliate marketers with a great opportunity to engage the audience and drive conversions through strategic storytelling. However, the keys are knowing your niche, captivating users through narratives and visuals, and encouraging two-way interactions via comments and questions to boost engagement.

At the same time, avoid overwhelming users by overloading them with information.

How do you use Threads for affiliate marketing? Let’s talk about those strategies in the comment section below!

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Dan Annets Dan Annetts is the director of Outreach + Communication at A cloud-based telecommunications provider. With a  passion for tech and writing, Dan is often buried in his laptop, keeping ahead of the next trend. When he isn’t working, he’s a avid gym-goer and Tolkien nerd!
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