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Instagram Marketing for Ecommerce



  1. Messaging Starter Kit
  2. Activate your new signups
  3. Subject lines; a best practice

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About This Ebook

Ever wondered how ecommerce stores are racking millions of dollars just through Instagram? Wish you could do the same?

Drawing targeted traffic from Instagram is a science that not many know of. While social media marketing is advancing at a breakneck speed, newbies feel overwhelmed with the number of platforms available to promote their products. Therefore, matching the audience and products with the right tools has become a serious challenge.

This book aims to change that by providing you simple doable strategies to take your store sales off the roof using Instagram. We’ll start you off with common mistakes in Instagram marketing. Next up is a primer on understanding your competitors and reverse engineer their tactics to help grow your brand on Instagram.

We also got some specials on Instagram based sales funnels that can bring in tons of cash if put rightly. Influencer marketing coupled with content-rich visual funnels are popular trends that are here to stay. A content-first sales funnel pulls organic traffic and keeps engagement rates high. This book covers some amazing examples of driving instant, targeted, and quality traffic through content generated from Instagram.

Start reading and take your Instagram marketing to next level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Things you don’t want to mess with your Instagram sales funnel.
  • How to find, copy, and outdo competitors.
  • When And what to advertise on Instagram.
  • Who are influencers and how to get them onboard for your campaign ideas.
  • Continuous optimization and tweaking.

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