Mastering Speed

Optimizing Magento Performance Like a Pro



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About This Ebook

Make your visitors wait for more than TWO seconds and they will leave your website.

To stay in the competition, websites need to be the very best in performance and ease of use. That’s what this ebook ‘Mastering Speed – Optimizing Magento Performance Like a Pro’ is all about.

Whether you are a newbie or an expert, Mastering Speed ebook has something for everyone. The book covers site optimization, popular techniques for design and layout optimizations, using modules to improve site optimization and server-level improvements.

You can use the speed tips described in the ebook anytime your Magento store starts experiencing slow page load time.

A glimpse of what you can do with this ebook.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to choose a performance-focused website hosting
  • Optimize server & application level caches with ease
  • Improve performance through concatenation and minifying code
  • Use Elasticsearch for smart store-level search
  • Find lightweight themes, plugins, and extensions that work
  • Monitor and tweak store performance like a pro

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