101 Actionable Tips and Secrets for Blog Monetization

by Sajjad Shahid  January 26, 2018

This isn’t 2008, where you published a post, it ranked in the search engines and started generating revenue. This is 2018 where Google Adsense no longer pays in thousands. You have to work your socks off even to start generating revenue from the traffic you generate on daily basis.

On top of that, you will need to know SEO, social promotion, paid marketing and much more just to get the game started.

Blogger tips for monitization
Feeling overwhelmed already? Wishing you had a mentor who could teach you all the money making shortcuts so that you don’t have to keep banging your head everywhere?

You are in luck!

This post is a list of secrets to help you make money from your blog. If you are already earning, this list will help you discover new ways of generating more revenue. So, hit the bookmark button and start reading.

Some Background First

We often receive queries from bloggers who wish to use their blogs as an income stream. For this, they are interested in discovering new ways of monetizing the blog. We decided to create a comprehensive resource to help out the bloggers.

To add credibility to this resource, we decided to go to the reputable names in the blogging world and get their one best tip for blog monetization. It took us some time to get the opinions of everyone but I think the wait was worth it. Here you go:

So, What Do You Think? Was It Worth The read?

As promised, we have curated the finest tips on blog monetization from the best digital influencers. Remember that their suggestions are based on their trials and errors. So, don’t expect an overnight success with your blog. Make sure to test all the tips that fit your blog and plan accordingly. Eventually, you will see the results.

What is your number one tip for monetizing your blog? Tell us in the comments below and we will add it to our list.

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