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Pick From These 11+ Magento Search Extensions For Best In-site Ecommerce Search Functionality

Updated on January 12, 2023

6 Min Read
magento search extension

What would happen if you put all the products on your ecommerce website on the front page? Well, it will be a scrolling nightmare; a page many, many kilometers long. This is why we have product pages and categories. This is why having a structure is essential. But an ecommerce website cannot survive on good architecture. It is imperative that it has good search functionality too. Search helps people find their way. It helps in closing the sale quicker.

14 Best Magento SEO Extensions (Free and Paid Both)

In this blog post, I will elaborate on 11 of the best Magento Search Extensions that can help you engage and retain a large number of customers on your store. Oh yeah! Just a statutory disclaimer: The list is not a ranking list and the prices quoted here can change.

1. Doofinder

Doofinder is the best on-site search Magento extension that integrates with any Magento website with minimal configuration. It provides fast, accurate results based on your store’s contents. Results appear in your search box at an incredible speed as the user types, as well as learns from user’s searches and improves the buying process.

With Doofinder, you are confident that your visitors are finding what they are looking for regardless of the number of products in your Magento site. Thanks to its algorithm, you can access the best internal search engine, minimizing spelling and typo errors in the search process.

Furthermore, the Doofinder control panel allows every client to create marketing opportunities through the synonyms system and the ranking of results. Through the Doofinder statistics, you have access to all the searches made by your clients and therefore identify your customer’s behavior obtaining statistical information about the usage, results and search trends of your users in the last 90 days. With the knowledge of the most popular search terms, you can provide guided results for search queries.

You can also link the results with your Google Analytics profile to better evaluate and improve the contents of your Magento store. Doofinder’s Magento plugin only takes 5 minutes to install and integrate this extension, without any requirement of programming knowledge.

2. Instant Search +

This is one of the most comprehensive and advanced free search box extensions for Magento-based ecommerce websites. With this extension, you can add a search box to your Magento sites. This extension is suitable for those online stores in which up to 500 different products are on the display.

The Instant Search + is a cloud-based Magento extension. It also supports CDN. If your Magento store has this search extension, you can engage your customers right at the search bar by giving the most relevant product searches. As soon as the product is selected, the customer is directly taken onto the page, on which the product is listed.

With this extension, you can also promote a specific product based on its contextual attributes. This free search extension is compatible with Magento 1.x stores.

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3. Magento 2 Search Extension by Mageplaza

Want to accelerate the product search process on your online store? The Magento 2 Search extension by Mageplaza is the perfect solution for you!

The AJAX technology brings ultra-fast and relevant search results in an intuitive interface to help customers find the right products quickly. By showing auto-complete search results right after customers start typing in the search box, the extension upgrades your search tool immediately. As a result, it helps improve the shopping experience and ultimately rocket sales.

Amazingly, the extension supports more than a million SKUs for a better and quicker search system. This feature is great for large-scale E-commerce stores with an enormous number of products.

4. Better Store Search

Better Store Search is really an incredible extension that you can use on your Magento-based website. In order to increase the number of sales, this extension uses the phonetic matching tool. At the backend, the administrator takes the control to adjust the search results of your Magento website manually on search engines.

This practice leads to increase the chances of your store search results appear at the top of the search engines. By using this particular extension, you can also increase the chances of getting good search results for hyphenated keywords and plural keywords. This extension is a bit expensive as it is available for $249.

5. Search by Ranges and Categories

Imagine a situation where you have a lot of products available on your online shopping store. What if your customer wants a specific product out of the lot? This is where Search by Ranges and Categories comes in handy.

With this affordable Magento extension, you can narrow down the product searching process in order to streamline the shopping experience. It is a user-friendly extension. You can also use this extension to search multiple product categories simultaneously. You can also set the upper bound and lower bound limits for the products available in categories. Previously, it was available for $49 but now it’s absolutely free.

6. Sphinx Search Ultimate

This is one of the most powerful and one of the best search box extensions for your Magento website. With Sphinx Search Ultimate, you can have search box functionality in more than 10 different languages. Sphinx search engine extension brings you speedier search results. If you have a large volume of data, this extension will help your customer sort out search queries with ease.

With this Magento extension, you get spectacular spell check and autocomplete feature to allow highly accurate search results. It is really easy to install. It offers you a flexible configuration so that you can set your own rules to sort out search queries. It is priced at around $212.

7. SolrGento

The SolrGento is yet another Magento search extension that speeds up the search process. It works fittingly well with your Magento store as it integrates the search engine with Apache Solr. This integration helps your Magento store search to increase by 200 times.

The SolrGento helps you with fast caching. It also supports fuzzy search, so that your ecommerce store ranks better in search results. If your customer has made a spelling mistake in the search box, this extension will help the customer get the right product within no time. It is available for €499 and suitable for stores made on Magento 1.x.

8. Solr Bridge Search

The Solr Bridge Search Extension for Magento 1 & Magento 2 supports Ajax. It also functions just like the SolrGento extension. It integrates Solr into Magento and speeds up the search procedure of your product.

This extension helps you in faceted search. If you want a high-performance Magento extension, this should be your go-to option. It also helps you auto correct phrases and typos. You have to pay $450 for this awesome extension.

9. Celebros Search & Merchandising

This particular extension is customer-friendly. It helps the customer with bad and broken searches on your Magento 2 store. Through intelligent concept-based and semantic algorithms, Celebros Site Search understands the shopper’s intent, queries, and personalized search terms.

In return Celebros’ natural language Site Search delivers relevant and accurate results the first time and every time on the first page is resulting in higher conversion rates, increased AOV’s and turned more visitors into paying customers.

10. Vubla Search Engine Site Search

The Vubla Search Engine Site Search is one of the most interesting Magento extensions available in the market. It helps you in A/B testing of the search functionality of your ecommerce website.

With this user-friendly extension, you can search through all your web pages. It also helps you manage quick search and catalog search of products available on your e-store. This extension also gives you the freedom to use synonyms of product-related keywords as well. If you want to get this extension for your ecommerce website, you have to pay $49 per month.

11. Klevu: Smart suggest, Self-learning, Autocomplete + FREE search

As the name suggests it is an intelligent Magento extension that analyzes user behavior and learns the favorable outcomes that come out of the search functionality. Klevu Magento Search & Autocomplete Extension is a cloud-hosted Ajax-based search tool which comes with easy integration and handling. It works great with the responsive design too.

It brings search results in the blink of an eye. One thinks such functionality would cost fortunes. However, such is not the case with Klevu search extension for Magento. It is free to use for everyone.

12. Ajax Search Autocomplete

If you want to improve the standardized functionality of your  Magento web store, then the Ajax Search Autocomplete is the best search extension for you. With this Magento search extension, you can control and customize the look of images and thumbnails.

This Magento extension supports Ajax and prototype library. It means that it doesn’t require the jQuery framework to streamline its activity. This extension also supports cross-browser compatibility. It is easy to install and also helps you control the CSS files. For this particular extension, you only have to pay $39.


In this post, I have listed 11 of the most incredible Magento free and paid search box extensions available. If you are aware of other such extensions, feel free to contribute your ideas and suggestions in the comments section below. Lastly, a good search functionality on your Magento store will only work if you are hosted on a speedy infrastructure. When you host your Magento website on Cloudways Cloud Platform, the loading time cuts by half that makes your website a whole lot faster.

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