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Cloudways Partners with One Tree Planted for the Million Tree Challenge

Updated on December 22, 2021

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One Tree Planted

At Cloudways, we understand the heavy responsibility corporations have to assume  to help save this planet. As a company that takes its carbon footprint seriously, we are invested in making a positive environmental impact.

We believe change comes from within. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to play an active role in supporting conservation efforts.

Starting from this Earth Day, we want to do our part to support the Green Movement. This begins with a robust company-wide initiative.

The Need for Taking Action Now

With the passage of time, climate change is only getting worse, with the bulk of the blame landing on major corporations. According to the Carbon Majors Report, just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions.

The situation’s only getting more dire. The Arctic summer sea ice extent has declined by around 40% since we first started keeping records back in 1979. Temperatures have risen by 1 degree Celsius since pre-industrial times, and sea levels have continued to rise since the early 1990s.

If we do not take action, we’ll reach a point of no-return by around 2045. The temperature will heat up by 2 degrees Celsius, and there will be no ice in the Arctic during the summers.

And that is why we need to act. Now.

At Cloudways, we believe that saving this earth, and keeping it habitable for our future generations, is of the utmost importance.

That is why we have partnered with One Tree Planted – a non-profit environmental tree planting charity – with a commitment of planting 10,000 trees.

Tree planting efforts

Why We Chose to Focus on Environmental Sustainability with One Tree Planted

Reforestation is the best tool we have to prevent or mitigate climate catastrophes. It is the best strategy we have to capture carbon, protect fertile land and maintain healthy biodiversity on our planet.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization dedicated to global reforestation. After the Californian wildfires, the company set about to replenish the canopy of the dense forests, planting millions of trees. For each dollar donated, they plant a tree. In 2020 alone, One Tree Planted managed to plant more than 10 million trees. In this year, they have committed to planting more than 20 million trees!

Planting trees is by far the best way to combat the harmful effects of climate change. One Tree Planted has made it simple to understand the benefits of planting trees by identifying six pillars:

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Social
  5. Health
  6. Climate

Trees cool the earth, clean the air, and provide necessary habitat for our wildlife. They lead to biodiversity and have helped bring back dwindling populations of many animals.

One Tree Planted is the leading reforestation charity in the world. They have reforestation projects ongoing across the globe, and the charity has one simple goal: to make it as simple as possible for everyone to plant trees. That is why we have joined their Million Trees Challenge and are committed to planting 10,000 trees.

Planting trees

How We Are Contributing

Apart from making a donation to plant 10,000 trees, we are also sending each employee at Cloudways a small indoor plant as a symbol of our shared commitment towards the environment. Shared responsibility, we believe, is always ideal for growth.

But we’re not just spending money to play our role. This is the seed that will germinate a long-term approach to sustainable growth. It is the start of a commitment to care for the environment, and to introduce sustainable practices across our business.

Together, we can create a greener tomorrow for our future generations and win as a team.. Let’s focus on building a #SustainableCloud.

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