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Agency Spotlight: Azuro’s Journey From Solopreneurship to a Digital Agency

Updated on March 24, 2023

3 Min Read

Azuro Digital is a digital agency founded by Daniel Houle in 2018. Initially, he started as a solo freelancer, and over time, he expanded his team. Now, the agency comprises eight members who specialize in web design, development, and SEO.

The agency’s core focus is on generating bottom-line results for their clients rather than creating just beautiful designs.

Azuro is committed to helping clients achieve growth and strong returns on investment. They specialize in conversion rate optimization (CRO) and SEO services to help clients meet their business objectives.

Let’s explore more about Azuro and how they deliver excellence for their clients.

Azuro’s Niche

Azuro Digital is a digital agency that works with almost any type of business. However, they specialize in working exclusively with WordPress and Elementor page builders. The agency believes that sticking to the same set of tools lets them focus better on the projects and become experts in their field.

By specializing in WordPress and Elementor page builders, Azuro can efficiently deliver high-quality web design, development, and SEO services to their clients. This expertise ensures that Azuro can optimize its processes and offer a faster turnaround time, which benefits its clients.

The Agency’s Biggest Achievement Till Date

Azuro Digital has received over 100 five-star reviews from its clients, making it a testament to its exceptional work. The agency’s most significant accomplishment is the recognition from clients regarding the bottom-line results they’ve achieved since partnering with Azuro.

The agency’s commitment to generating measurable client results has led to numerous success stories. These stories are reflected in the reviews Azuro has received, demonstrating their ability to deliver successful outcomes through web design, development, and SEO services.

Here’s an example of just some of their positive reviews:

  1. JP McAvoy from ConductLaw wrote, “Our new site has a 60% higher conversion rate than our old one.” 
  2. Kevin Coco from COCO Tile wrote, “Our site consistently ranks #1 on Google, thanks to Azuro Digital.”

Some Challenges Azuro Faced and Overcame

One challenge that Azuro highlighted was on the client management side. It’s about balancing the client’s preferences with the agency’s recommendations and best practices.

As Daniel, the founder, says:

“In some cases, the client has an idea that Azuro disagrees with. When this happens, we make a point to never conceal our knowledge or opinions. We believe that the client deserves complete transparency, so when there’s a conflict, we clearly and politely state our opinion while making it clear that it’s ultimately up to the client to decide.”

The Three Strategies That Serve as the Success Recipe for Azuro

Azuro shared three strategies that worked the best for them and contributed to their success.

  1. Prioritize CRO and SEO, and treat every client’s website like it’s your own.
  2. Stick to the same (or a similar) set of tools for each project to become true experts in their domain.
  3. Only hire top-tier talent.

The Most Challenging Project for the Agency

Azuro’s most challenging project was to build a website for a large Buddhist nonprofit organization. The client required several complex functionalities and loads of pages.

Some of the functionalities required were donation processing, multilingual content, an event booking system, a community forum, and a large directory of content with dynamic filters and a search function.

Throughout this project, Azuro Digital showcased its ability to exceed expectations on a large and highly complex project.

Some Tools Used at the Agency

Azuro Digital exclusively uses WordPress to build websites.

Within WordPress, they use the same theme and the same set of plugins for almost every project. They use the Hello Elementor theme and the Elementor page builder to create the overall site.

Besides that, the agency uses Rank Math for SEO, WP Rocket for site speed, Wordfence for security, Imagify for image compression, and JetEngine for dynamic content, among other WordPress plugins.

The Role of Cloudways in Azuro’s Success

Azuro Digital also uses Cloudways for every project.

Daniel has attributed much of Azuro’s success to the quality and simplicity of Cloudways servers.

He says:

“Azuro has found that Cloudways offers optimal site speed, security, and reliability. On top of that, the Cloudways interface makes everything super simple to configure.”

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Azuro’s Tips for the New Comers in the Industry

Daniel has one significant piece of advice for newcomers in the industry.

“Don’t outsource. As a new agency owner/freelancer, it might be tempting to focus on sales while outsourcing the work to other agencies/freelancers, but that’s a recipe for disaster. 

Doing the work yourself will allow you to learn the ins and outs of the design/development process. 

It’s also vital for the client to have a direct line of communication with the person who’s actually doing the work because of how collaborative the process is. 

Once you’ve mastered the process, and once you have enough business coming in, then you can start looking into hiring and training full-time employees, which is much more effective and more profitable than outsourcing to other agencies/freelancers.”

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