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Easy Managed Cloud Hosting That Lets YouLaunch Radically Faster Websites Without The Technical Headaches

Cloudways takes the stress & confusion out of cloud hosting, so you get world-class performance and complete control with 1-click simplicity.

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My website grade shot up from C to A just by moving the site across

I was originally uncertain, as I already have a reseller account with another provider. However, once signing up and adding my first server I was blown away by the speed in which servers are deployed, and the excellent performance. My website grade shot up from C to A just by moving the site across.

Trust Pilot
Review from Bret W.

Jul 13, 2020 on

Instant & huge speed improvement without lifting a finger

Besides the instant and huge speed improvement without lifting a finger, it’s having the full visibility of what’s going on with my websites when I want to see it and control it. I never imagined I would be able to pile all 12 of my websites onto servers and move them around freely as needed.

Trust Pilot
Review from Mark H.

May 20, 2020 on

Creating a new server is easy, just a few clicks away and you’re set.

As a designer, I don’t have all the skillsets and knowledge of running a dedicated server and with Cloudways it’s really easy to set this up. Their very good support and extensive guide pages helped me through managing some heavy-duty websites … Creating a new server is easy, just a few clicks away and you’re set.

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Review from Chris W.

Aug 21, 2020 on

If you’re reading this, THEN Chances are

Shared hosting is killing your website’s performance, …or managing servers is killing your productivity.

You need cloud hosting that’s optimized for speed & scalability but doesn’t require you to endlessly configure, update or troubleshoot servers.

Cloudways is the simpler, smarter way to spin up a blazing-fast, world-class cloud server

Managed Cloudways Hosting
  • Go Live in Minutes
    First-class servers, zero hassle. Choose from 5 of the top infrastructure providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, and Digital Ocean. Switch seamlessly anytime without penalty.
  • Manage like A Pro
    Click, click, deploy. It’s that easy. Adjust specs like RAM, storage, and bandwidth with a single click. Install SSL certificates and even back up, restore & revert your entire stack just as painlessly.
  • Scale to Success
    See the difference instantly. Cloudways’ optimized platform improves speed & performance immediately, no special configuration required. Try it free and fix your lag issues today.
Ready to fix those slow page speeds for good?
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Choose the only managed hosting platform that’s 100% optimized for simplicity, efficiency & speed

The result? Faster websites. Faster setup. Faster support. So you spend your workday building your business, not debugging server problems.

Cloudways Support

Blistering speed, right out of the box

Cloudways layers its performance-perfecting stack onto the world’s top cloud infrastructure, so you get a best-in-class configuration by default, no tinkering needed. Every Cloudways server includes:

  • Ready-to-use caches including Memcached, Varnish, Nginx & Redis
  • Dedicated environments with 3X faster SSD Drives
  • Easy-install CloudwaysCDN (built on StackPath)
  • 60+ data centers around the globe to choose from
Cloudways Support

Spin Up, Migrate & Restore In a Few Clicks

You shouldn’t have to be a developer to deploy to the cloud. With Cloudways you can quickly spin up & adjust instances — even plugin-heavy WordPress installs — on AWS or Google Cloud without even touching the command-line.

  • Set up staging & test sites on the fly
  • Public URLs created automatically: no domain-pointing required
  • Simplified, single-click interface (no more cpanel)
  • WP-CLI pre-installed for when you want it
Cloudways Support

Tech Support You’ll Fall In Love With (Really)

Cloudways’ expert sys-admins love solving tricky issues and best of all, they’re always available via live-chat. The second you need a hand, all you have to do is open the chat window and 1-on-1 help is ready to go.

  • No more stressful late-night calls (we keep things running smoothly)
  • Get help anytime, 24/7/365, via our addictively efficient live chat
  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring: if your stack goes down, we’re already on it
  • Add us to your team via Enhanced SLAs & Premium Support

Get EASY-CLICK access to all the services you’ll ever need

The numbers don’t lie: When it comes to managed hosting, Cloudways does it right


Ease of Setup

Managed Hosting
Average 8.8


Quality of Support

Managed Hosting
Average 8.7


Ease of Use

Managed Hosting
Average 8.7

Source: Final ratings from, based on submitted user reviews and benchmarked against all other managed hosting providers.

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