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Watch The Awesome Workplaces Of Some Great WordPress Influencers

March 8, 2017

7 Min Read
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Are you a workaholic? What is the ideal workplace for you? Do you prefer a well planned and organized desk space or an untidy and messy desk?

When it comes to workstations, both psychologists and designers agree that the personal workspace reflects and influences personality and other key factors such as productivity and wellbeing. In effect, your workstation is a window into your soul!

Workplaces of WordPress Developers

WordPress developers have their workflows and development styles. The workspaces of the developers are thus uniquely organized to reflect these workflows and quirks. Today, I am going to share the pictures of the workstations of several WordPress influencers. I hope that WordPress newbies will be motivated to arrange their workstations to reflect the workflows of the influencer they follow.

Tom McFarlin

Through his blogs, Tom has contributed a lot to the WordPress community. He is a well-recognized author who has inspired a lot of WordPress professionals. Give him his notebook, a cup of coffee and a system to play with and watch his fingers do the magic.

Tom McFarlin Workplace

Petya Raykovska

Petya Raykovska is the Senior Project Manager at Human Made Limited. Her expertise lies in digital media and transforming traditional websites into amazing digital platforms. She has made peace with her laptop, and her workspace is wherever she can find a comfortable spot.

Petya Raykovska Workplace

Shawn Hesketh

Shawn Hesketh is a WordPress educator and consultant based in Houston, Texas. He is the creator of the WordPress 101, a leading WordPress video tutorial website. There you go! This is his secret lair where he brews those amazing videos:

Shawn Hesketh Workplace

Raelene Morey

Raelene Morey is the Managing Editor at WPMU DEV, A well known WordPress educational website. The official WPMU DEV newsletter reaches an incredible 70,000 subscribers. Her workstation looks tidy and amazing πŸ™‚

Raelene Morey Workplace


Morten enjoys his time being a senior staff author at His tutorial videos cover a wide variety of subjects related to front-end development, web standards, and WordPress. Beautiful and Elegant, that’s how his workspace looks like:

Morten Rand Hendriksen Workplace

Josh Eaton

Josh Eaton is the Lead Service Developer at Reaktiv. He is responsible for sales, project management, client management and technical direction of the organization. Black appears to be his favorite color, and he likes to keep things in order:

Josh Eaton Workplace

Jeff Starr

When it comes to multitasking, Jeff Starr is the person to emulate! He is a developer, designer, author, and publisher who excels in every field. Check out his classy looking desk:

Jeff Starr Workplace

Dianne Kinney

Dianne is one mega WordPress nerd who liked her workplace very tidy!

Dianne Kinney Workplace

Gary Jones

Gary Jones have created some marvelous themes and has contributed as a co-host to the UK Genesis podcast. Well, his kids are everything to him. With two active babies, his workspace looks like:

Gary Jones Workplace

Robby McCullough

Robby is the co-founder of Beaver Builder, a WordPress builder solution. Wow! What an excellent view! Now I know where he gets all of his inspiration and motivation πŸ™‚

Robby McCullough Workplace

Bill Erickson

Bill Erickson is a prolific plugin developer, a popular WordPress speaker, and a well-known mentor. Take a look at Bill’s personal workspace. Simple and organized, isn’t it?

Bill Erickson Workplace

Ben GillBanks

Ben Gillbanks is the owner, developer, and the general grunt at Pro Theme Design. This is how his workspace looks like. It seems that he likes to keep his toy friends nearby while he works.

Ben GillBanks Workplace

Brett Bumeter

Brett Bumeter is a WordPress architect and a trainer with a lot of on-hand experience in working with WordPress configurations, themes, plugins and e-commerce stores. He is not only a WordPress developer but also a skilled social media marketing expert. Okay! Mountains, well what do you know? Looks like this guy is in love with Nature.

Brett Bumeter Workplace

Dave Clements

Dave Clements is the owner of TheUKEdge. He has built up a solid following as a result of numerous articles and tutorials on WordPress that bear his name. His workspace is on the go! Wherever, he finds the right place; he starts weaving his magic!

Dave Clements Workplace

Dee Teal

When it comes to Genesis based WordPress development, Dee Teal is the person to check out. This WordPress enthusiast is an Aussie and likes to wear UGG boots everywhere

Dee Teal Workplace

James George

James is an active blogger and contributes design and development related tutorials to Creative Beacon. To him, the dream workspace is his U-shaped desk! He likes to keep things simple and tidy:

James George Workplace

Jesse Pollack

Jesse Pollack is currently the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Clef. White is his thing! Take a look at his sophisticated and tidy workspace:

Jesse Pollack Workplace

Josh Pollock

Josh Pollock is a WordPress developer and entrepreneur. He creates and sells WordPress plugins at CalderaWP. It seems that music gets his fingers clicking.

Josh Pollock Workplace

John Turner

John Turner is the founder of the Coming Soon Pro plugin by SeedProd. His expertise includes PHP, jQuery, CSS, Apache, Linux, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX (the list goes on!) His screened porch doubles as his code production station:

John Turner Workplace

Steven Watts

Over a span of 5 years, Steven Watts has created some of the best and most influential WordPress websites. I think his inspiration and creativity comes from all the books he reads and keeps close while he works.

Steven Watts Workplace

Kevin Muldoon

With 16 years of experience under his belt, Kevin Muldoon has inspired a lot of WordPress developers. He starts off with a tidy workspace but eventually ends up messing up the whole place. Well, what can I say! Keep your gadgets safe Mr. Muldoon πŸ˜›

Kevin Muldoon Workplace

Joe Howard

Joe Howard of WP Buffs is more of an entrepreneur than a teacher. Looks like the perfect teacher’s desk!

Joe Howard Workplace

Sami Keijonen

Sami Keijonen is a teacher who likes to teach about the Internet and WordPress. Give him his microphone and let him educate the world from this particular spot!

Sami Keijonen Workplace

Bridget Willard

Bridget Willard is currently the Marketing Manager for WordImpress, co-host of WPblab and the co-organizer of Women Who WP meetup. She likes to keep things messy, but as long as she is getting her cans of Coke, she is good to go!

Bridget Willard Workplace

Ryan Hellyer

Ryan Hellyer is a prolific plugin developer and a mentor who shares vast amount of knowledge openly in the form of code snippets and tutorials. When he wants to work, he prefers to sit with his crew at a cafe and perform his adequate duties.

Ryan Hellyer Workplace

Fernando Acosta

Fernando has a curious mind that likes to roam around the internet. His expertise lies in AdWords, user engagement, SEO, CRO, web traffic analysis and performance hacks. He keeps all his gadgets close to maintaining his motivation level.

Fernando Acosta Workplace

So that’s all folks! I hope I haven’t missed any of our WordPress influencers. Yes! These are the beautiful and cozy spots where they get all the fantastic ideas. If you think that we have missed out any of our superstars, feel free to mention them in the comment section below. We will be awaiting your response.

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