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Easily Move Your WordPress Website from Localhost to Cloudways Using WordPress Duplicator Plugin

Updated on July 19, 2018

7 Min Read
WordPress Duplicator
Reading Time: 7 minutes

If you create WordPress websites on a regular basis, then developing a WordPress website on local server will save you a lot of your precious time.

Before you migrate your WordPress website from a local server to live server, you will require a managed WordPress hosting platform. One such hosting platform is Cloudways. It is a featured-filled cloud hosting platform that enables bloggers, designers, developers, and agencies to efficiently manage and deploy applications on top-notch IaaS providers such as DigitalOcean, Linode, Google Compute Engine, Amazon EC2 servers and Vultr.

Move WordPress from Localhost to Server Using WordPress Duplication Plugin

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you how you can move your WordPress website from localhost to Cloudways using WordPress Duplicator plugin. The Duplicator plugin provides WordPress administrators the ability to migrate WordPress, copy or clone a site from one location to another.

Now, you can forget your worries about images, backing up your database, plugins, themes, and moving them all separately because the Duplicator can do everything easy for you!

Even if you are a newbie, then this plugin can help you to migrate WordPress site from localhost to Cloudways server easily.


1) What You Need for WordPress Localhost to Live

To move your WordPress website from a localhost to another server, you need to have two things on your system. Firstly, you must have a local server setup on your computer (I assume that you have already created a website on a local server). Secondly, you should have a good web hosting plan that supports WordPress.

2) Download WordPress Duplicator Plugin

Now in this section, I am going to tell you how you can easily download the WordPress Duplicator plugin on your site. So let’s see the below steps.

3) Download and Install Plugin on a Local Site

From your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Plugins → Add New. Search for WordPress Duplicator plugin from the top-right search bar. As soon as you find it, click on the Install Now button. After successful installation, click on the activate button.

Download and Install Plugin

The second way is to go to WordPress Plugins Directory and download directly the Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin from there. And add this plugin manually on your WordPress website. To do this, go to Plugins → Add New and then upload your plugin.

After activating the plugin, you will be able to see the Duplicator menu on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard.

4) How to Export WordPress Site

Now in this step, I am going to tell you how you can recieve your WordPress files on your local computer from the WordPress Duplicator plugin.

Create a New Package

After activating the plugin, you will see the Duplicator menu on the left side of the WordPress dashboard. Go to Duplicator → Packages and then click Create New button to build a new package.

Create a New Package

Following are some of the requirements that you need to fulfill.

1. Setup

Simply click Next button to move on.


2. Scan

Again click Build button to go further.


3. Build

When you are done with the setup process, you will receive two files; Installer and Archive. Download both files on your desktop.

Installer and Archive

Now, let’s move to the live site.

5) How to Make WordPress Site Live

Now in this step, I am going to tell you how you can transfer WordPress site from localhost to live server. To do this, I am going to use the Cloudways server.

Move WordPress Website from a Localhost to Cloudways

Log in to your Cloudways account. If you are new to Cloudways, then first you need to sign up and then log in.

sign up and then log in

After that, go to your Server → Server Management and get the FTP Master Credentials.

FTP Master Credentials

6) How to Upload Localhost WordPress Site to Server

Now previously you have downloaded the Installer and Archive files to your computer. In this section, I am going to tell you how you can upload these two files into the live server.

Upload Installer and Archive File to Live Site

Next, upload the Installer and Archive files to your live server. You will need FileZilla to do this using FTP.

Navigate to your site via FTP. Add Host, Username, Password, and Port. On Cloudways, you need to make sure the port number must be 22.

Host, Username, Password

Then go to the applications folder.


Then, get into your specific application and navigate to your public_html folder and upload the Installer and Archive files from your desktop to the folder. It will take a couple of minutes because the archive files are large in size.

Note: Before you go ahead with uploading archive files, make sure that you delete the wp-config file via public_html.

7) Install Website on Cloud Server

Now, it’s time to run the installer setup on a live server. To do this, you need to go to your website address and add the installer.php.

For example: In this section, you need to follow these following steps.

Step 1: Extract Archive

After going to the installer page, you can see the following steps something like image below.

Then, click Next button to move on.

Step 2: Database Setup

No, you will be asked you to add a detail about Database. You can get database setup details in the Application → Application Management tab. To get a further reference, check out the image below.

Database Setup

Get satisfied once you get the success status for both, Server Connected and Database Found fields.

Install Database

Now, click Next to move on.

Run Installer

The Duplicator plugin actively performs with empty databases only. You can Remove All previous Data. To do this click on the check box called tables to remove all tables and or create a new database.

For further reference, check the image below.

Run Installer

Then, click on the Yes button.

install confirmation

Step 3: Data Replacement

You will be given a URL, Path, and Title automatically.

Data Replacement

Now, click the Next button to move on.

Step 4: Test Site

Once done, the final essential step is to be done. You will have to test your website. For that, the Duplicator plugin will ask you to follow a few important steps.

These steps are stated as a below:

Save Permalinks: Click on Save Permalinks button and you will be automatically redirected to your live site. Here, you can change the permalink settings as per your requirements.

Test Site: Click on Test Site button and it will open the front-end of your live site. Here, you can test everything is in working condition or not.

Security Cleanup: Lastly, Security Cleanup allows you to clean all the installation files and other files created by the Duplicator plugin during the transfer process. Before cleaning up, make sure that your website is properly copied and is working efficiently.

Security Cleanup

Now it’s time to move on to the live site.

8) Testing the Live Site

In most cases, all plugins are deactivated when you move WordPress site from a localhost to Cloudways server. To reactivate all the deactivated plugin, navigate to Plugins → Installed Plugin, select all and then Activate.

Plugins → Installed

Also, it will be in your best interest if you follow the recommended settings of Breeze – free WordPress cache plugin after successful migration of your site from a localhost to Cloudways server. The recommended settings are optimized and enhance the speed of WordPress websites.

Congratulations! You have successfully tested and moved your WordPress website from a localhost to Cloudways – A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

Test website

Final Thoughts!

That’s all! As you can see how easily we moved WordPress website from a localhost server to Cloudways server. All thanks to the amazing WordPress Duplicator Plugin. If it weren’t for WordPress, it would surely be a hassle. But with just a few clicks, all website content is successfully transferred from a localhost to a cloud server.

The aim of the above article is to educate users on how they can move their WordPress website from localhost to Cloudways. Keep in mind, the above method is not recommended for transferring content from other hosting providers to Cloudways. If you want to do so, then we recommend users to use WordPress Migration Plugin.

If you find any problem while transferring your website content, don’t hold back! Feel free to ask us and do leave your questions in the comment section provided below. I would love to help you out with your queries.

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Saud Razzak

Saud is the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed WooCommerce Hosting Platform. Saud is responsible for creating buzz, spread knowledge, and educate the people about WordPress in the Community around the globe. In his free time, he likes to play cricket and learn new things on the Internet. You can email him at

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