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The 5 Best WordPress Websites Disaster Recovery Plugins

Updated on December 23, 2015

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Life can never be predicted. Everything is going great one day, but the next day, you’re in a jam and wondering how to get out of it. At a time of trouble, you want to be able to rely on yourself rather than frantically searching for advice and solutions from others.

For many businesses, WordPress is a serious part of their business success. There are a variety of threats – despite the strong security features of this Content Management System – that you need to be wary of. Just in case something goes wrong and your website just won’t go back up, you need a proper system in place to restore your website and take it to live again.

I advise you to form a proper Standard Operating Procedure for WordPress Disaster Recovery, and your primary tool for recovery should one of the following disaster recovery plugins. I’ve compiled this list to help you choose a tried and tested plugin which works effectively to backup and restore your WordPress install.

Let us take a look.

WordPress Backup & Restore Plugin – WPBackItUp


WordPress Backup & Restore Plugin aka WPBackItUp is an amazing plugin which has been installed over 10,000 times. And for good reason. It is a one-click backup solution for WordPress. All of your site’s content and vitals are downloaded in zip format (media, themes, database, and all other content).

Download the backup and store it offline, away from your main server. The thing about this plugin is that it works great for websites hosted on shared servers. The download is compressed to save space. It works on PHP 5, and I expect support for PHP 7 will soon be added.

Now, to restore the backup in case of an emergency, you need to have the premium version of the plugin. I recommend it because it’s an easy way to restore your site during an emergency when downtime could be costing you lots of traffic and leads.

WP Backup and Restore is the plugin for you if you don’t want to be tangled in the technicalities such as FTP, cPanel etc.

Backup WP

Backup WP is another great plugin which meets all your WordPress backup and restore needs. You can keep working while this plugin works on creating your backup, as it runs in the background, not in your browser.

The free version of Backup allows you to create a manual backup and also allows you to restore it with a single click! That’s something most plugins don’t allow on the free versions. Not only that, the free Backup plugin can also upload your backup to your FTP server.

The paid version of the plugin has many extra features. Do you want to upload your backup to your Dropbox account? You got it. Tired of repeatedly creating backups manually? No problem. Get the paid version of Backup and you can automate the whole process. WordPress backup customization is also possible with Backup.

The full version of the plugin also provides you constant notifications throughout the process.

XCloner – Backup and Restore

XCloner Backup and Restore

XCloner – Backup and Restore is by far the most comprehensive and popular WordPress backup plugin. It has been used by over 300,000 people to successfully backup their site. It allows you to create full or partial WordPress backups. Well, every plugin mentioned in this article does that. So, what’s special about XCloner for WordPress?

It has options that no other plugin does. You can delete backups older than a certain date. You can manage existing backups, rename/delete/move, and publish to front-end for sharing. You can set cron job backups and store them locally or through FTP. You can manually, or through cron settings, exclude directory and files from the backup.

The backups can be restored on a completely different server with different MySQL details. The new host settings are automatically to the configuration files. The plugin’s backend is available in several languages.

The only drawback of XCloner is that it’s compatible only up to WordPress 4.2.5.

Simple Backup

If you’re a LAMP stack guy or gal, and you like working on Linux servers, then Simple Backup is a good plugin for you. You need a fair bit of technical knowledge to use this plugin, but if you do have the skills, Simple Backup does its job wonderfully.

For this plugin to work, you need to have root access because the plugin creates a writeable directory.

AnyBackup – Backup | Preview | Restore


If you want to test your backups before the actual emergency occurs and you need to restore, then AnyBack is the plugin for you. You can use it to check if the backups created actually work, via the live preview feature of this plugin.

The support is good, while the plugin allows you to switch hosts via 1-click backups. Zero downtime restore is a feature of the AnyBackup plugin. All plans of this plugin come with unlimited storage space, while data is stored in 3 different geographical locations.

I hope one of these plugins fits your needs. Think of a WordPress Disaster Recovery Plugin as a form of insurance against accidental disasters or intentional, malicious attacks.

The Cloudways Backup

Users of the Cloudways Managed Cloud Web Hosting Platform can set the frequency of automatic backups of their servers and WordPress application data to as frequently as one hour! If you’re cloning, you can do that via a separate clone button. Almost everything is a 1-click task on the Cloudways Platform.

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Zain Imran

Zain Imran is a Digital Content Producer at Cloudways. He is an engineer and loves to learn about technologies. He is a sports and fitness freak.

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