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WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro – A Champion in its Own Right

December 28, 2017

7 Min Read
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When it comes to WordPress Shipping plugins, there are a lot of options out there. Then there are the expectations of the store owner to consider as well. Most of the plugins that provide real-time predefined shipping rates are basing it on limited factors. Hence the idea of personalization is often lost for the store owner. Table rate shipping allows store owners to set shipping rules based on a large number of factors. This way store owners can personalize shipping rates based on their preferable factor.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

This article covers the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin, which is one of the best shipping solutions when it comes to personalising the shipping cost.

In the first section, we discuss some of the features that makes it one of the best plugins out there.

Table Rate Shipping Pro’s USPs

While calculating shipping rates, a store owner needs to think about a lot of parameters so that his unique business case can be satisfied. Some of these parameters are:

  • Weight: This involves calculating shipping cost based on the total weight of either one product or even all the products in the cart.
  • Quantity: The quantity of either one product or the total number of products in the cart may change the shipping cost drastically.
  • Destination Country: Shipping cost for one country, for example, Canada, may be lesser than that of the UAE.
  • WooCommerce Shipping Zone: A WooCommerce shipping zone may have different countries clubbed together with some states of some other countries so that all these regions can have similar shipping rates.
  • Shipping Classes: A category of products may have different shipping cost than that of the remaining products or some other category of products.
  • Cart Price: Sometimes you may want to charge shipping only after a certain Cart Price is reached, otherwise no shipping charges.

Most of the store owners are not able to configure their shipping rates around these parameters. Either they are able to configure their shipping costs around one or two or as the best case three such parameters. But all these parameters are the USPs of the Table Rate Shipping Pro. With Shipping Pro, you can configure not one, not two, but all of these parameters — all at once!

Bundle Rate Shipping

Providing shipping rates calculation based on the parameters that we discuss in the above section is great. But wouldn’t it be amazing if there is a single shipping solution that provides bundle (combined) shipping rates?

It surely would!

Using Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin, a store owner not only provides personalised shipping, but also a conditional customization within it. For more information, read How Shipping Pro handles Bundle Rate Shipping.

Configuring the Rates for a Shipping Carrier

Apart from the amazing features, WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro is so flexible that it can be used to configure shipping scenarios of a Shipping Carrier such as Royal Mail.

Check out this video showing how Shipping Pro achieves the Royal Mail’s shipping scenario.

A Simplified Text Panel for Every Rule

Table Rate Shipping Pro is capable of simplifying a complex rule to a simple sentence so that the store owner can understand it easily. This not only allows the customer to verify the accuracy of the rule but also enables him to add other parameters to combine multiple rules as a single rule.

A Simplified Text Panel for Every Rule

Both Fixed and Variable Cost per Item

One of the interesting features of Table Rate Shipping Pro is the ability to add both Fixed and Variable Shipping cost per item. With this feature, it is up to the store owner whether to apply shipping rates as a whole or on a per item basis.

Ability to Handle Bulk Data

Shipping Pro has the ability to handle bulk data in the form of a CSV file. The shipping rules that are created with the help of Shipping Pro can be exported as a CSV file and/or customized on the store owner’s preference and business requirement. Once the addition is done, the same file can be imported into the plugin. Handling humongous data is one less thing to worry about with Table Rates Shipping Pro.

Blazing Fast Support

One of the most important features that make Table Rate Shipping Pro one of the best plugins, is the Customer Support. We have the fastest support that is there in terms of the first response time as well as the customer satisfaction rate. The blazing fast support makes it easier for customers to understand the plugin better, in a shorter time.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin may be among the best plugins but like any other plugin, it also has some shortcomings.

Some Shortcomings

We at XAdapter, don’t believe shortcomings or challenges are always a disadvantage. If the customer has to overcome a business challenge, and if it is going to benefit other customers too, then we will strive to achieve it. This principle helps us to continuously improve our products and that is why we are the preferred choice when it comes to WooCommerce solutions.

Here are some of the future aspects, that our team is either working on or planning to work on:

Dimension-based Shipping Cost

Volumetric weight is one field that remains untouched by Shipping Pro. So far Shipping Pro can configure any scenario based on total/unit weight or quantity in the cart, shipping classes, shipping zones, etc. But sooner or later, the dimension-based shipping will also be among the USPs of this plugin.

More Complex Parameters Like Those of FedEx Etc.

Big fishes of online shipping, such as FedEx, have very complex shipping rate calculations based on countries, states, zip codes, etc. But with Shipping Pro, a similar scenario is either not possible, or if possible, it may seem very complex to the store owners.

So these are some places that Shipping Pro needs to conquer before becoming the ultimate shipping solution for WooCommerce.

All the above were the generic aspects of the plugin. Now what about handling a complex business scenario? Let us check-out it’s prowess:

Shipping Scenarios for Multiple Business Cases Are:

Shipping Scenarios for Multiple Business Cases Are

Set up Shipping Cost Using WooCommerce Shipping Pro Plugin

Once the plugin is installed and successfully activated, it redirects the store owner to the Shipping Rule tab. After that you need to follow these steps to configure a basic shipping rule,

  • Goto Settings tab and select the Enable this shipping method. This will enable the plugin and allow the plugin to show a shipping rule on the cart page.
  • Select Matrix Columns. Based on the requirement, store owner can select matrix columns which will include factors liks weight, country, shipping zone, etc. Once selected, these will be visible while creating the shipping rule.
  • Select which cost you want to show to your customers in case more than one rule is satisfied. By default Choose Maximum Rate Incase Multiple rule is selected, but you can change it to minimum also.
  • Under Calculation method you can select how the shipping rates will be calculated. By default, Calculate Shipping Cost Per Order is selected, but you can change it to per item, per line item, per shipping class, etc.
  • After saving the settings, go back to the Shipping Rule tab. There you can see all the Matrix columns selected in the earlier steps. You can start creating shipping rules by clicking on Add Rule.

Once the rules are created and saved successfully, it will look something like the image below.

Set up Shipping Cost Using WooCommerce Shipping Pro Plugin

Let’s go to the shopping cart and verify the above business case.

Shopping Cart

Local shipping fixed cost for 1 KG. Shipping cost $8.26.

Local shipping

Local shipping 1.75 KG rounded up to 2 KG. Shipping cost: $9.06 which is 8.26+(0.8*1).

Local shipping 1.75 KG

Neighboring shipping 1 KG fixed cost. Shipping cost: $13.26.

Neighboring shipping

Neighboring shipping 1.25 KG rounded up to 1.5 KG. Shipping cost: $14.26 which is 13.26+(0.5*2).

Neighboring shipping

Rest of the world 5.25 KG. Shipping cost: $41.25 which is 15+(5.25*5).

Shipping cost

Weight 10.25 KG. Free shipping after 10 KG.

Free shipping

Order weight 100.25 Default shipping after 100 KG. Shipping cost: $25 which is (0+.25*100). No charge for first 100 KG.

Wrapping Up!

So in the above cases, we can see that this plugin is even more powerful than it sounds. This plugin’s ability to personalize complex shipping scenarios is matched by none.

Table Rate Shipping Pro has the ability to transform complex shipping rules into comprehensible information. Based on widely used parameters such as weight, quantity, price, location, etc., it effortlessly handles varied shipping requirements. With so many factors to choose from, this plugin can achieve almost every shipping scenario that a WooCommerce store owner has to deal with on a daily basis.

You can also try out your own business scenario on the demo site here.

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