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Tag WooCommerce Instagram Products to Beef up Sales Strategy

November 13, 2018

7 Min Read
Tag WooCommerce Products on Instagram
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Instagram has surpassed all other social media platforms in terms of reach, the richness of content, user-friendly interface, and great value for users. Millions of users prefer Instagram to other social media channels for their daily dose of news, entertainment, and leisure. Realizing this, almost every brand and celebrity you can name is now on Instagram and uses it as a promotional and advertising tool, or simply as a medium to interact more closely with their fans and followers.

If you want to discover how to drive traffic and sell products using Instagram Shopping, you’re in luck!

Instagram has not only changed the way people (and brands) communicate but also how brands see and interact with their audience. Shopping on Instagram has become a real phenomenon and the platform is an important channel that brands could no longer ignore.

What Is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is a great feature designed for businesses that need to set up a storefront on Instagram. On this shopfront, a business can tag individual posts about their products and link the product’s landing page to the post. This simplifies the process of Instagram shopping for the users who can now access all the relevant details and the products landing page in a couple of taps.

Instagram Shoppable Post is one of the most important features of the platform since the launch.

Instagram has been testing shoppable posts for months in the United States and after successful trials and overwhelming user response, the feature is made available for other countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

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WooCommerce Instagram Shopping for Stores

Now that you know the basics of Instagram shoppable post, I think it is important to lay down the criteria you must meet to use this great ecommerce focused feature.

Instagram shoppable post is an excellent opportunity for WooCommerce stores.

Requirements to Sell Products on Instagram

Unfortunately, at the moment, not all businesses can use the shoppable post feature. Here are the minimum requirements to sell products on Instagram:

  • Have a business profile (a personal profile is not acceptable)
  • Operate in any of these countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States
  • Have the latest version of Instagram
  • Have published at least 9 posts
  • Sell physical products that comply with Instagram regulations, merchant agreement and trade policies
  • Have an Instagram profile connected to Facebook
  • Have integrated product catalog at the Facebook Profile

Selling on Instagram: Best Way to Reach $100,000 In Sales

Note: If you don’t know how to integrate your catalog on Facebook, read create WooCommerce store with Facebook.

Tag WooCommerce Products on Instagram

With the business profile configured and approved for Instagram shoppable posts, the next step is learning how to tag WooCommerce products on Instagram in individual posts.

Let’s start!

Step1: Upload a picture, add the text and filters you want, and click “Next”.

upload a photo

Step 2: Write a catchy caption for your product, and click “Tag Products”.

add description and tag products

Step 3: Tap the product you wish to tag in the picture.

touch products to tag

Step 4: Search for the product (for e.g. by SKU) from your catalog and select it.

search products from catalog

Step 5: Review the tag (drag to move or tap to delete) and tap .

verify product tags

Step 6: Finally, tap “Share”.

publish instagram post

Note: It is important to know that you can tag only five products in a picture. If it’s a multi-image picture, this limit goes up to 20.

instagram post with tags

With a single post, you can easily edit the product tags in the future. However, in a post with multiple pictures, you cannot edit product tags after publication.

Pro Tip: When you update the catalog on Facebook, the changes are reflected on the Instagram as well, and the tags are removed from the products that are no longer available on the Facebook catalog.

Don’t miss the opportunity that Instagram Shopping offers! It’s easy to set up and opens up unlimited prospects for expanding your customer base.

Tips for Optimizing Instagram Shoppable Posts

The following tips will help you create engaging posts for your Instagram visitors:

  • Take care of the quality of the images, the framings, and colors. Try to bring attention to the products.
  • Support the images with text to complement the information, and respect the spelling rules.
  • Everything depends on what you want to convey, to whom and how.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant. However, remember Instagram users avoid stories and posts with a deluge of hashtags
  • Take advantage of the data provided by Instagram

Improve Shopping Experience for Visitors

Instagram Shoppable Posts has changed the way businesses use the social network for increasing the brand reach and attracting visitors to the sales pages, with direct impact on the sales and revenues. However, all this depend upon how your products are presented on Instagram, and how you ensure the user experience for the visitors. The following tips will help you create great posts that compel Instagram users to buy from your store.

1. Activate the Shop Button

To activate the store button in your business profile, simply publish at least one shoppable post on your profile. Create a new post or open an existing one and bookmark a product. The button will appear as shown in the image below:

activate shop button

2. Tag Multiple Products

Remember, the tag limit on individual posts is up to five products, and 20 in carousels. This is a great opportunity for advertising multiple products through a single post. For example, an image of a model dressed in clothes is an opportunity for marketing multiple products.

tag multiple products

3. Use Consistent Design

In Instagram Stories, remember to edit the text color when marking your products through the figurine icon. Make sure that the design of the post is in harmony with what is being displayed in the picture.

use consistent design

4. Create Product Carousel

An Instagram carousel is a great opportunity for adding pictures and videos. This way, you can showcase your products and impress the visitors into becoming customers.

Cannot create a carousel of images? It’s simple! Before posting, select multiple images in the sequence you want them to appear. See the example in the image below.

select multiple images

5. Advertise with Care

When announcing promotions or launching new products through pictures and videos, remember to keep it as the focus of the publication. Center it in the image and make sure the image is designed with the target audience in mind.

Your product catalog is your digital showcase. Therefore, the better the quality of your images, the more professional the appearance of your store.

advertise with care

WooCommerce Instagram Shopping for Users

For Instagram users, shopping on Instagram is simple and the best part is that the user doesn’t have to leave the platform.

Let’s see all the steps!

kylie cosmetics profile

— © kyliecosmetics/Instagram

When you find a post with the product label, press the button that appears at the bottom with the text “Tap to View Products”.

tap to view products

— © kyliecosmetics/Instagram

In the image, you will see a small label with the product name and the price. If you decide to make the purchase, you only have to tap the label to visit the official sales page.

click label to view details

— © kyliecosmetics/Instagram

You will get a new screen with the product photo from the catalog, the product name, the price, and the description. In the lower part, there is a blue button with the caption “View on Website”, which you can tap to make the purchase.

view product on website

— © kyliecosmetics/Instagram

Instagram will take you to the online store in the internal browser.

store in internal browser

— © kyliecosmetics/Instagram

This is the place where the product image is actually published. This is the last step of the buyer journey.

Remember that a single post can be tagged with five products. If you want to see all the tagged products, tap the icon of the shopping cart that appears in the image.

— © kyliecosmetics/Instagram

To conclude, keep in mind that it is crucial to take the time to beef up WooCommerce sales strategy on Instagram. The more you publish and tag products on shoppable posts, the more you attract the target audience to your WooCommerce Instagram store.

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