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WooCommerce Booking Plugins Help Manage Your Business in 2019

September 28, 2018

5 Min Read
woocommerce booking plugins
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Does your WooCommerce store involve frequent bookings and appointments? Do you want a store presenting your services or your goods and on which customers can book directly? If yes, then a WooCommerce bookings plugins is all you need!

But who might need bookings and appointments? The cases are much more numerous than it seems at first sight. In fact, many professions or occupations use appointments in their functions. You are a doctor, dentist, hairdresser, spa, massage therapist, lawyer, plumber, electrician, personal coach, trainer, psychiatrist, etc.

WooCommerce bookings plugins will not only allow you to put calendars online, pay or make a direct deposit with PayPal but also allow you to sync with other services like Google Calendar. We will also present WooCommerce booking plugins specialized according to your profession or needs specific to your profession.

WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugins

Although there are many WooCommerce bookings plugins available in the market; some are free while others are paid. With a free plugin, you can avail some limited functionalities as compared to the paid ones. Now let’s see the list of WooCommerce booking plugins.

  • YITH WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin (Paid)
  • Book Appointments & Reservations with WooCommerce (Paid)
  • WooCommerce Booking (Paid)
  • WooCommerce Appointments (Paid)
  • WooCommerce Easy Booking (Free)
  • WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments (Free)
  • WooCommerce Booking System (Free)

WooCommerce Easy Booking Plugin (Free)

WooCommerce Easy Booking Plugin

— Source: WordPress

For the purpose of this article, I am using WooCommerce Easy Booking plugin. It adds one or two fields to the product page: a start date and an end date and. If necessary, calculates a new price based on a daily, nightly, weekly or custom basis (e.g. $4 per day/night/week/custom period). It has more than 4000 active installs.

Features of WooCommerce Easy Booking Plugin

These below are some of the useful features of WooCommerce easy booking plugin you need to check out.

  • Easily manage availabilities of your bookable products
  • Set different prices depending on days, dates or date ranges
  • Set discounts or surcharges depending on booking duration
  • Easily disable days or dates on booking schedules

Setup WooCommerce Easy Booking Plugin

The first thing: go to your WooCommerce Dashboard → Plugins → Add New. On the top-right search box, enter WooCommerce easy booking, click on the Install Now button and the Activate the plugin.

WooCommerce easy booking

After successfully plugin activated the Easy Booking tab will appear on your sidebar section.

Now, let’s move to the setting tab. Here you can see three options like General Settings, Appearance, and Booking Status. Let see explore how they work.

General Settings

In this section, you can see the following options.

  • Calculation mode: You have two options: days and nights. Choose any option whatever you want to calculate the final price depending on a number of days or number of nights (i.e. 3 days = 3 nights).
  • Make all products bookable?: If you want new or modified product will be automatically bookable, then check this option.
  • Number of dates to select: You can select the number of dates.
  • Booking Duration: You can select the booking duration whether it’s daily, weekly or custom.
  • Custom booking duration: You can use only for products with “Custom” as a booking duration.
  • Minimum booking duration: You can set a minimum booking duration for all your products. You can also individually change it in your product settings. Leave 0 or empty to set no duration limit.
  • First available date: You can set the first available dates for all your products, relative to the current day.
  • Last available date: You can set the last available date for all your products, relative to the current day. Max limit is 3650 days (i.e. 10 years).
  • First weekday: You can set the first-weekday whether it’s Sunday or Monday.


In this section, you can customize the calendar so it can appeal to your visitors. Here, you can change the calendar theme, background color, main color, and text color.

Booking Status

These booking status are not related to WooCommerce order statuses, these are the information and organization purpose booking status.

They follow this pattern:

  • Two dates: Pending → (Start) → Processing → (End) → Completed
  • One date: Pending → Processing → Completed
  • Start status settings: You can set the two options whether you want to start automatically or manually. If you need time to prepare or deliver your items, set this status a few days before booking start date.
  • Processing status settings: If you can set this option to “Automatically” or “Processing” status, then it will start one day after the booking start date.
  • End status settings: This will automatically change on booking end date. Only for two dates products.
  • Completed Status Settings: It will start one day after booking end date.

Bookable Option

Now you can see the bookable option of each of your product. For example, if you want bookable of your product, then you just go to any product. In the Product Data, just check on the Bookable option.

After checking that, you will see the Bookings option on product data (refer to the above image). Just configure it as per your requirement and save the changes. I have configured, Start and End date on purpose. Now you can see that they appear on my product page.


— Source: WordPress

Final Words

That’s it! I am sure that you have easily understood how you can add the booking system to your WooCommerce store. It doesn’t matter what business do you have either spa, hoteling, traveling, apartments, hotels. You just need to add any of WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin to manage everything easily.

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