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You ought to know Why Managed Cloud Services are needed?

Updated on October 27, 2014

4 Min Read

With millions of investors promoting the concept of cloud computing, time is not far off when Internet world will be captured by it completely. A competent yet cost effective way to boost the financials of organizations, cloud computing has turned out to be a boon to the IT infrastructure companies.

Now, the fact that managing an organization’s cloud requires ample time and skilled work force rightly conveys the message that managed cloud services play an important role in it. Your cloud management service provider will guide you throughout the entire process of cloud management and would help you to manage your cloud in the competent way possible provided it is a reputed one having years of experience in the field.

why managed cloud servicesSignificance of Managed Cloud Services

Prime focus of every organization, whether established or establishing is to find cost-effective ways to run its daily operations in order to invest the saved money for other business prospects. With the advent of managed cloud providers, issues like migration of cloud, data security and improving scalability are tackled with ease. The only thing that organizations need to focus upon is to hire reputed cloud service provider that has sound expertise in the field.

Cloud service providers become significant as they are solely responsible for managing all the three fundamentals of cloud including infrastructure, software and platform. Thus, a lot of changes have been observed in cloud environment with the dedicated and competent services provided by Managed cloud service providers. Let us see how.

Points to Ponder Upon – Need for MCS

  • Hiring MCS will not only reduce the cost of installing or securing software and hardware data, but also help you run your business effectively and efficiently. This means, one doesn’t have to worry about purchasing high-end computer hard drives or desktops as the entire data is stored and accessed from the web acting as one big server.
  • Whatever turns out on screen is accessed from multiple servers placed elsewhere on your cloud plus is managed by company by your managed cloud service provider, which means the work load of organizations reduces to a large extent and enables them to concentrate more on core business needs.
  • Managed cloud providers also help in improving and enhancing the scalability of organizations so that they work in a green environment. Better scalability is provided through intelligent load balancing and round the clock maintenance and monitoring.
  • Nevertheless, managed service professionals are proficient enough to provide your cloud with 24*7*365 days assistance along with providing managed services for IaaS, SaaS and PaaS respectively as well depending upon personal requirement.
  • Employers can enjoy device independence and cloud-work independence, which applies to give rise to the fact that they become habitual to working in a virtual environment, which means no software and hardware installation or collaboration mess in computer systems, plus no hardware, software monitoring, which in turn results into more focus on core business, hence more productivity.
  • Biggest advantage of managed cloud services is that it lets you focus on your core business. No more space, bandwidth and IT resources hassles to handle. Its all in safe and experienced hands of managed cloud service providers.

Reliability with Managed Cloud Service

With scalability and flexibility, another important feature and facility you get with managed cloud service is Reliability. Let us explain it here, reliability basically means back-up and disaster recovery planning to ensure 110% uptime.

Not long ago, we saw one of the biggest cloud break downs, when Amazon cloud was down due to unexpected errors and problems. With amazon cloud went down many of the world’s top services, websites and apps, which resulted in to huge loss for many businesses.

Managed cloud service provider plans and designs your cloud infrastructure by exploiting and distributing your cloud infrastructure in to different availability zones. This not only reduces downtime risks due to cloud collapse but also helps you in planning your business/service/website uptime on concrete and reliable bases.

With Managed cloud service provider you do not have to worry about entire cloud infrastructure downtime as we have all planned for you as a “disaster recovery and back-up plan”. This is something you definitely do not get with your cloud infrastructure.

Establish your Own Virtual Sysadmin Team with Virtual Management Software

For every managed cloud service provider to manage an organization’s cloud effectively, incorporating virtual sysadmin team can be beneficial. Perhaps the installation of these tools is done by skilled professionals who have ample knowledge on the in and outs of the entire mechanism of managing a cloud.

Commonly supported virtual applications by managed cloud service providers include Windows OS, Linux and UNIX operating systems. Apart from these, the new version of Oracle’s Java 7 virtualization support policy has given a sigh of relief to the Java professionals who once expressed their discomfort that virtual cloud environment wouldn’t get along well with their Java based software applications. Moreover, managed cloud services also provide ready to install configurations for various other platforms and gives new clouders proper guide to take full advantage of cloud scalability and flexibility.

Bottom line in the entire discussion is that even though you might have chosen best management software tools for managing and keep running your cloud smoothly, till the time you are short of skilled and expert professional dealing with its incorporation and implementation, all the investments made would be in vain.

So, hiring skilled man force and having right business strategies can enable your businesses reach at unstoppable heights. Cloud management would then just be a beginning step for future business expansion plans.


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