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Interview of Dmitry Voronenko, The CEO at TurnKey Lender

July 14, 2018

3 Min Read
TurnKey Lender CEO Dmitry Voronenko
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hello, Dmitry! I am excited to conduct this interview, thank you for your time. Could you please tell our readers a bit about yourself and your career?

Dmitry: I am CEO at TurnKey Lender, lending automation company which helps its customers in 28 countries all over the world to reduce credit risks, streamline loan origination and improve portfolio yields. Basically, we deliver an enterprise grade, end-to-end solution that allows leaner companies, such as credit unions or microfinance institutions, to compete against big banks and eventually provide cheaper financing for responsible borrowers.

Prior to founding TurnKey Lender, I was the CEO and founder of Scorto for 10 years. That company developed credit risk management and decision management solutions and had a customer portfolio that featured global industry titans like the World Bank, Daimler Financial Services, Société Générale, Sumitomo and LG.

And even before that, I was the CEO and founder of Alyuda Research, a startup in the field of data mining and artificial neural network software for leading research and development organizations, including Oxford University, Drone Aerospace Systems, MIT, NUS and corporate labs of Fortune100 companies, including Microsoft, Boeing Satellite Systems, Pfizer and Citibank.

Cloudways: What inspired you to create cloud-based online lending software and how is it different from the competition?

Dmitry: I co-founded TurnKey Lender with a vision to bring the ease of use, affordability, and efficiency to the world of lending digitalization, thus lowering the technology barrier for lending institutions and facilitating financial inclusion in the world.

Here is a video of Dmitry introduced his TurnKey Lender:

Cloudways: Which is your #1 challenge as CEO?

Dmitry: Making right decisions in situations with incomplete, ambiguous and unclear input data.

Cloudways: How you ensure you hire the best fit?

Dmitry: The most important rule: I only hire people I can trust and eager to hug and who at the same time would amplify the current capability of our team. And there should be no exception to this rule. That’s how we achieve the high professionalism and superb credentials.

Cloudways: How did you approach the change in your professional life?

Dmitry: I always think if this change is in harmony with the Flow of Nature, whether it is in line with the organic market forces. The most important changes are usually the most difficult to make, so both the mind and the soul should be in accord. Once you have it, the approach and stages of the change naturally evolve.

Cloudways: What has been your greatest career disappointment? What did you learn from it?

Dmitry: I started building companies from level zero 19 years ago. Turnkey Lender is my fourth software company. As founder and CEO I was the one who defined my career through company growth and team building, so there no disappointments as such, just lessons learned.

Cloudways: What are your thoughts about Cloudways?

Dmitry:  Cloudways track record proves it is great in offering secure, flexible and affordable managed hosting for growing businesses.

Cloudways: What other CEOs do you look up to, Who are your heroes?

Dmitry: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Tony Hsieh, Marc Benioff

Cloudways: I always ask my interviewees to share some pictures of their workstation. I would appreciate if you could show us how you keep your workplace.


Cloudways: Let us talk about when you were seven or eight. Who did you want to be?

Dmitry: At this age I wanted to be an astronaut and/or a professional genius ? Several years ago I did get a 2nd pilot training flight on an educational military fighter. This was the closest thing achieved towards astronautical experience ?. And I got my Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence inventing several algorithms and software products. Practical science with true business results of life-changing technology is much more appealing for me now than the idea of being a pure genius.

Cloudways: Let’s wrap this interview with a quick rapid fire. ?

Note: You should answer whatever comes to your mind first.

Cats or Dogs?
– Dogs

iOS or Android?
– Android

Movies or Games?
– Games of mind


Coffee or Beer?
– Coffee

Car or Bicycle?
– Car

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