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Customer Feedback – The Reason Behind Our Excellence

Updated on  26th April

Reading Time: 1 minute

A satisfied customer is an easy-to-manage customer who will talk about your business around them, so it is a source of new opportunities and a good reputation in the market. While a disgruntled customer may talk about your business in negative terms, this will not improve your reputation and will not allow you to reach new customers.

Cloudways Evaluates Customers

Therefore, we at Cloudways, reached out to our customers and ask for their opinion and experience about our services. We received an overwhelming number of positive feedback from which we have shortlisted a few for you. Well, we do not want you to take our word for it. Have a look at those amazing feedback from Cloudways’ Customers:

I run a medium sized digital agency and in all honesty the amount of time we spend setting up and deploying development sites and moving them between hosts is really frustrating. I moved all our operations to Cloudways (and push our clients to use Cloudways) about 12 months ago and it's really been amazing. Not all hosting companies offer staging URLs and that one act alone means we can deploy a site and get tons of work on it done before the URL would even propagate to it in a few hours. It saves a lot of time and hassle for us. Not to mention Cloudways is running much faster than our previous hosting (GoDaddy VPS + Managed Dedicated or Dedicated). I actually quit simply because when they got bought out last year their support became a disaster... I got told Cloudways have a good live chat and that was the main reason I signed up. ha! Also it's incredible how many hosts are not using LetsEncrypt and still charging $50 per SSL + $60/y extra for IP's - its extortion!

Sean O'Brien

In 2018 I’ve finally moved my web buzz into Cloudways (but I was looking for this step since 1 year ago), and I couldn’t be more satisfied. The amazing speed, easy Platform interface, summed with a dedicated team, made it so much easier to be a Server Manager for WordPress (that’s the CMS I use). Congrats buddies!

Fabio Fava

We have been using Cloudways managed hosting for around 2-3yr Initially started with their free trial service. Later added fund to continue the hosting service. The techie behind Cloudways are supportive and really good people. Whenever we need help they come out with positive attitude and supportive mind set. The hosting performance is really great with almost 100% up time and SUPERB speed. We love the price and speed they provide. We are hosting several WordPress sites on Vultr servers which cost us only $10 per month. We hope to continue with them to satisfy our hosting need. Two thumbs up to Cloudways!

Gary Buckingham

Cloudways has chosen the top unmanaged hosting companies and manages them for us. The server performance is unbeatable. Uptime is at 100%. Support is always there when needed. As a business owner, this gives me the chance to focus on my business and not worry about the hosting side of things for my clients. Cloudways is also really responsive to new requests, and very active in the WordPress community. I personally love doing business with them.

Paul Aswad

Just outstanding. Period. Get off any other host and don't waste your time. Sites are SUPER fast and easy to migrate over. Ugh...why didn't I join a year ago!!!!!!!

Evan Michael

Already liked them for their general service, decent price and all the stuff you'd expect from a good host, but then I bungled something so badly that my website was completely broken, and I had no idea how to fix it... and they not only fixed the problem, but they saved me a couple hours of work by doing something I'd mentioned as an aside in my chat with tech support. Only a little more expensive than the el cheapo hosts, and a LOT better, though there is a learning curve if you're used to cPanel. Highly recommend - especially for high traffic sites, as they're a cloud host and have a great, low cost CDN in-house (that's faster than CloudFlare).

Solomon Kleinsmith

I've used Cloudways for several months now and it is quite an accomplishment they have made. I'm a long time system administrator with years of hosting experience. What Cloudways has managed to create is essentially the perfect managed VPS. But with cloud as the backend. No longer do you need cPanel. And, you don't have to know Linux at all. Support is always helpful, although there is no telephone support option so if you're the type who prefers to call support requests in you'll need to adjust that expectation to live within live chat and support tickets or just keep being unhappy waiting long periods on the phone with other hosts.

Mark Conger

Just migrated 4 sites from my old hosting to Cloudways. I love the interface, however not so *easy* to use for me. I contacted Cloudways tech support before, but other associates, have not compared to the associate I got today. I received excellent support from Shakeeb. He was patient and detailed in explaining exactly what I needed to do to get my sites up and running. He spent a good hour with me, and I finally understand what I am doing! In this business time is money and Shakeeb seem to understand the importance (and frustration I was feeling), but kept cool and explained each step in details. Thanks a lot Shakeeb!

Nalinee Singh

I've never been so glad about hosting provider. AWS, Google Cloud and other big players with their cloud services plus easy as pie sysadmin tools. Hats off to your services Cloudways.

Adrian Bienias

Never write any review before, this is my first time to do the review! I do because they really deserve it. Been work for many years doing the website, by far Cloudways is not only one of the best company I ever deal with, but they are definitely on top of every company. Their support is AMAZING, fast and very helpful! they never give up or let you down (shoutout to Faizan <--- this is the amazing support I mean!) however, there was also a bunch of amazing support there too as always they help me when I got a problem. I think the best decision I ever made when choosing a hosting is to choose Cloudways company for all of my website hosting. They deserve more than 10 stars!!!

Georgio John Marvin

Just got finished transferring my site over from another host. Muneeb was so excellent! He helped me every step of the way in testing and setting up my new hosting and I had a LOT of questions. He was very patient and helpful. I had some difficulties because I'm not very tech savvy, but he really went above and beyond the call of duty to help me through it. Thank you so much for providing such EXCELLENT support!

Rebecca Khan

Cloudways has excellent customer service and fast servers. The ability to choose serve location is critical for us. Their support team is polite and the response time is very very quick. A premium hosting service. Highly recommended!

Adam Zander

Have been with another cPanel type provider for several years. Their support was excellent, but we just outgrew the Cpanel type of functionality. Cloudways is one of the best things going on the net! So much flexibility, built in performance and scalability! And it isn't complicated... you can host on AWS, Google GCE, and 3 other platforms without dealing with ANY of that complexity... wow... and support has been great also. Will be migrating my WP multisite and many standalone WP sites and some PHP apps here very soon.

Patrick Steil

Cloudways is grateful to all the customers who expressed their appreciation and to those as well who did not but believe in our service and use it. Feedback as such drive the team further to achieve even better results in the future.

If you are a Cloudways’ Customers and want to share your valuable feedback about Cloudways, please feel free to write in the comment section below, we would also like to mention your feedback in this post.

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Ibad Ur Rehman

Ibad Ur Rehman is a WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways. He likes to explore latest open-source technologies and to interact with different communities. In his free time he likes to read, watch a series or fly his favorite Cessna 172SP in X Plane 10 flight simulator.

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