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Cloudways Announces Coding Challenge 2019

Updated on September 16, 2019

3 Min Read
Coding Challenge Cloudways 2019

Being a user-centric platform, Cloudways has always remained a place where you can build, deploy and manage pioneering applications. The platform believes in the ideas that can bring a change in the community, and help people achieve their goals while having fun!

So, this time around, we thought why not create a platform where budding developers can learn and hone their skills – a platform where it is easy to test out your tech skills while competing against some of the best in the market. That is why, Cloudways has now come up with a platform where all coding enthusiasts can show off their skills.

Cloudways has announced The Coding Challenge Contest where you can compete to be the best and win exciting rewards and prizes for your worthy skills.

Why Coding Challenge?

To stay ahead in the emerging tech field, one should always keep learning new things. Participating in such coding challenges improves your learning process, and gives you hands on market experience. It helps you to engage with fellow developers in the community and know what their experiences are.

In the same process, it helps you to explore new languages and coding techniques which you can learn and master to develop advanced applications. Taking part in such events gives you great learning curve on different frameworks and CMS platforms, as you come to know their functions and operational advantages.

And last but not the least, winning such competitions gives you recognition in the community. People get to know your name and your skills as how good you are. You can then build up your connections with some of the best in the market and can further hone your skills from their experiences as well.

Open Source Helps Develop Nice Applications

Open source development has the power to build enterprise level applications. Having a good GitHub repository containing some useful packages & libraries can get attention from other active developers on the platform. This could bring engagement to your GitHub profile and some nice collaboration as well.

Similarly, you can build a whole community around your tool/product, if it fits right according to market needs. PHPUnit, Elasticsearch and SpringCloud are some of those few names which have grown up in the same manner, gauging community interest and optimizing its repositories regularly to stay in the race.

Cloudways Coding Challenge: Build Website Speed Test Tool

Coding challenges are increasingly getting popular these days, as they draw huge attention of the developers to test out their skills amongst the best in the market. Hacktoberfest is one of the most famous coding contests in the world, as it receives thousands of submissions every year from developers all around the world.

Organizing such events helps to promote competitive dev culture as well as engagement within the community. That is why the Cloudways coding challenge aims to promote developers in the community who have innovative minds. Using the Cloudways platform, they can demonstrate their skills as how good they are and how much they are willing to learn. It’s a competition open for all!

So, first up, build a website speed test tool that measures the website page load time. The code should be well structured & without errors and must have speedy execution. Most importantly, follow the contest timelines as described.

The Participation Process

The participation process in the Cloudways coding challenge is quite straightforward. Just fill in your details in Gleam and submit your entries. Your subscription will be confirmed via email and will get listed in our competitors’ list.

In order to win the competition, you have to come up with a code that fits well on our four benchmarks.

  • Your code should be lightweight and must have speedy execution.
  • It should provide accurate and precised results as defined in the objective, remember no errors and extra stuff are required.
  • Better UX will give you more chances of winning, so build your code keeping the UX in mind.
  • Well-structured code will give you more points, as we will also rate submissions based on the execution efficiency.

Cloudways Coding Challenge 2019

The contest timelines for the first competition are as follows:

16th Sept: Coding contest starts and the challenge is announced!

25th Sept: The entries will be accepted till 25th of September via Gleam.

10th Oct: Brainstorm, create and submit your code till 10th of October via GitHub URL. (Send GitHub URL at: [email protected] with subject “Cloudways coding challenge 2019“)

15th Oct: It will take 5-6 days to review all the code entries.

17th Oct: Once the code review completes, we’ll make the Leaderboard live with winner on TOP!

20th Oct: We will announce the winner in communities also, so that your skills get recognition.

The Rewards

Your skills need recognition and that’s what we will be focusing primarily in this Coding Challenge. We will reward the winner with exclusive $500 FREE hosting credit for one year. So build, deploy and manage your applications on industry-leading Cloudways managed hosting platform for FREE!

Besides this, the winner will also receive an exclusive Cloudways goodie bag containing branded T-shirts, Stickers, Mugs and more.

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Shahroze Nawaz

Shahroze is a PHP Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Platform. Besides his work life, he loves movies and travelling.


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