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How to Build WooCommerce Online Store

February 22, 2018

5 Min Read
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Do you own a business? And, do you wish to go online with it?

If you want to sell some products on the Internet, then you should create an online. Although one can find many web applications to build thriving web stores, only a few of these are easy to use.

Build Online Shopping Store with WooCommerce

So, are you a WordPress enthusiast? Ask yourself! Do you wish to create a  robust platform to sell your products?

With WooCommerce store plugin, you can now build  online store of your choice using fast WooCommerce hosting within no time.

Today, I am going to shed light on how you can build WordPress online shop using the WooCommerce plugin. Here, I will discuss the plugins you should choose and how you can create a store and start selling your products right away.

Why Prefer WooCommerce Online Store?

WordPress is coupled with a vast repository of plugins. Some of these plugins can turn your WordPress website into an online store. A few names on the market are Jigoshop, WP eCommerce, or Shopp.

However, nothing beats WooCommerce store plugin. It has been installed more than 11 million times with a community of supporters and influencers.

Here are some of the advantages of using WooCommerce in WordPress:

  • WooCommerce store plugin is free and it comes with all the essential features of launching an ecommerce website on WordPress without sending anything.
  • The WooCommerce community has created hundreds of extensions to deliver a delightful online shopping experience to your visitors.
  • The success behind WooCommerce is simple. With WooCommerce, it is quite easy to create and manage products.
  • You have ultimate control over all aspects of your online store, such as data, price, and security.
  • WooCommerce offers an extensive range of templates to choose from reliable vendors. You can also go through some different platforms to find out which themes fits best to your web store needs.

Hence, without much ado, let’s build a WooCommerce store.

How to Install WooCommerce Online Store on WordPress?

To integrate WooCommerce online to your WordPress website, all you have to do is navigate to Plugins from your WordPress dashboard and select Add New. Then search for WooCommerce and click Install Now to initiate your plugin installation.

Install Plugin

Once, you have successfully installed WooCommerce online store,  now click the Activate button. Your WooCommerce store plugin is now ready for action.

Plugin Activate

Now, let’s learn how you can configure WooCommerce on WordPress in the easiest possible way.

You will have to go through a step-by-step setup Wizard for WooCommerce. This configuration method is an easier way as it can avoid your hassles of manual installation.

The startup screen of your WooCommerce store will, more or less, look like this:

WooCommerce store

The first step is to setup your WooCommerce store. To do so, you will have to set the following attributes such as My Account, Cart, and Check Out. These options are interchangeable, and you can easily find them in the Pages section of your WooCommerce dashboard.

Page Setup

The second step is to specify your other attributes such as your location, currency, and unit. These will help identify your location and help you measure your products accordingly.

Store Location

You can further set up taxes and invest in your future products accordingly. You can also skip this step at the moment. However, you can set up the taxes from your WooCommerce dashboard later as per your preferences.


As soon as you have set up your WooCommerce store details, then you will have to set up your PayPal account. WooCommerce allows you to choose from five different payment options. Plus, you can get more options through extensions.



The storefront is the free WordPress theme built and maintained by the makers of WooCommerce.


So, that’s all there is to it, All done. Just, click on “Create your first product” and let the magic happen.


WooCommerce Product Page

Before we move out, there is one more essential feature of your WooCommerce store, the Product Page. With WooCommerce Product Page, you can set the physical dimensions of your product. Also, you can set the dates for your sales and classify products as “in stock” or “out of stock” as per the product status.

Also, WooCommerce allows the use of shortcodes where you can pull functions easily. Shortcode will enable you to place any content or layout on different pages of your online web store.

While displaying some products on a particular page of your online web store, you need to focus on creating as many categories as you prefer. Also, you can assign products to these categories. The Product and Categories feature work similar to those in Posts on WordPress. To further learn, check out how to set up WooCommerce product description.

Test Product

Furthermore, if you wish to see the settings for the orders section in WooCommerce, you can check it out in their official documentation.

Not only that but you can also add coupons to your online web store. All thanks to the WooCommerce plugin, you can now quickly add coupons to different products. To learn about it, check out the complete documentation here.

WooCommerce Analytics

WooCommerce also comes with integrated analytics tools that can help you track your orders. You can generate detailed reports and also track how your online business is functioning across the Internet. Learn all about these reports in WooCommerce and how to track it in WooCommerce Analytics.

WooCommerce Analytics

Last but not the least are the WooCommerce Add-ons. It offers additional extensions for your online shop and allows the user to extend their functionalities to a great extent. Here are some of the WooCommerce extensions that can add more flexibility to your online web store.

Now you know, how easy it is to build WooCommerce online shopping store within few minutes. If you have a ready inventory of products, then within no time, you are good to go with your online web store.

Have you discovered WordPress WooCommerce at Cloudways yet? We have a special spot available just for you. Check out how you can setup your WooCommerce store on Cloudways in just a single click.

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Saud Razzak

Saud is the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed WooCommerce Hosting Platform. Saud is responsible for creating buzz, spread knowledge, and educate the people about WordPress in the Community around the globe. In his free time, he likes to play cricket and learn new things on the Internet. You can email him at

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