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AWS for Startups: Here’s How it can be a Game Changer!

November 8, 2019

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AWS Startup
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Startup businesses go through a number of challenges when they’re trying to survive in the market. Expenditures are kept on the low as they attempt to maximize revenue. It’s during this time they work towards setting up their digital footprint.

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When setting up a digital footprint, a website is essential for building the online presence of startup businesses. Setting up a website becomes a problem for business owners that are already consumed with business operational work. These business owners end up spending more than necessary resources to set up their websites due to their lack of technical knowledge.

Things change as technology evolves the way people function in today’s fast-paced life. Consider this: a person uses an average of 36 cloud-based services on a daily basis. Furthermore, a contributor at Forbes, Louis Columbus, predicts that 67% of enterprise infrastructures are going to be cloud-based by the end of 2020.

Business owners who plan on keeping up with innovation in technology should now jump on the bandwagon of cloud-based infrastructure. Adopting this technology will open opportunities to grow and benefit from economies-of-scale.

Business owners looking to create a website come across terms like web hosting, cloud solutions, and managed to host services during research. When searching for web hosting, the name Amazon Web Services (AWS) often pops up.

Why Opt for Amazon Web Services?

Most startups are comfortable with a hosting solution that fits their budget and is sustainable.

A business owner can scale vertically, with the benefit of AWS catering to traffic spikes while keeping server costs low. With this flexibility to scale the server, the business does not compromise on website performance.
Business owners have the ability to scale the server and then downsize it back to the original plan after the sales season ends. This way the business owner pays only for the resources their website or web application consumes.

Who Else Does AWS Benefit?

The benefits of AWS are on a phenomenal scale. A number of companies that use

Amazon Web Services include:

  • HESS
  • Kellogg’s
  • Suncorp Bank
  •  Vodafone
  • Expedia
  • Dow Jones
  • NTT Docomo
  • Novartis

Startup Companies

Similarly, AWS has been a prominent choice for a number of startup companies that are now considered established companies.

  • Airbnb
  • Slack
  • Instacart
  • Lyft
  • Realeyes
  • Unbabel
  • Nextdoor

Established Companies

Aws Can Be Overwhelming

Companies that use AWS benefit from the broad ecosystem that prevails. It supports a  wide array of applications, websites, and eCommerce stores. Hence, AWS for startups may appear to be overwhelming.

Experimenting with the server requires time and experience, which is already a rare commodity for a startup business. These businesses often hire a system admin to handle server maintenance and server management, which then ends up consuming a big chunk of their budget.

After signing up with AWS,  this user gains access to designated server resources that are barebones with an operating system. The user will then have to use the given console to set up the prerequisites for a web application and then deploy the web application. This entire process can be a tedious and time-consuming task for someone that’s not familiar with these processes.

This is where managed cloud-hosting solutions come into the picture.

Experience the Benefits of AWS with Managed Cloud Hosting

Since time is precious for a startup business owner. It’s rare to find them rolling up their sleeves and trying to understand the workings of a server and web application deployment. Hence, the need for a system admin would take off all such tasks.

Additionally, there’s another solution that isn’t as expensive as hiring a system admin. Cloudways solves this problem by becoming a platform that handles server operations with the help of a simple browser-based platform.

Save Time

Companies that use Cloudways enjoy the benefits of AWS by using a smarter option in managing a server for business owners. Launching an AWS server with Cloudways will take under ten minutes, which is what makes this platform simple and effective.

Our managed cloud hosting platform provide users with a number of features. After signing up, the user can choose to deploy several web apps; WordPress (including WooCommerce and Multisite), Magento, Larvel, Drupal, OpenCart, and more. Enter the server requirements in their respective fields and that’s it!

The server is ready and Live within a few minutes.

There are several features that make life simple for a business owner. For instance, if a Cloudways user already has a WordPress powered website, they can migrate their site to any of the Cloudways providers for free.

So, how else does this platform make life hassle-free?

Easy Server Management

AWS benefits startups, with Cloudways, handles server related cybersecurity risks and threats. Regular OS patching and firmware upgrades on the server reduces vulnerabilities. Alternatively, hiring a system admin would have to do this manually can be expensive and time-consuming.

Whilst on the topic of security, the IP Whitelisting option allows specific IP addresses to connect to the server. This acts as a security layer against DDOS attacks. For added security, enabling the two-step verification also protects the user from brute-force attacks.

Through the platform, the user can vertically scale the server. This is useful when server resources get overloaded due to heavy traffic. With Cloudways, server scaling is an advantage with AWS as server scaling is flexible. Moreover, they have a pay-as-you-go pricing model, this dramatically decreases the costs for business owners when vertically scaling the server. Thus, the business owner can capitalize on the opportunity to maximize sales while keeping costs minimum.

Server performance optimization is one of the strongest benefits of using Cloudways. Their custom PHP Stack greatly improves webpage load time. Slow webpage load time significantly increases the bounce rate, as visitors don’t want to wait for a page to load.

Tools for Convenience

Cloudways makes life convenient by its staging feature. Its users can quickly create a staging environment for their web application to test them out without affecting the live version.  When the changes on the isolated web application layer are ready, it can be pushed onto the live web application.

The platform also automates routine tasks. For instance, CloudwaysBot is a nifty tool for server, application, and account-level alerts within the platform. For instance, the bot can notify the user within the platform about a newer version of the web application that’s available. This often prompts the user to act on the alert or dismiss it completely.

Similarly, the Cloudway’s platform can also schedule automatic backups. This creates server backups that are routine server maintenance tasks. Setting up the backup scheduler is easy and quick.

Cloudways also has a number of platform addons that can help manage the domain name and server IPs. For instance, after purchasing the DNSMadeEasy addon, one of the Cloudways account owners can manage their server IP addresses and the domain name from the Platform.


Cloudways simplifies collaboration among globally distributed teams through its Teams feature. Through this feature, the main account holder can give several team members access to the various areas/features of the server.

For agencies and freelancers that handle multiple clients, the Teams feature simplify access levels and granting task-specific permissions. Once the task is marked complete, the server owner can revoke access as per the requirements of the project.

Easy to Access Support

The Cloudways website has a section known as the Knowledge Base (KB) that comprises of an extensive information hub Answers to most questions relevant to the platform operations are found here and are easy-to-follow. These KB questions are constantly updated to answer problems that are popular queries in the Live Chat support.

A live chat pop-up on the bottom right side of the Cloudways website helps connect a user with the support team. If a query requires a more detailed answer the support team member tells the user to create a ticket on the Cloudways platform.


AWS for startups with Cloudways gives business owners the opportunity to pay-as-they-go. This means that the business owner signs up and pays for the server resources they consume. Furthermore, signing up gives these business owners six main advantages.

  • Ever Ready Support
  • Free Web Application Migration
  • Free SSL Certification
  • No Contracts
  • Unlimited Application on any plan

Alternatively, the cost of hiring and managing the expense of an in-house system admin can prove to be more expensive to the business. In contrast to this, opting for Cloudways is great value for money. Hence, it handles server management, server maintenance, and application deployment making it easier for the business owner to focus on the core business.

In a Nutshell

  • AWS benefits startups because of its incentives, stability, and features.
  • Companies using AWS are Startups, Enterprise level, and Public Companies
  • Cloudways makes things easier, by letting the business owner outsource server management and server maintenance.
  • Tech Support available as KBs, Live Chat, and ticket system.
  • Outsource the effort and time of server operations and work on things that really matter with Cloudways.
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Salman Saleem

Salman is a software engineering graduate and digital marketer by profession. He works as a Digital Marketer Strategist at Cloudways. He loves to create value for the Startup community & help entrepreneur reach their goal. He is a big fan of cricket and does play AAA games in his free time.

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