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Moodle Hosting – Optimized, Fast & Convenient

Create and deploy Moodle websites for an impressive managed hosting experience.

Take Moodle Applications Live In Minutes

Super-fast and Easy! Our platform removes setup complexities and takes your Moodle app live in just a few steps.

  • Download and Upload Moodle Files Download the Moodle files from the official website, and upload them to the Cloudways platform.
  • Unzip and Install Moodle Unzip the files using the SSH terminal, and install to your application directory.
  • Run Moodle in Browser That’s it! Your Moodle app is now ready. Open your web browser and see it in action!

Best Moodle Cloud Hosting Recipe With Cloudways

Streamline, scale and succeed with our managed Moodle hosting.

24/7 support


Our CDN service is easy-to-integrate and delivers top-of-the-charts response times for your website hosted on Cloudways.

24/7 support

Optimized Stack

Latest technologies of our stack include Apache and Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MySQL/MariaDB for faster processes and load times.

24/7 support

Free SSL

Built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate that secures all server-client communication and improves website security for free.

24/7 support

Managed Backups

Schedule automatic backups (from hourly to every week) or take a backup on demand anytime you want.

24/7 support

Dedicated Security

Cloudways offers various layers of security to keep your server and account secure, including TFA, regular OS patches, firewalls, and auto-healing servers.

24/7 support

IaaS Providers

World-class cloud providers that include GCE, AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr with global data center locations.

24/7 support

24×7 Caring & Expert Support

You’re not alone! Use our live chat and ticketing system for any issues. You can also refer to our community of experts and Knowledge Base.

24/7 support

1-Click Operations

With just 1-Click you can perform majority of our server management activities. You can scale both RAM and storage, clone entire servers and launch apps.

24/7 support

Git Integration

With Git integration, you do not need to waste any time, just focus on writing code.

24/7 support

Staging Environment

Experiment with website functionality and design changes on Cloudways staging environment.

24/7 support

PHP 7 Ready Servers

All our servers offer PHP 7. Enjoy faster performance on your website with Cloudways.

24/7 support

Multiple PHP Versions

You have the option to switch between different PHP versions with 1-Click. We support PHP 5.6 and the latest PHP 7 versions.

24/7 support

Advanced Cache

Cloudways has advanced cache options such as Memcached, Varnish and Redis for an unmatched performance.

We’ll Migrate Your Moodle App for Free!

We’ll migrate your first Moodle site for free so you don’t have to worry about broken pages and 404 errors

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Raising the Bar for Performance Metrics

Performance that is worth highlighting.

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A Tailored Moodle Hosting Solution For Everyone

Whatever you’re looking for, you can always trust us with your Moodle sites.

App developer

Solution For Developers

You can stress test and then take the site live with complete freedom.

SME Apps

Solution for

A scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Apps agencies

Solution for Agencies

We’ll manage the sites so you can focus on the needs of you customers.

app freelancer

Solution for

With our PAYG model, you never have to worry about budget overruns.

Our Customers. Our Values.

Here’s why MediaWiki users trust us with their websites.

Your Global Partner In Local Success

We have 60+ data centers around the globe, so the best managed cloud hosting is within your reach.

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33 Cities
59 Data Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All our Moodle hosting plans already have hosting charges included in them.

Yes! You can vertically scale your server using our 1-Click functionality.

Our Moodle Hosting Platform is good for websites of all shapes and sizes. We have server sizes to meet the needs of all use cases. Users can fulfill all of their managed Moodle cloud hosting needs with our scalable and dedicated cloud servers.

Our managed Moodle hosting comes an easy to use platform that helps you in monitoring the vitals of your Moodle on cloud server. You can use it to easily scale and manage all the resources dedicated to your server.

Yes. We take security very seriously. Apart from a state-of-the-art firewall, all Moodle cloud servers are hardened to prevent malware attacks.

Well, our Moodle cloud experts are waiting to assist you in the migration.

We are doing one Moodle site migration for free whereas for additional migrations we charge a one-time fee depending upon the application. You can request a managed migration easily from your console, click here for more details.

Thanks to our optimized stack that combines the powers of advanced cache technologies, dedicated and SSD powered cloud hosting servers. This is why Moodle websites hosted on our platform are faster than others.

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