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Streamline your E-commerce with XT-Commerce

Updated on December 21, 2021

6 Min Read
xt commerce download

Ecommerce has now changed the way people use services and shop. Increasingly, people are turning to their computers and mobile gadgets to arrange products, which can effectively be conveyed to their homes.

But that’s not all vendors have progressively locked in e-commerce exchanges through their own personal websites and digital marketplaces such as eBay or GuruShop as they serve as exchanges where multitudes of buyers and vendors come together to conduct trade

What is GuruShop

GuruShop is an online Source store based in Germany that deals in home textiles, furniture, lamps, and decoration enhancement. They provide services all over the world, including India, Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia. They have their warehouses, shipping, and around 40 employees work for them.

Harald, the owner of GuruShop, is a full-stack developer who has developed and designed the entire webstore by himself. He takes care of the website and relies on Cloudways for server management.

The business is almost 30 to 40 years old. They Started by selling as an online shop 15 years ago on Amazon & eBay, and then created their website on XT commerce that is based on the PHP framework.

Based in Germany, ShopGuru gains 95% of the traffic on the website from Germany. The rest of the 5% is distributed between France, Italy, and Spain.

Why Cloudways for GuruShop?

Harald is a fan of AWS and he was searching for a Managed AWS provider, he found Cloudways through Google Search and fell in love with the Support and Platform.

The primary reasons behind Harald’s preference are Cloudways’ support, platform, server customization, configuration, and fast ticket response times, enhanced SLAs, server management, and their management of AWS.

As Cloudways supports the PHP version from 5.x, Harold wanted us to keep using PHP 5.6 for 2/3 more years.

What is XT: Commerce

XT Commerce is a free open source shopping cart software program with a wide range of e-commerce functions. Despite being a costly ecommerce shopping cart framework, XT Commerce is still considered one of the most dynamic, optimized, and robust frameworks to start working with.

XT Commerce is developed as a robust ecommerce web cart shopping framework for all kinds of vendors and wholesalers. Its complete functionality empowers vendors to strengthen their position within the quick-growing ecommerce solution.

The design lets you customize and grow the shop through different interfaces, layouts, templates, and add-ons. The cutting-edge responsive format makes your shop functional, flexible, and user-friendly.

The user interface within the admin panel is easy to understand and use. Also, your store is search engine optimized, contains search engine-friendly URLs. and search engine relevant content is produced naturally for all accessible pages.

How Does XT: Commerce Works?

XT Commerce allows you to manage your international e-commerce deals as effectively as the online sales in your domestic nation. A shop package that gives you success just by utilizing this web cart system.

XT Commerce is a Webshop Software that comes with a myriad of functions and features that help the vendors cater to their needs and requirements. Moreover, it contributes crucially to the migration of orders, customers, taxes, products, and more through essential correspondence.

XT Commerce installation brings flexibility and user-friendliness to the interface for connecting well to provide multilingual support, accessibility, easy navigation, and a plethora of categories. The developers select the best XT Commerce templates that make your website modern, contemporary, and responsive, leveraging e-commerce solutions’ innovation.

System Compatibility

Before we move ahead to the installation process, here is the system compatibility for every shop version of XT Commerce. Make sure to install the compatible versions for your application and store.

XT: Commerce-Version



xt:Commerce Version 6.3.x PHP 7.3 – 7.4 MySQL 5.6 ,5.7,8.0
xt:Commerce Version 6.2.x PHP 7.3 – 7.4 MySQL 5.6, 5.7 
xt:Commerce Version 6.1.x PHP 7.3 MySQL 5.5,5.6,5.7 
xt:Commerce Version 5.1.x – 6.0.x PHP 5.6, 7.0,7.1,7.2 MySQL 5.5, 
xt:Commerce Version 5.0.x PHP 5.6, 7.0  MySQL 5.5,5.6
xt:Commerce Version 4.0.x – 4.2.x PHP 5.4, 5.5 MySQL 5.1,5.5

XT Commerce Features


XT Commerce offers template-controlled export, regardless of whether you generate a .xml or .csv report. Generate trade reports for orders and products. Distinct of the currency, client groups, and manufacturer. It also uploads the generated file to an external server via FTP, sending the generated file as an email attachment, and storing it on the server.

Intuitive User Interface

It offers an intelligent and modular design that gives flexible integration of XT Commerce plugins for a newer version anytime.

Scalable System

XT Commerce offers a scalable system where CMS can be adapted or extended as per the specifications of your business.

Tailored Solution

This platform counts for an appearance with an analytical tool that provides detailed information regarding orders and sales using the following:

  • Payment methods:
  • SofortĂĽ
  • PayPal IPN
  • Credit card
  • Debit payment
  • Prepayment

Plugin system

XT Commerce has an inventive, adaptable, and robust plugin framework, each sorted by module. For instance, payment methods or shipping can now be centrally installed and managed from a single plugin file and interface. This applies to both the frontend and backend, giving shops the edge of being able to independently alter the 3rd party plugins and the shop software.

Nothing as Easy as Deploying PHP Apps on Cloud

With Cloudways, you can have your PHP apps up and running on managed cloud servers in just a few minutes.

How to Install XT: Commerce on Cloudways

To Install xt: Commerce on the Server, select your Server and custom PHP application. Select the PHP server size as per your website traffic, and location according to your preferred region.

DO installation

Click on LAUNCH SERVER and wait a few minutes for the optimized Custom PHP application to be deployed on the Server.

Download xt: Commerce

Download the latest version of xt: Commerce from the official website. Visit the official xt: Commerce download page, and choose the latest version of xt: Commerce.

xt commerce download

Extract the compressed archive

Simply, Extract the ZIP file xt: Commerce.

extract xt commerce

Using the master credentials available on your Server Management page, access the Server through FileZilla to upload and unzip the files to a web server.

cloudways credential

Extract the folder using a built-in Windows tool, or any other similar utility/tool. Head to Root Folder (Public_html) of Application and Paste the Unzipped Files.

xt commerce files

Access your Server and launch SSH Terminal. Log in with your credentials.

cloudways ssh

Once you are logged in, head to the public_html folder and simply run the following command to assign write permissions for the lic / folder on your server.

chmod -R 777 lic

Now, You can access the webpage by clicking on the APPLICATION URL.


The installation process requires just a few seconds. Once you see the following page, everything has been configured successfully.

xt commerce installation

Congratulations! You have now set up your own xt: Commerce CMS with Cloudways.


It is vital to consider the framework when developing an eCommerce website. You need all the features and technology to come out with a convenient, functional, and high-performance online Source store that will attract customers.

It’s not an easy feat to attain, even if you use WordPress or Craft CMS or eCommerce plugins and software. It’s vital to make sure you choose the framework that builds the perfect webstore for you; both in terms of functionality and design.

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Inshal Ali

Inshal is a Content Marketer at Cloudways. With background in computer science, skill of content and a whole lot of creativity, he helps business reach the sky and go beyond through content that speaks the language of their customers. Apart from work, you will see him mostly in some online games or on a football field.


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